MagnaGrip vs other Center Console solutions

MagnaGrip vs other Center Console solutions

Has anyone used the MagnaGrip center console solution?

It's much cheaper than either the "basic" or "custom" solutions here:

Some specific questions about the MagnaGrip:
1) does the cell phone holder require you also buy and extra magnetic puck? They don't specify on the website. I've emailed them with questions, and I'll update here with any answers.
2) The large cupholder looks ugly in the pictures, but they don't have any real life photos. What do you think?
3) Is the rear holder worth it? My friends do complian ("$100K car and no rear cup holders? You got ripped off") I always reply that I bought the car for me, not for them, and they can kiss my back seat.

TFMethane | 20 september 2013

$100K, I mean.

It's been a while since I posted here. I can't find the edit button.

J.T. | 20 september 2013

Edit is at top left near logo.

kback | 20 september 2013

Another question - will the magnets affect credit cards if you put your wallet down there, USB drive, or cell phone?

TFMethane | 20 september 2013

@jtdotman. Thanks. I feel like it used to be in another spot.

@kbackman. Holy crap! I didn't even think of that. I think the "mat" is a metal plate, and the magnets are in the "pucks." However, I could still see that being a problem. Thanks for mentioning that.

Brian H | 21 september 2013

Usually only varying fields affect encoding.

Hodas | 21 september 2013

I have been considering the MagnaGrip.

It seems to me that you could make your own accessories for it by gluing neodymium magnets to existing car accessories from autozone and amazon, which would make it very flexible for me.

I am also considering just having a piece of steel cut to fit the tray area and doing the whole thing myself for about 1/10th the cost. There is a template for the floor that has been posted on these boards.

KendallPB | 21 september 2013

@TFMethane: I'd never heard of this - thanks for the link. I'm not sure about this (actually, not sure I need it--the stalk, etc. will probably get in my way), but I'm intrigued.

murraypetera | 22 september 2013

I would not get any magnet holders. Years ago I had a magnetic motorcycle tank bag. 2 times before I figured out what was happening I wiped out every credit card, ID card in my wallet with it. when I put the bag on my shoulder and it swung around to hit my back pocket where my wallet was.

What a hassle to get everything replaced.