First of all, I am the biggest Teslavangelist on the planet, however, I just learned of something that is extremely troubling.

Earlier, I posted:

"this is (a) near major issue; at night, I'm not getting good illumination as I make a right hand turn...I mean, it's nearly BLACK until I complete the turn and drive head on. Anyone else experiencing this?"

To my shock and awe, another forum member informed us that the LED Cornering Lights are an optional upgrade (with the Tech Package). This has to change THIS AFTERNOON.

I pause before every night time drive because of this serious safety issue. Tesla should not be asking me or anyone to 'pay up' for the safest driving experience. In no other car have I experienced the sideview 'blackout' that I've experienced with my Model S.

If you can corroborate my struggle, please post here asap and let's get this issue in Elon's twitter feed asap.

Mike Corso

J.T. | 24 september 2013

Hi Mike,

You said you have 6000 miles on the car so your car came out before the change in the options line-up. AFAIK the led cornering lights replaced the fog lights that were eliminated way back because they were ineffective.

You mentioned it's only on right hand turns. How about left hand turns?

Go to your avatar and see if the lights come on with the turn signals.

Let us know.

Gizmotoy | 24 september 2013

Can I get a clarification of how this relates to current models? Do you need the get the fog lights option for the tech package to alleviate this issue, or are they now included?

mike | 24 september 2013

Left hand turns are not optimal but they're less dangerous (because I'm closer to the action, I suppose).

Avatar? I'll go try to figure that out right now.


J.T. | 24 september 2013

Okay, fine, touchscreen representation of your automobile in real time.

mike | 24 september 2013

Lights ON and flashing signal lights are showing on the touchscreen.


J.T. | 24 september 2013

Now when I get home I have to check and see if I have the cornering lights I always thought I had.

PaceyWhitter | 24 september 2013


LED cornering lights are included in the tech package, you do not need fog lights.

christurbeville | 24 september 2013

Right I have both the old fogs and the cornering lights (3/13 delivery). But you had to order tech even then.

jat | 24 september 2013

I don't know what was listed when you placed your order, but AFAIK this has always been part of the tech package. The current order page has under the Tech Package option:

- onboard maps and navigation for North America with free updates for 7 years
- daytime LED running lights
- LED cornering lights
- automatic keyless entry
- lighted door handles
- electrochromatic heated side and rearview mirrors
- power liftgate
- GPS enabled Homelink
- memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile

So, a) I am not sure why you think this shouldn't be optional. If it is critical for you, then select the option. For people that don't want to pay for it, they don't have to. b) why is this such a huge deal to you? This was the first car I have ever had that had the side cornering lights, and while I like them I didn't miss them on previous cars.

Certainly you would have better vision if you had aircraft landing lights pointing out of the car in every direction, but there are tradeoffs to be made. Since 90% of the cars on the road do not have these cornering lights, they can't be that critical for safety.

AmpedRealtor | 24 september 2013

I have the LED cornering lights, they don't do much. They throw a little bit of light, but not nearly enough to make a difference. The OP's post seems alarmist. I can see much more of the road in the Model S than I can in my Prius and Highlander without the cornering lights turning on.

Calling this a "serious safety issue" is absurd. I don't know what the web site said when you ordered your vehicle, but when I ordered my car it clearly said that cornering lights were included with the tech package. There's no way to miss that unless you don't read.

ddruz | 24 september 2013

I have the LED cornering lights and don't find them so spectacular. If I did not have them I would not miss them for a second.

mike | 24 september 2013


re: " I am not sure why you think this shouldn't be optional. "

Because seeing at least as well as I do in any other car should NOT be optional.

And to AmpedRealtor: the LED Cornering Lights were not in the tech package when I bought. AND even if they were, I would not upgrade because a black shadow while turning is totally UNACCEPTABLE.


AmpedRealtor | 24 september 2013

"Because seeing at least as well as I do in any other car should NOT be optional.

And to AmpedRealtor: the LED Cornering Lights were not in the tech package when I bought. AND even if they were, I would not upgrade because a black shadow while turning is totally UNACCEPTABLE."

According to whom? I see no such shadow and find visibility to be better than any other car. My experience, as well as the experience of others, would directly contradict what you are saying. I'm sorry that you don't find the lighting system adequate, perhaps there is something wrong with your car that should be addressed by your service center.

Can you please quantify "seeing at least as well as I do in any other car" and "black shadow while turning" for those of us who don't understand what you're talking about?

Bighorn | 24 september 2013

To the OP, have you tinted your windows?

jbunn | 24 september 2013

To the OP, to set expectations, Tesla is not going to come THIS AFTERNOON to install cornering lights on your car no matter how loud you tweet.

And it's not a safety issue. I've never had cornering lights on any other car I've owned in 35 years. I DO have them on the Tesla, but it's one of the reasons I bought the tech package.

They won't engage at high speed because you won't have the wheel turned enough. The do come on during turns and provide a bit more illumination, but it's not bright like a headlamp and you're already going slow. It's a nice to have, but it's NOT a safety issue. Calm down.

DonS | 24 september 2013

I live in a town with no street lights, no sidewalks, 25mph speed limits, and many people out walking after dark. The cornering lights are really nice to have as you turn onto a street. The biggest danger is driving other cars and assuming you can see as well.

mrspaghetti | 24 september 2013

The fact that most cars currently on the road do not have cornering lights means they are an optional upgrade, almost by definition.

OP could make the same argument for any other feature - parking sensors, lane change warning, etc. But I do not find it a convincing argument personally.

