Mileage on a new Tesla

Mileage on a new Tesla

I'm looking over the paperwork for my new MS that I ordered and it says there are 50 miles on it already. i understand a few miles for transportation (less than 10 miles I would guess) but isn't that high for a brand new car?

How many miles did your MS have upon delivery?

Solar Scout | 11 juni 2013

The paperwork has 50 as a default. Mine actually had 13 I think.

rchiang | 11 juni 2013

Don't worry its alot less. They also put that on my and I though I had 50 also. But when I got the car I think less then 10 miles on my car.

DonS | 11 juni 2013

If they had an end-of-line inspection fail, you can add several miles, possibly even 15, to the typical. Putting 50 miles on the delivery paperwork ensures they do not ever have to do the paperwork twice.

hfcolvin | 11 juni 2013

Mine had 12 with 50 on the paperwork. Some of the early deliveries I'm sure were tested more on the indoor track and I recall reading of many cars getting delivered with around 50 miles.

sia | 11 juni 2013

Mine also had 50 on the paperwork, but less than 10 upon delivery.

Captain_Zap | 11 juni 2013

The first cars had a couple hundred miles on them. Elon drove every one of them. After a couple hundred cars came out he would drive cars a few days a week with other members of the Tesla team driving them the rest of the week. By the end of the Signature Series Elon was winding down to just spot checking the cars but they were still being evaluated.

The miles quickly dwindled down after the first several weeks passed. It went down to a hundred or so, then 60, 30 etc. A few higher mile cars would be in the mix due to quality control sampling.

I would presume that they still random sample cars as they come off the line and put down 50 miles just in case your car is one that is sampled. Sampling rates could go up if they tweak something in the production line.

jnb | 11 juni 2013

12 on delivery. 50 on paperwork.

michael1800 | 11 juni 2013

Case closed!

Mike C | 11 juni 2013

23 on delivery back in February

elguapo | 11 juni 2013

14 on delivery, 50 on paperwork (I think, but don't remember).

skymaster | 11 juni 2013

9 & 14 on delivery, both 50 on paperwork.

TMS Doc | 11 juni 2013

Mine (Sig 197) came with 150 miles on the odometer. But it spent a week in the Hawthorne design center getting tweaked before it was finally delivered where I assume Franz and maybe even Elon drove it. I was glad they took the time.

ramtaz | 12 juni 2013

My TESLA delivered with 20 miles. Paperwork shows 50 | 27 januari 2014

Air images of the Tesla factory show a loop road (with lots of directional --> and <-- arrows) adjacent to the factory on the east side. The loop looks to be about one mile around. Is that where newly-built cars are checked out, to the extent of 10-20 miles, before delivery?

BTW, really does work. I searched for "mileage upon delivery" and this thread came right up.

jordanrichard | 27 januari 2014

No, the cars are checked indoors. They built a small oval with varying surfaces to put the suspension to the test. From the videos I have seen on youtube, they do use part of that loop for customer test drives. You have to remember that this factory for many years was a GM/Toyota plant. So I am sure they used that whole loop back in the day.

tesla.mahedy | 27 januari 2014

Paperwork shows 50, in actuality - 26.4 (discrepancy between odometer and Trip A) | 27 januari 2014

Um, OK. So are newly-built cars driven around that small indoor oval for the ten-plus miles that people report their cars having upon delivery?

DallasTXModelS | 27 januari 2014

Mine had 9 miles, all paperwork said 50.

jordanrichard | 27 januari 2014

While I can't account for the 10 miles, I was just commenting on where they do their testing of the suspension. Perhaps they do a "shake down" on that loop. Though through the thousands of videos I have seen, never has it been mentioned about that old GM/Toyota test track being used by Tesla.

suratchai | 27 januari 2014

I saw it also at the factory when I was picking up the MS and they said that they can only round it to 50 but I only had 22 miles on it.

NKYTA | 27 januari 2014

I had 22 used miles when my baby showed up in front of my house a year ago. Data point and there is a full thread on this;

2-Star | 28 januari 2014

Mine showed total mileage of 18 when the truck from Watertown MA Service Center arrived at our home in Southwest Harbor ME.

hsadler | 28 januari 2014

I think delivery mileage varies because when doing 'test runs' at the indoor facility, there may be an 'adjustment' needed where the car goes for the adjustment. Then starts the test run all over again.

If your car shows a little more than others - not a bad thing. The process just shows the detail Tesla takes for your delivery.

I took delivery of a BMW at the factory in Munich and it had 2 miles on the odometer (and this included getting it to the delivery location. Upon touring the factory - the only testing was putting the vehicle on a stationary device and running it up to over 90 mph for just about half a minute. No indication of the tests that Tesla performed (suspension, water, etc). Of course, perhaps BMW over years had discovered they found very few problems and shortened the process to save money.

Mathew98 | 28 januari 2014

The initial Signature deliveries had anywhere from 150 - 200 miles on each one at delivery. Elon and other top execs actually tested them individually.

Do you envision any other auto CEO test driving and performing QA for their cars???

Now all paper work show standard 50 miles at delivery even though actual mileage is normally less than half the number.

TM does the final QA run indoors because there's no tailpipe emissions to poison the factory. It's anyone's guess what other tests may be performed after the cars are assembled. | 18 februari 2014

This Wired video says that each car is "driven" for 20 miles on a dyno before delivery. The video also shows the indoor test track in use.

SCCRENDO | 18 februari 2014

I had 14 miles.

Car t man | 19 februari 2014

If it has more, it simply took it more to transport vehicles, factory tests, etc. It wouldn't be wrong if Tesla did one full charge and discharge cycle with the car, but who has the time and manpower for that..

Attribute it to transport and quality control.
Would you feel better if they simply erased
the miles from the tacho, before delivery?