Model III

Model III

BMW, please don't sue! Not worried about King Midget at this point though. LOL

grega | 15 juli 2014

It's the 3rd chassis basically, not called the "Gen III".

It'll be the basis of a sports car as well as the more economical model.. whatever they're both named.

petochok | 15 juli 2014

No, this is official. Just announced by Tesla...

grega | 15 juli 2014

Really? Looking now... can't find it (supposed to be working, I'll keep looking).

Anyway, BMW 3 series, Mazda 3... I'm sure the number is open :)

NumberOne | 15 juli 2014

It was on a Facebook post, and they called it Model 3 not Model III, but we will see.

Frank.B.Smith | 15 juli 2014

Roadster 1
Model S. 2
Model X. 3
Shouldn't the next one be 4?8

TimV | 15 juli 2014

It's Model III. That's the official name.

3seeker | 15 juli 2014

Here's a link to the article posted on Facebook:

Only the name Model 3 was confirmed by Tesla. The pictures are fake.

Iowa92x | 15 juli 2014

Ha, BMW 3 Series is going to get kicked in the teeth by Model 3. BMW already looks geriatric, and the eKraken hasn't even been released yet.


Iowa92x | 15 juli 2014

Takeaway from the above linked article: “The Roadster had an old generation battery,” he told us. “We’ll upgrade it to a new generation battery pack and it should have a range of about 400 miles, which will allow you to drive from LA to San Francisco non-stop.”

Gen3Joe | 15 juli 2014

That was the takeaway for me too. Roadster owners will be able to upgrade to a 400 mile pack soon. Probably is super charger capable also.

Gen3Joe | 15 juli 2014

They better not wait until 2016 to reveal the car! It was supposed to be at the January 2015 Detroit auto show. I'm hoping the article mistook this information for the 2016 launch and 2017 volume production.

jstrach3 | 15 juli 2014

Models S III X

Get it...?

Brian H | 16 juli 2014

The NEW Roadster will have a 400 mile battery. It does NOT state that original Roadsters can be upgraded.

Curt Renz | 16 juli 2014

Roman numeral problem: Model III means Model Three thus implying that Model X means Model Ten. | 16 juli 2014

Brian H

No it is an upgrade

“The Roadster had an old generation battery,” he (Elon) told us. “We’ll upgrade it to a new generation battery pack and it should have a range of about 400 miles, which will allow you to drive from LA to San Francisco non-stop.”

So that means it'll be able to use the supercharger network. Very nice.

grega | 16 juli 2014

I'd say that "upgrade" might mean an upgraded model.

The sentence sounds more like an upgrade for old roadsters, but it could mean new models, and that interpretation fits earlier comments about gen3 based roadster.

Then again EM promised a big surprise for roadster owners.... | 16 juli 2014


The article clearly says it is an upgrade "for owners", It can't get much clearer than that, an new roadster being announced for production would be announced very differently:

"Tesla’s very first car, the Roadster, was based on a lightweight Lotus Elise chassis and launched back in 2008. Its range of 245 miles is still pretty impressive, but Tesla boss Elon Musk is planning an upgrade for owners that will see that range increase to about 400 miles."

Brian H | 16 juli 2014

Sometimes you have to parse such "forward-looking statements" very carefully. Current owners, or owners of the GenIII-Roadster?

holidayday | 16 juli 2014

We will know when it is formally announced by Tesla. So far, we have second-hand knowledge. ("This is what he said" type of thing.)

Once a full interview transcript is provided or tape/video, then we have to interpret the meaning.

anthony.dans | 16 juli 2014

In the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch today, Elon Musk was quoted to have told an British car magazine that "Ford killed S E X for Tesla!" And, the mass-market car will be named Model III. Mr. Musk went on to say - I thought this is crazy, Ford is trying to kill sex! So we’ll have to think of another name,” Musk said. “The new model is going to be called Model 3, we’ll have three bars to represent it and it’ll be S III X!”

