LinkedIn Tesla Model S Owners Group

LinkedIn Tesla Model S Owners Group

New group for those of us who would like to network with one another. Here is the link:

olanmills | 14 februari 2013

But that would entail revealing my secret identity!

Brian H | 14 februari 2013

Wear your Scrooge McDuck mask at all times. People will assume you're an eccentric (duck-)bill-ionaire. And be at least half-right! ;)

prash.saka | 15 februari 2013

There's a Facebook group as well. I am not sure whether this link will work but here it is -

jbherman | 15 februari 2013

When I try to join the LinkedIn group, it says it's no longer active. Is there a secret password?! ;^P

TeslaModelSOwner | 15 februari 2013

go to LinkedIn and type "Tesla Model S Owners Group"