McDonalds Superchargers?

McDonalds Superchargers?

With a lot of news lately about McDonalds restructuring to bolster their business, Superchargers in their lots is a no brainer. No charge for the Supercharger realty (and lots of 'em), in exchange for cars parked under those "Golden Arches" for at least 30 minutes at a time. Plus McDonalds can claim it's one more thing they are doing to benefit the world in addition to their healthier food choices and Charities.
Somebody call Ronald!

Ross1 | 24 oktober 2015

You call him.

It is a great idea.

Probably Apple or Google will if Tesla doesn't.

Or GM or MB or KIA.....

mark | 24 oktober 2015

I'd have thought the average Tesla owner's dining choices would be a bit more upmarket than McDonalds.

vperl | 24 oktober 2015

I am more of a gourmet food cart person.

deeageux | 24 oktober 2015

There are McDonalds in the swankiest zip codes.

Rich people's kids are just as susceptible to tv advertising as poor kids and just as likely to harass their parents to go to McDonalds and buy them a happy meal toy.

And the Supercharger Network is also for Model 3, Model Y, Tesla Pickup and all future Teslas not just $100k plus Teslas sold to people making over $400k/year.

jordanrichard | 24 oktober 2015

It has nothing to do with Tesla owner's tastes, literally, being more upmarket. It is about the typical Tesla owner has a few brain cells and knows that McD's is garbage, from a health aspect.

Though with that said, the SC in Sagamore, MA is in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts and there is a Mc Donalds across the street.

deeageux | 24 oktober 2015

Not all Tesla owners are Vegan Whole Foods shopping elitist Richards.

Sensible intelligent people know that not every meal must be the healthiest possible in order to be healthy.

Al1 | 24 oktober 2015

The idea could be very appealing to McDonald's. Or to Costco. In fact to any retail chain. And not just for Tesla cars.

Even more so it makes sense for hotel chains.

EternalChampion | 25 oktober 2015

The first business to incorporate this is going to set off a chain reaction of other me-too type businesses that will really kick off mass electric charging on a grand scale.

vperl | 25 oktober 2015

A retail food chain, Kroger, is in the final steps with TESLA , opening 8 stall Supercharger station in next few days or so....

Kroger, would be great location in many places, if not other chains that are not vegan, leather free zones, that wish to see their brand associated with TESLA . A win, win.

sylvain.lasnier | 25 oktober 2015

Just visit a Macdonald meat partner factory to understand they sell dog food.
There are so many great, cool and cheap restaurant. Forgot McDonald

Joshua Burstyn | 27 oktober 2015

There is already a SC in a McDonald's parking lot. How many here have been to London, KY?

BozieB | 27 oktober 2015

actually, more than once, but we eat at Cheddars

Ross1 | 27 oktober 2015

I like McDonalds and I like Tesla.

Tesla Burgers?

Red Sage ca us | 31 oktober 2015

McDonald's has already paired with CHEVRON at many of their sites... So, NO.

hcwhy | 31 oktober 2015

I have suggested Waffle House as their stores are sit-down by freeways and open 24/7/365. They're not nationwide, but where they are would be a good fit.

Red Sage ca us | 31 oktober 2015

I avoid Waffle House. My Uncles seemed to really love those joints for some reason. Each one I've been to seems to be a haven for chain smokers. Ashtrays? What for? The whole place is an ashtray. I tend to forget that once I leave California, every other place in the world caters to smokers.

"Remember kids, when you're a smoker, the whole world is your ashtray!"

Ross1 | 1 november 2015

No smokers in public places down under

Ross1 | 1 november 2015

All the office girls smoking out on the street look like hookers.

Even that is being outlawed. Smokers that is. Hookers are legal in many places in Aus

johnse | 4 november 2015

Washington state is another haven from smokers in public buildings. :)

carlgo | 5 november 2015

Surprise recommendation:

Jack in the Box: caters to stoners, but I figure some Tesla owners have medical pot to treat the symptoms of range anxiety.

Red Sage ca us | 7 november 2015

Ah... Nice to know where I can go and be able to breathe and eat at once.


bobpaule | 8 november 2015

The problem is that Tesla owners hover in the north of Tim Horton zone.

BozieB | 8 november 2015

Nothing like charging at the BP

rmitchum | 8 november 2015

They DID change their NAME from British Petroleum to BEYOND petroleum.

Red Sage ca us | 8 november 2015


Al1 | 8 november 2015

It was a PR campaign to promote their investment into renewables. BP was once one of the biggest investors into solar. They sold BP solar however shortly after Deepwater Horizon as non core assets.

What they kept as "core assets" is murky deals with little thugs of Nigeria and big thugs of Kremlin.

