Minnesota Owners or soon to be owners...

Minnesota Owners or soon to be owners...


I am supposed to be getting my Model S shortly and wanted to start a MN Telsa Club if there isn't one yet.

Please let me know if you are interested or you know if there is a club already.


-- Dave

RyanMN | 4 januari 2013

I have done my Configuration but Delivery button hasn't shown up yet. I am in the Twin Cities.

jpeterman | 4 januari 2013

We have an EV club, but I am not aware of a Tesla specific club. Club or no club, we should all get a beer sometime!


121GIGW | 18 januari 2013

We took delivery of our Model S Performance model a few weeks ago. Absolutely love the car. Unfortunately, amidst the snow and salt, it's spending the majority of the time in the garage. Acording to the Tesla rep there are only 5 Model S's in MN right now?! Would love to meet some other Tesla owners in The Metro (located in EP).

weierd | 3 maart 2013

I'm sure Tesla users make all sorts of new "friends" when they receive their I fully understand if you are not interested in one more.

Currently I will label myself "an underfunded Tesla owner" :-) But I hope when the next series of models in Tesla's roadmap come out - I will like what I see and pull the trigger. (

...but I dream of the opportunity see one of today's models "in the flesh" if possible.

Thanks in advance if you get this group together and/or know of any times/places where such a thing might be achieved in MN.

Brian H | 3 maart 2013

That was a 2008 article, 5 yrs ago. Holds up pretty well, but $20K seems to be in the misty future still.

chadrchristensen79 | 3 maart 2013

I'm about 60 miles north east of the metro , do I count?
Delivery April 1-15.

jrlesser | 3 maart 2013

I have had the Model S since Christmas. It is amazing. I live in the Western suburbs and have had a chance to understand many issues related to range and cold. Overall, this car has no compromises.

chadrchristensen79 | 4 maart 2013

Does anybody here go to the cars and coffee event?
That would b a great spot to get together and show off
A group of Tesla's. I haven't been there for a couple of
Years but I think it's open to the public and on the first
Saturday of every month in the summer.

jackdavidmartin | 13 maart 2013

Mine is slated for early April--I hope! I'm in South Minneapolis. I'll let you know when she arrives!

Captain_Zap | 13 maart 2013

Check to see if they have organized a local club through that website.

There is a thread here listed under Clubs, Other, Minnesota/Mall of America Store but it hasn't had much activity yet.

weierd | 20 mei 2013

Brian H, indeed. Long term goals (as expressed in such an old article) cannot be depended on, I was merely hoping that his mentality on the corporate roadmap remained the same and his offering and my wallet would insect sooner or later. :-)

And yeah, I'll continue to stalk here and see if anyone wants to impress a rider. :-) I can make it pretty much anywhere, anytime from Brooklyn Park if someone wants to entertain this charity case.

Glad to hear the year continues to go well for TSLA. :-)