Miles per charge change

Miles per charge change

Perhaps I'm just imagining things, but I could have sworn that Tesla listed the Roadster as having 300 MPC on their site within the past week. Now it states 245.

Am I just dreaming, or did that really happen? I know that they state somewhere that they are always adjusting the MPC for accuracy, but a 55 mile difference is pretty significant.

Still love the car, just wondering :)

Timo | 24 april 2011

You probably saw Model S estimated range. The version with longest range has 300 mile range.

David70 | 24 april 2011

Also the 300 mile range is in "range mode". Recommended for normal use is just 80% of that, which would be 240 miles. In other words, you could go 300 miles per charge, but if you did it on a regular basis, your battery lifetime would decrease.

David70 | 24 april 2011

I didn't notice 'til a few minutes ago that we're talking about the Roadster. It always been listed as 240 mpc. None the less, normal driving is recommended to be 80% of the rated battery pack range. Of course, most times one doesn't have to go that far. Only occasionally going full range probably won't shorten lifetime seriously, but doing it on a daily basis probably would.

Vawlkus | 26 april 2011

A Roadster was coaxed into a 313 mile run, but EPA standardized the Roadsters regular, repeatable range at 245 MPC

DHrivnak | 26 april 2011

I believe TIMO is right, the Roadster has always touted a (EPA) range about 240 miles. That said I heard a Roadster owner set a new EV record of 374 miles on one charge. But if you drive the car like most people want 150 miles is more realistic. On any given charge you need to decide if you are going for fun or maximum range, the driving style is very different and fortunately the Roadster gives you the data to help you decide.