Low tire pressure warning

Low tire pressure warning

I keep getting low tire pressure warning that gets cleared as soon as I drive about 1 mile. Then it starts again the next day morning. I checked the tire pressure on all tires and they seem to be ok.

After few days I went to gas station and I slightly over inflated and the problem went away. Obviously the tire pressure can vary based on the temperature. Overnight slight dip in the temp may be causing the warning.

My question: Is there any way to find out on what tire the warning is being shown? It does not indicate that on the warning which is very strange. All my other cars that have TPMs indicate the exact pressure on each of the tires.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

nickjhowe | 17 september 2013

This is a known issue on some cars. The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) needs resetting. Make sure you really do have 45psi in 19s and 42 in 21s.

Contact service.

SDR06 | 17 september 2013

thanks for the quick response. I guess there it's no way to find out what's the current tire pressure on the dashboard right?

robgoodin | 17 september 2013

This just recently started happening on my MS quite annoying when not actual low pressure. Worried that one day will disregard faulty warning and have actual low pressure. Wondering if TPMS program could display the actual tire pressure, that would be nice feature. | 17 september 2013

Apparently real time monitoring is an upcoming feature. Based on the warning behavior, it sounds like your pressure is right at the threshold. What does your gauge say? | 17 september 2013

Remember, the 45 psi is the pressure when the tires are cold. Don't check the pressure after you've been driving.

I really am surprised that pressure is not displayed. Obviously they have it since they have sensors in each tire to give the warning.

Chuck Lusin | 17 september 2013

As you drive the tire gets hotter, making the pressure go up, then the light goes off. Sounds like you are just a little low on pressure.

Bighorn | 17 september 2013

I had a screw in my tire with a pressure of 30 psi. I got the low pressure warning, but it went off fairly quickly, so I'm not sure the temperature-pressure theory pertains.

SDR06 | 17 september 2013

Correct. when I checked the pressure, for couple of tires it was about 37. I saw about because of the rusty gauge at the gas pump.

Brucelli | 17 september 2013

I got the warning after we had done 60 miles on I-5, charged for half an hour at a supercharger, returned to the highway, and had traveled another 10 miles. The tires had gone from cold to warm, probably cooled slightly during charging, and then were warming up again at this point. The warning then spontaneously disappeared after about ten more miles. A call to the local service said no worry, the system sometimes does that. So I put a tire pressure gage in the car, and on a subsequent trip, about 120 miles into the trip, got the warning again. Stopped, and all tires indicated 50 psi (hot). Once I restarted the car, the warning had disappeared. The following morning, I checked the tires when they were cold and they were right on at 45 psi. The return 240 mile trip had no service warnings.

Not sure what to make of this, but its a little disconcerting to have to carry a tire pressure gage to know if the warning is legitimate....

unclegeek | 17 september 2013

How does one reset the tpms on our cars? My Audi and my BMW had reset selections you hit after new tires/tpms installed or after adjusting pressure. How do it know?

carlk | 17 september 2013

Some cars have direct read out of actual tire pressure instead of just the idiot lights. I hope Tesla will implement that.

Mathew98 | 17 september 2013

Over the weekend, I got the tire pressure warning a few hours after a shopping trip at the mall. The warning went off a few minutes after the the tires got warmed up.

The low tire pressure warning returned the next morning. Sure enough, all four of my tires were about 38 psi(cold). Once I inflated the 19" tires to 45 psi, the warning disappeared.

We should check for tire pressure monthly anyway. Since I don't visit the gas station anymore, I haven't really put much thought about keeping the tires inflated properly for the last 3 months.

The lower tire pressure might have something to do with my 418 kwh usage...

lumpSoCal | 17 september 2013

Recently got a tire warning, since the car was going in for a service the next day I didn't investigate, the SC discovered a nail & warned me I might need a new tire but hopefully they would try to patch it, fortunately the patch was sufficient & when I picked up the car I expected to pay for that service, surprisingly they didn't charge me & looks like a good patch so far.

JPPTM | 17 september 2013

Please be sure to differentiate 2 issues:

True low pressure warnings (whetehr real or spurious)-obviously verify tire pressures when cold.

TPMS system fault errors--not uncommon and due to the positioning of the receiver. If you have the latter, you need to make a service visit to have the receiver repositioned.

speedyellow08 | 17 september 2013

I had this issue with my M3. It was a cracked sensor. Road side IR sensors (gate access, door sensors) can interfer the sensor too.