They need restructuring no less than VW, in fact more. I think public should start taxing them for producing CO2 and permit offsetting those emissions with investments into charging infrastructure.

draconious_z | 11 november 2015

Best Place for a Tesla Super Charger, for those willing to eat in their car... is a Drive-Up place like Sonic or A&W. :)

And Fast Food joints might be all that some can afford after buying a tesla... some are spending every penny they have on one. I almost did...

pissedconsumer002 | 11 november 2015
carlgo | 13 november 2015

There is a symbiotic relationship between fast food and cars with autonomous driving features. Knee-steerers know what I mean. It also pretty much means fast food places are not ideal for Superchargers, although we would welcome them everywhere we would find them.

Neech | 15 november 2015

When I am on a road trip and just need to use a bathroom, I usually stop at a McDonalds for 2 reasons - they don't make you buy anything to use the facilities, and i feel it's safer than the rest stops on the highways. An SC would be an extra bonus.

Varricks | 14 november 2019

Since the $1 cheeseburger has gone to $4, McDonald's doesn't see me as often. But I'd love free charging from them.

sbeggs | 14 november 2019

Once supercharging becomes really fast, the superchargers should be located at “In and Out Burger!”

Tesla2018 | 14 november 2019

The one around me is always packed and there are often no parking spaces available. Also in the morning, landscaping companies that have giant pickups with trailers attached pull on sideways and take up 5 parking spaces making it even worse.

ODWms | 16 november 2019

Its a misconception that "rich folks" do or don't spend their money at certain places. WalMart and Target see their share of multi millionaires, day and night, just as much as McDonalds.

jordanrichard | 17 november 2019

ODWms. +1 “Rich folks” just might be “rich” because they choose to not wasted their money on expensive restaurants where you are paying mostly for “ambiance” and the fact that the cook, is not a cook, but a “chef”. None of which fills your stomach.

Uncle Paul | 17 november 2019

Chargers would work out great at fast food stops. Plug in, grab a burger or coffee. Use the restroom and on you way with +100 mile charge.

Tesla2018 | 18 november 2019

They work out better at shopping malls with lots of stores and parking spaces. The Costco parking lot around me is always full, Dunkin Donuts and Wendys have cars backed up on the main roads trying to get into their parking lots. Costco has all the handicapped spaces in the front and people abuse them all the time since they aren't really handicapped. If spaces were taken for electric cars it would annoy people who cant find parking.. The Whole Foods around me in a shopping outlet mall has regular chargers but on weekends their are over 3000 cars in the parking lot. Now that everyone is coming to FL for the winter, there us a hour or longer wait to get into a regular restaurant and good luck finding any parking.

jordanrichard | 18 november 2019

Actually Uncle Paul, the parking lot of a fast food joint is the last place you want a charger, too much traffic. Admittedly I have not used an EA charger so I don't know what the set up is, but at least here in the Northeast, all of our superchargers are "back ups", in that we have to back up into the stall versus pulling in. In a busy fast food parking lot the general public isn't expecting to see a car stop and back up. Fast food joints parking lots also tend to be too crowded because they have to factor in a lane for the drive through.

Orthopod | 18 november 2019

When I travel with my kids, I often go to McDonald’s.

When I travels with work colleagues, I often go to inappropriately costly restaurants.

Should I feel bad going in a McDonald’s ordering a Sesame Bagel BLT with egg while changing the diapers full of sht1 of my kids while waiting for the “non chef” to prepare my future visit to the restrooms?

jimglas | 18 november 2019

On the other end of the spectrum
Its not frivolous to want an occassional high end meal cooked by a "chef"
Its not something I do often, but there is one place I gladly pay through the nose for
And it is well worth it

julieryan | 20 november 2019

I felt good about McDonald's. And also, I loved Tesla.

Best Regards,
Julie Ryan-Founder

David N | 21 november 2019

@ jordanrichard | October 24, 2015
“It is about the typical Tesla owner has a few brain cells and knows that McD's is garbage, from a health aspect.”

I read a report that mentioned Warren Buffet has breakfast every morning at McDonalds. Warren seems to be doing just fine.

milesbb | 22 november 2019

@David N and Warren picks up the tap for his friends.

henrywilson571 | 15 mei 2020

I do appreciate the development and the relationship between fast food and car. I enjoy eating at Mcdonalds and I'm in love with Tesla which is great no?! To be honest these two "topics" are the best ones. I mean everyone eats and everyone wants a new Tesla lol. Maybe Mcdonalds would introduce some organic fast food if they will work with the new Tesla which is made to protects our Earth, we shall see. By the way, I saw that Wendy's introduced in their menu bio fast food, or something like that. I even read that they have different gift cards that have the cashback function, you can read more about this here I hope that Mcdonald's will introduce this too hehe.