Rheumboy | 24 september 2013

Maybe the tech package should have come with an ophthalmologist. :-)

jonlivesay | 24 september 2013

I ha e for wrong lights, came wih tech package. I think they are cool but not necessary

mike | 24 september 2013

To AmpedRealtor:

You could be right--the car might have to be serviced.

To Bighorn: no, no tinted windows.

To all else, why do you think Tesla offers 'cornering lights' at all? Do other auto makers provide this? I have N E V E R had an issue seeing at night while making a turn so something's going on here.


jbunn | 24 september 2013

Why? Because the margin is higher on accessory package sales.

If you did not get the Tech package there are a number of lighting features that are missing. It was an option. | 24 september 2013

Oh, sure, you had to go bring up parking sensors again. ;)

mrspaghetti | 24 september 2013

@mike "I have N E V E R had an issue seeing at night while making a turn so something's going on here"

Have you recently turned 40?

jbunn | 24 september 2013

Getting old is not for wimps...

Brian H | 24 september 2013

Headlights too focussed?

carlk | 24 september 2013

I have never had a car that has cornering light. It's something that is nice to have but not a necessity.

KennyB@US-FL | 24 september 2013

Many American cars in the 60's and 70's came with cornering lights, either standard (Cadillac/Lincoln) or optional (Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Ford, Mercury). They were actuated by turn signal. My '93 Lexus SC300 had them and I really enjoyed having that feature.

S4WRXTTCS | 24 september 2013

This has nothing to do with cornering lights.

This has to do with the fact that you got a car with Halogen lights.

Why in the world would a person spend anything over $50K for a car with halogen lights is beyond me. Tesla has fixed that and now HID's come standard.

My recommendation for the OP is to look into LED Lights, or HID replacements. Just something to improve the visibility at night. I had to go this direction with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited because it's halogen lights were ridiculously bad (compared to what I was used to).

FYI - Tesla doesn't have REAL cornering lights like a Porsche has. They just have this silly little LED that comes at low speeds to give you a little extra visibility. It's not like the moving cornering lights on a Range Rover, or a Porsche.

timmsteiner | 24 september 2013

I don't think they matter at all.

If it was a safety issue, all cars would be required to have them.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 24 september 2013

@jbunn At 75, getting old is GREAT when you consider the ALTERNATIVE.

jbunn | 24 september 2013

+1 Dr. Bob

J.T. | 25 september 2013

@Dr. Bob & jbunn I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve immortality by not dying. -Woody Allen

mike | 25 september 2013


Thanks for the info. I'll look into those replacements and report back.

52 in NY wearing corrective lenses that give me 20/20 vision.

Flaninacupboard | 25 september 2013

What cars have you driven before? What did you just come from?

mrspaghetti | 25 september 2013


20/20 vision does not necessarily imply excellent, or even adequate night vision.

diegoPasadena | 25 september 2013

I have to admit that halogen lights were a bit dim. I put in HIDs, and its like night and day, literally. No issue whatsoever with any dark shadows on the sides. The illumination is fantastic for probably 45˚ from center to either side, and somewhat less strong for a few degrees beyond that, but more than sufficient for safe turns.

DonS | 26 september 2013

I was driving a Roadster last night, and darn it, the Roadster doesn't have those nifty cornering lights. It was awful. I actually had to slow down when turning.

PaceyWhitter | 26 september 2013

Since the OP didn't get the tech package and has had his car for a while, could this issue be due to the old halogen headlights Tesla got rid of?

olanmills | 26 september 2013


But I have to admit, the all caps almost convinced me that cornering lights should be standard, and then I realized, oh wait, those CAPS, they got me again. So convincing!

jbunn | 27 september 2013


AmpedRealtor | 27 september 2013

This is the most ridiculous thread ever.

jat | 27 september 2013

@AR - you haven't been reading many threads then, as there are plenty that are far more ridiculous. But I agree it is in the ballpark.

S4WRXTTCS | 27 september 2013

@AmpedRealtor - At least it was original. Now that it's over we have to go back to "Can I afford a Tesla MS", and "When will the MS be on Top gear?"

mrspaghetti | 27 september 2013

I miss the "Test - Please ignore" thread.

davidcjones | 27 september 2013

You commented that the LED cornering lights were not part of the original package when you ordered. We have some sort of cornering lights on our Signature—maybe they are the original fog lights?

DavidN | 27 september 2013

While driving a loaner with the Xenon headlights and turn lights, I noticed a huge difference from my non-tech-package Model S. I agree that the standard car has a severe "black hole" to either side, worse than other cars. I am very cautious when making slow turns at night.

Re; the list of features in the tech package early in the thread. I don't think the list is correct (or maybe they've changed it) I did not order the tech package, but do have the LED running lights, keyless entry, and lighted door handles, plus the memory seats, mirrors and driver profiles.

That's why I didn't get the Tech package. It seemed like a lot to pay for not very much.

carolinagobo | 27 september 2013

Update your Iphone with IOS7 it comes with a flashlight

mike | 12 april 2014


Great info--thanks. I"m on hold right now with Tesla service to see if I can schedule a swap to LED or HID lights today.

Mike Corso
NO4N OIL (in NY)

mike | 12 april 2014


Tesla tells me that they won't install HID headlights. Where did you have yours installed? Anyone else know of a custom shop where I can get this done in the NY/CT area, please chime in.



AmpedRealtor | 12 april 2014

@ mike,

You need to ask Tesla to replace your entire headlight assembly, not just the bulbs that go inside. It's an easy swap.