While it Tesla's not going to have S-E-X, I think people are going to see "S-III-X" and think "S-E-X" anyway!

petochok | 16 juli 2014


No, Model S & Model X are both Gen 2, as they are built on the same skateboard platform.

Brad Holt | 16 juli 2014

They don't count the Roadster as Gen I because it was based off the Lotus. Model S is the first car truly designed and built by Tesla.

Jrfourjc | 16 juli 2014

I want one
How do I pre order one

NumberOne | 16 juli 2014

I do not think that the Model X is truly considered a second generation, as it will use much of the components of the Model S. Also, the three bars in the Model Name will likely be horizontal just as the E appears in the name. That is my opinion anyway.

hkancyr | 16 juli 2014

There is going to be a ton of competition in the next few years. The BMW i3 is currently the only contender, and with half the mileage and a bit costlier.
Things are going to be getting better and better for electric. Gas prices are only going one way.
Anyone who thinks gas is the future has serious vision problems.
I will be in the market for an EV in the next two years, sorry Elon.
I'll be 70 in 2017, my waiting days are over.

blue adept | 17 juli 2014

See the "E"?

Now turn it on its back and you've got "III", as in the Tesla Model III.

grega | 17 juli 2014

Gen 1 was Roadster.
Gen 2 Model S/X built on same platform

Question: When do we expect to see a Tesla that's come down, your second-generation car?
MUSK: So that's all looking really good. We're planning to deliver the Model S to the customers in the middle of next year.

This was an interview about Gen 3, intended to be the mainstream version, plus have a roadster version on the same platform. Thus confusion over whether his mention of Roadster was gen3 or gen1.

grega | 17 juli 2014

(oops sorry. Quote from 2011 clarifying meaning of Gen2.
Current interview mid 2014 about Gen3.)

Red Sage ca us | 17 juli 2014

Take a look at the Tesla Motors logo.

See how the letter 'E' is made?

That same symbol can also represent the numeral '3'.

That will do just fine. Tesla can still call the car 'Model Three', while using an emblem that all enthusiasts identify as 'E'. Ingenious.

Tesla Model Three

I wasn't able to find quite the right font, but this is pretty close, after a bit of tweaking:

It can also be written like this:

Tesla Model ☰

(Apparently the symbol '☰' may also represent the word 'HEAVEN'.)

holidayday | 17 juli 2014

I see the - key.
I see the = key.
I do not see the --- key. (-=, =-)

How do you make "☰"?

(I copied the symbol from the previoui=s post to show it here)

Red Sage ca us | 17 juli 2014

You can find it using the 'Character Map' function in your computer system. In Windows it is usually under 'Programs | Accessories...' There are different symbols, that mean different things, though they may be similar at a glance, dependent upon the font used:

Ξ - Greek Capital Letter Xi, U+039E

≡ - Identical To, U+2261

º - Character Code: 0xBA (Symbol TTF)

Things may change from one font to the next for special symbols. It is best to work using either Arial or Courier New as a base, to ensure widest compatibility.

Interesting that the same symbol may essentially stand for:
'Xi', 'Three', 'Identical To', or 'Heaven'...

sjoshuaj | 17 juli 2014


sjoshuaj | 17 juli 2014
Timo | 17 juli 2014

There should be Gen 3 roadster. It has been in the plans all along, so when you say "roadster" without defining new or old one you can't really say which one is being spoken to.

Gen III platform is the one that is used for wide variety of models. Common family car, sport car, roadster etc. etc.

That affordable car is Model 3 build on Gen III platform.

vgarbutt | 18 juli 2014

wow if a battery able to fit the tiny roadster can go 400 miles, im guessing that , weight and drag aside, the model 3 can get more than 200 miles on its battery!! Any reason this is not a logical conclusion?

petochok | 18 juli 2014

The battery in the Roadster isn't exactly flat... The Roadster can get away with such design since passenger/cargo room is of no priority. Model III, on the other hand, will need to remain very practical if it were to stand a chance of being adopted on a large scale. My point is it may not be feasible, or practical to fit the 400 mile Roadster battery into Model III.

