Link to Model S Owner's Manual

Link to Model S Owner's Manual

I can't believe that I cannot find a link to an online owner's manual for the Model S.
Search engine searches, forum browsing and a wasted hour and I STILL cannot find the owner's manual.


Volker.Berlin | 4 december 2012
Theresa | 4 december 2012

And the great Volker saves the day again!

mvaiyagari | 18 februari 2013

link is broken 2.18.13 cannot view user manual from within model S

stevenmaifert | 18 februari 2013

Just accessed the above link from my desktop computer and all is good. If you are trying to access the manual from the Model S browser, I don't think it supports .pdf files which could explain the problem.

cloroxbb | 18 februari 2013

Yeah, just what we need on the Tesla, security holes from Adobe's products.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18 februari 2013

you can only see it if you are an owner or reservation holder.

Breichle | 2 april 2013

My dash clock didn't automatically adjust to the daylight savings time. How do I reset it?

herkimer | 2 april 2013

appears that numerous functions on the Tesla website are out of commission tonight -- probably be back tomorrow -- if not, need to call and complain | 2 april 2013

my virtual garage is empty---my reality garage has the Tesla. Hope the service plan & online manual links come back.

danwat1234 | 28 oktober 2013

Is there any chance that the service manual for Model S be available for the public? Regular cars have service manuals so people can research how their vehicle works and how to do repairs. Eventually can consumers do the same thing when this car, maybe when the car is out-dated?
I don't want Tesla to be Apple-esque in being closed.

techtalknow | 3 maart 2014

Here you guys go.

This is the link to the Model S Manual.

WhisperingCJ | 3 maart 2014

Seriously? A Tesla manual on a Russian Prius site?
I'm not going there!! (Flagged)

Volker got this correct in the first reply in 2012 - nothing has changed and it will be the latest copy (and virus free!)

Tâm | 3 maart 2014


I guess, for some of us, the link has moved.

There's a button on right lower side of your car picture that says "View Profile"

Click that for another screen and scroll all the way down to "Document"

Good luck!

WhisperingCJ | 3 maart 2014

Ah yes - my apologies (the Russian Prius site just screamed bad news to me)
The manuals did used to be publicly accessible, but it does seem that you need to have at least an account (and probably a reservation) to see them.

Tâm | 14 maart 2014


Here's some pictorials:

There's a button on right lower side of your car picture that says "View Profile"

Click that for another screen and scroll all the way down to "Document"

Good luck!

dtennant | 4 januari 2015

Where is the P85D manual. The one online is for the single engine S model

Brian H | 5 januari 2015


Vermeer | 6 januari 2015

The link the the manual is dead. Where can I download it? I'd like to study it in depth before placing my order. Thanks!

DGEN4 | 7 januari 2015

Hopefully Tesla will add it to the app.

Brian H | 9 januari 2015

Search for the release notes on TMC for 6.1 -- the UK version is there. (screenshots)

Haggy | 9 januari 2015

Unfortunately the links to the user manual don't work until after you place the order. You have the option of paying the deposit, in which case you will see the manual. And you can cancel the order within two weeks, I think.

You could also do an online search and you may be able to find an outdated manual if it's still out there.

I wish Tesla would make the manual available beforehand. I think it would help their business. I looked for it before I ordered, and reading an outdated one helped me enough to not be surprised by what was missing when I got the car.