Leaving the car unused during winter

Leaving the car unused during winter

Hello, I wonder if it is any trouble to leave the car branched to sector but unused during 4 to 5 month in term of battery longevity?
Thanks for replay

Timo | 12 september 2012


Hello, I wonder if it is any trouble to leave the car branched to sector but unused during 4 to 5 month in term of battery longevity?

You're welcome. ;-P

Seriously, as long as it is plugged in at storage mode there should not be any damage to battery, only small diminishing in capacity which can't be avoided and what is way less than what it would be if you were actually using the car.

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Brian H | 12 september 2012

What does branched to sector mean? Plugged in to the grid?

joelthorens | 13 september 2012

Thanks Brian and sorry for my poor english! (I live in Switzerland)

Brian H | 14 september 2012

I'm rather surprised you would consider taking the S off the road for a whole winter. It should be a rather good winter car.

Brian H | 14 september 2012

Or are you talking about the Roadster? There are many in Finland and Norway that do "winter" just fine.

Volker.Berlin | 14 september 2012

Brian H, for your information and orientation, this is the Tesla Roadster section of the forums.

joelthorens | 14 september 2012

yes indeed, I am talking about the roadster. Roads conditions are often not so good in winter where I live. Corrosion may be also a concern due to the salted roads...

Brian H | 14 september 2012

Carbon fiber doesn't corrode. Lots of videos showing Roadster use in the winter, even in the far North (Arctic Circle). Helps to block the passenger side heat vent, apparently, to get enough warmth on the driver side; the passenger still gets sufficient! ;)

Timo | 15 september 2012

@Brian H, There are many in Finland

I haven't seen any. Couple of Leafs, some iMiEV:s, even Think City but no Roadsters. Not even something resembling it. Where here? Do you have any info that I could check?

Considering that it costs here something like 200k EUR it takes a bit more than for you US people to buy one, and as a not very practical toy car I don't think most of those that could afford it even consider buying one. Ferrari, Lamborghini, occasional Maserati, some Jaguar, Aston Martin, yes, but no Roadsters. We don't even have Tesla stores or service centers here.

In Norway where buying one is cheaper than similar gas cars, thing is reversed. There are several Roadsters there.

Brian H | 15 september 2012

Yeah, sorry, I keep getting those Nordic countries confused. I guess you'll have to move to afford a Tesla. >;-p

Volker.Berlin | 15 september 2012

@Brian H;
Your thinking seems about as careless and error-ridden as your geography. A common problem. >;-p

Brian H | 15 september 2012

I don't know any Finns or their issues, but knew a couple of Norwegians for some years. Are all Finns mentally down-trodden and irrational? <:-0

Timo | 16 september 2012

Brian H, you just confirmed what Volker.Berlin said in other thread. Ignorant douchebag would be correct word to describe you. You just entered to my ignore-list. Too bad this forum doesn't have such feature, so that I still need to suffer your brainfarts.

Brian H | 16 september 2012

?? Sorry you don't like teasing! The "downtrodden" was a reference to the punitive auto taxes you described.

ggr | 16 september 2012

I agree, Brian, I think you've left behind the bounds of reasonable behavior. You can't just say that "downtrodden" was a reference to taxes when you actually said "Are all Finns mentally downtrodden". You complain when people (many of whom are non-native speakers) make trivial errors, but then confuse Finland and Norway, and try to excuse yourself with a smiley and an offensive statement that you can't keep those Nordic countries straight. Teasing is what insensitive people use as a euphemism for nastiness.

From now on, any time I see nasty or hypocritical statements from you I'm going to flag them as inappropriate. If enough of us do that I believe they get automatically deleted. So, try to cool it please.

Brian H | 16 september 2012

The teasing and humourous question is clearly joking; if you are unable to see or appreciate it, that's your problem. I won't make it mine.