Brian H | 18 juli 2014

≡ or 三

using the character map. ;)

Grinnin'.VA | 19 juli 2014

Brian H:

I prefer "Model ☰"

Ron :)

Red Sage ca us | 19 juli 2014

Yeah... The character mapping seems to be a bit different between Windows and Linux. I haven't checked on a Macintosh yet, but I expect it will be the same as Linux.

Brian H | 20 juli 2014

Here's an attempt to copy-paste your symbol above on a PC with Win7: ☰. Seems to work!

eco.mary | 21 juli 2014

Hi Tesla Fans,

I am very interested in buying a Tesla Model III. Do you have any idea when the company will start taking reservations? About him much downpayment do they require, or will they require?

I am saving up for the lower cost Tesla III and, if indeed the basic price is around $35,000, but the time late 2015 or early 2016 rolls around, I'll have all of the needed funds.

Thanks for your help.



babstude | 21 juli 2014

hey mary; nobody knows yet when the III will be available for pre-ordering, currently the X isn't even being delivered to customers yet.

I'm with you though, can't wait till the III is ready for pre-ordering - I'll be jumping on the bandwagon, would love to have an X or maybe the S but they are too expensive for me at this point as well.

Brian H | 22 juli 2014

I vaguely recall seeing a mention of a $2,500 deposit, not sure where.

eco.mary | 22 juli 2014

Hey babstude and Brian H,

Thanks for the information.

I hope there will be many of us jumping on the Model III bandwagon. And the deposit around $2500 would be terrific. But whatever the deposit is, I intend to order a Model III whenever to gates are opened.

Do you remember the Tucker car? My Dad was Preston Tucker's lawyer, and thank God, the jury agreed with my father, and they found Tucker innocent of the trumpeted up charges.

What an amazing car but the three auto companies (and likely some oil companies) knew the 1948 Tucker was going to blast past them in sales, and they made certain that his company would not succeed.

After the trial, Tucker & his wife wanted to give my Mom & Dad their blue Tucker car, in part for payment as Tucker was flat broke and he could not pay Dad for the two years Dad almost exclusively spent on his case.

But Dad, in the worst decision in his life, said: "thanks but no thanks, Preston. I'm not a mechanic and I don't know where I could get the parts". Yes, Dad really regretted his decision and he talked about it frequently.

So, I am not going to miss out on the more affordable Tesla III in memory of my wonderful Dad and his visionary client, Preston Tucker.


Chicago, IL

babstude | 22 juli 2014

mary - what a cool story !!! it's hard to imagine someone not accepting a tucker wow especially considering what they are worth these days - as an FYI I have a studebaker that i want to electrify - i wonder if Tesla would sell just their frame some day such that people could put anything they want on it - that would be fun ......

Brian H | 22 juli 2014

Toyota wanted to buy Tesla skateboards, but TM couldn't provide the quantity they wanted. After the Gigafactory?

eco.mary | 23 juli 2014


Great idea to make your Studebaker electric.

Re: my Dad turning down Preston Tucker's offer. Dad always regretted doing this, as he said "it was the worst decision of his life", and he would often continue to say "but the best decision was marrying your Mom". Gotta love a guy who says that.

Chicago, IL

Haeze | 23 juli 2014

@Brian H
For Toyota, the #1 driver -by far- is simply California ZEV credits.

By the time the Gigafactory is complete, I suspect Toyota will either be able to follow through with their Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles which give them 4x the ZEV credits per car over BEVs, or they will buy Tesla drivetrains as a stop-gap until their HFCV is complete.

Neither their HFCV, nor the stop-gap BEV will be available outside states which have no CARB-like regulations.

Grinnin'.VA | 23 juli 2014

@Brian H | JULY 22, 2014:

"Toyota wanted to buy Tesla skateboards, but TM couldn't provide the quantity they wanted. After the Gigafactory?"

If Tesla can solve its many other growth issues, they will be battery-limited again by 2020.
I expect them to start building GF #2 to be up and running in 2020 or 2021.

Of course, my prognostications about the future may be far from accurate.

Ron :)