Minor Issues...don't call the whaaaambulance.

Minor Issues...don't call the whaaaambulance.

Reverse Mode Side Mirror Automation deleted after latest update. ?

c.bussert67 | 8 mei 2013

I had this happen after one of the updates before. I thought the same thing. I tried 'reprogramming' the mirrors in reverse, but they stayed that way in Drive. I thought eh, no big deal. The next day they were all back to normal. I notice little quirks after updates every once in a while. They seem to clear up all by themselves. Dunno if it has anything to do with how it loads the new software, maybe it does a reboot at night and just takes care of itself.
Learned to grow a thin Tesla skin and this stuff doesn't bug me anymore. I've never had a persistent problem. I just trust it now.

Brian H | 8 mei 2013

Heh. I think you mean a thick Tesla skin. Thin skin is hurt and injured easily!