ThomasK | 17 september 2013

I thought this was a sensor error as I checked one day on tire pressure - as it turned out, the sensors were right a few weeks later, each tire needed +10 psi... Don't assume the sensor's wrong like I did - check it.

After I filled it, the sensors came on to warn my pressure was too high, but that's another story...

ThomasK | 17 september 2013

I thought this was a sensor error as I checked one day on tire pressure - as it turned out, the sensors were right a few weeks later, each tire needed +10 psi... Don't assume the sensor's wrong like I did - check it.

After I filled it, the sensors came on to warn my pressure was too high, but that's another story...

SCCRENDO | 17 september 2013

I was told by Tesla SC Costa Mesa that cold tire pressure should be 43.

SCCRENDO | 17 september 2013

This is on 19" tires

eddiemoy | 17 september 2013

interesting that you created thread right after i created mine about this issue... think i will be keeping these threads private from now on...

michael1800 | 17 september 2013

Mine started this yesterday. Appears to be a true warning, but I still haven't been able to measure the psi cold due to work and timing. Measuring them hot before stepping into the office, they appeared to be 40psi on all 4 (19" tires)...this means they were likely very underinflated and the sensors are working as intended. Oddly enough, the car felt like a smoother ride after adding 5psi...will likely have to add more tomorrow pending a cold measurement tonight.

Brian H | 17 september 2013

Cause or effect?

Mathew98 | 17 september 2013

Brian H - Didn't really give it much thought. It could be a combination of lots of local road, constant bolting, and lots of waiting with heavy AC load and stereo blasting...

I am not complaining because I expected the minor penalty for the daily thrill rides.

mario.kadastik | 18 september 2013

btw from tech point of view, how does Tesla monitor the pressure? Is there a sensor on the rim on the inside or how. Because that's kind of important if you plan to get custom rims with other tires etc as they would be replaced at a 3rd party location who might not know about the sensors and might damage them therefore. If it's not actually inside the tire, then how the heck does it measure the pressure?

tedkidd | 18 september 2013


"Some cars have direct read out of actual tire pressure instead of just the idiot lights. I hope Tesla will implement that."

Idiot lights are frustratingly non-informative.

Brian H | 19 september 2013

So are idiot screen messages. ;)

mikefa | 19 september 2013

I experienced the low tire pressure warning light that gets cleared as soon as I drive about 1 mile... when i went to the gas station to check the tire pressure, it was reading 39 PSI. So i am assuming the TPMSon my car is working properly.

earlyretirement | 19 september 2013

Yep. Funny you mention this. I had this same problem yesterday on a road trip.

I recorded the error. I stopped to fill the tires and it went off but on the way back home it went off again. I'll call the service center about it. Hopefully I get back my car (I was in a loaner) tomorrow anyway.

David70 | 19 september 2013

I had the low tire pressure yesterday morning. But it had been the coolest night since I got the car. Bought a new tire pump yesterday and will pump up before I drive this a.m. It was 43F this a.m.

earlyretirement | 19 september 2013

The strange thing on mine is that I just checked the tire pressure in all 4 tires and the air pressure is fine. So it might be a problem electrically?

brickayola | 18 oktober 2013

Been happening to me as well the last 3 days with temps in the 40's (F). Haven't yet checked the pressures, but was going to put my air compressor in the frunk when I realized that it only had a cigarette plug. A quick search found more of the same, some 110V, and one with ICE car battery jumper connections. Anyone know of ones with USB?

hillcountryfun | 18 oktober 2013

I believe Tesla sells one under accessories...

Andercam | 18 oktober 2013

You can use one with the cigarette plug.

Chuck Lusin | 18 oktober 2013


The power output in any USB port is way to low to power an air compressor or pump. Go with the Tesla one and the 12V plug in the center console.

cpavassar | 21 juni 2017

I had the yellow low tire pressure warning come on yesterday while driving on I5. I pulled over and tires looked okay so off I went again on my trip. About 40 miles later the red warning light saying very low pressure pull over safely warning came on. When I checked the tires there in fact was a tire with a nail in it and the PSI was 29 so for me the system worked as advertised. Inflated the tire to get rid of warning light and to get to tire store.