Model S Assault on Mt. Evans (Colorado) is set for June 8, 2013

Model S Assault on Mt. Evans (Colorado) is set for June 8, 2013

Located in the front range West of Denver, Mt. Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America begging to be assaulted by Tesla’s Model S owners. With the introduction of this awesome vehicle, I am organizing a Model S Road Rally for Saturday June 8, 2013 from Idaho Springs, CO (35 miles west of Denver) to the summit of Mt. Evans and back. The views along the highway are breathtaking, as is the elevation, which summits 14,256 feet above sea level. The spring flowers should be in bloom, as will be an abundance of wildlife, such as Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep.

We need to meet up around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 8th, at the Clear Creek County Middle School parking lot toward the west end of Idaho Springs. This location is South of I-70 at Exit 240. Take the exit; turn South on Highway 103 toward Mt. Evans, and the Middle School driveway is a few hundred feet ahead on the right-hand side immediately past the Ranger Station and Visitor’s Center.

Please RSVP to Dennis Driscoll at (I just need to give the Park Service an estimate of the number of cars to anticipate)

Here is a flyer about the event with some pretty awesome photos, too.

See you in June, Dennis | 20 maart 2013

would love a passenger, just show up at the start.

@ Liz G or any other out of towners
the element hotel near Park Meadows is a 110 volt. I would suggest Hyatt Place Denver South. It is 3 blocks from Park Meadows parking lot. Tesla park Meadows has 2 roadster (70amp) chargers with S adaptors ( free to Tesla owners).

Velo1 | 21 maart 2013

@Amos'Tesla - please email me your RSVP so I can add you to any email updates.

FYI - we are up to 15 RSVPs and many more have expressed interest, pending delivery before the event.

Yes, we would fully welcome any reservation holders without their S delivered in time to join us for the ride. Certainly some folks will welcome hitchhikers, provided you don't drool on the leather or wood - or anywhere else in the car!

mpottinger | 22 maart 2013

I'm supposed to have my car between 3/30 and 4/13, so I'm in.

herkimer | 22 maart 2013

I am in, if my car arrives in time. Completed MVPA on 3/19/2013, says delivery time April/May so its possible I will have the car by then. Hope so, sounds like a lot of fun! Hope it works out.

Velo1 | 24 maart 2013

As of March 24th I have 21 RSVPs with a few other pending delivery in time for the event. | 24 maart 2013

Lookin good....

ghillair | 24 maart 2013

Velo1, have you thought about notifying media of the event so you might get some coverage. A nice write up in the Denver paper or some air time on the local news. It would be great publicity for TM.

If someone is going solo, they could give a reporter a ride along.

DouglasR | 24 maart 2013

Still thinking about it, Velo. It's a long drive in any car, but we do have a friend we want to visit in Teluride, so we're considering it. Sounds like great fun.

Liz G | 26 maart 2013

Fully committed now. Have booked my hubby's flight out. He cant get the time off to drive with me.

Booked one of the campgrounds on the way. And lined up mid day charging stops.

Havimg problems finding a hotel with/near a charger in Denver/Idaho Springs area that allows dogs. Bringing my corgi along to keep me company. Any Denver folks have any suggestions?

brdunton | 26 maart 2013


Look for Walgreens near your hotel, almost all of them have a free charger. Also the Tesla store in Lone Tree has free 70 charger. Just call and they will have it ready for you.

Velo1 | 26 maart 2013

Liz G - I know the Comfort Inn at Evergreen Parkway accommodates pets. This is right off I-70, 15 minutes from the start in Idaho Springs, plus 5 minutes from my house in Evergreen. You can always grab some electrons at my place in a pinch, too.

Velo1 | 26 maart 2013

Another nice pet friendly hotel is the Table Mountain Inn in Golden.

Liz G | 27 maart 2013

Thanks for your help everyone. Look forward to meeting many of you in June.

Liz G | 22 april 2013

Was wondering how many participants we have now.

wjbeals | 22 april 2013

Just confirming - my car arrived last week and I will be there! Can't wait. Hopefully the snow will have stopped by then. :-)

Velo1 | 22 april 2013

Welcome @wjbeals - also, please email me an RSVP and that way I can add you to the list for updated emails prior to the event.

@Liz G - we're still at 25 RSVPs, with a few tentative.

They way this spring is going I hope the road will be open by June! Getting another foot of snow tonight here is Evergreen. Ugh, let it be warm - for good.

F4D | 24 april 2013

This Walgreens in Evergreen has a free 30AMP charger:

It is about 10-15 minutes from the start.

rodhoffman | 24 april 2013

I am in Evergreen and you can charge at my place or at Walgreens two miles away. It is on the iPhone ap PlugShare. Please call in advance at 303-674-0475. I have a NEMA 14-50.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

Brian H | 24 april 2013

All 25 drivers? ;)

F4D | 25 april 2013

I am in Evergreen too, close to that Walgreens. You can charge at my place if you give me a heads up on here. I have 1 Nema 6-50 currently and I may have a second one installed by then.
Rod - you must be the dark Tesla I have seen in Bergen.


Haeze | 22 mei 2013

If my S85 gets delivered by then, I will be attending !

Liz G | 22 mei 2013

Ok. Does anyone know how much juice it will take to get from Denver to Idaho Springs? Will I have enough charge (assuming max charge) to then get from Idaho Springs up Mt Evans or should I plan on charging somewhere close to Idaho Springs that morning?

Just trying to get prepared. Since I'm driving in and not familiar with Denver or how much range is lost driving in the mountains.

Thanks all


machmike | 22 mei 2013

As a Colorado native I welcome everyone! Mount Evans is a very popular climb for both car enthusiasts, road bikers, runners (insane) and cyclists. If you are unfamiliar with mountain driving, watch for ascending and descending cyclists. They will be right in the road with you.

Enjoy your visit.


txjak | 23 mei 2013

Envy you guys. I used to live in Boulder, now in Austin. Looks like the trip should be a piece of cake. Probably not for most ICE's though.

Have fun. | 23 mei 2013

@ Liz G
It's about 120 miles round trip from Denver to Mt. Evans & back. About half the time you will be regenerating going down hill.

I will be coming from about 10 miles South of Denver & not planning on plugging in till I return home.

F4D | 23 mei 2013

@ Liz G
I went up and down from Idaho Springs a few weeks ago and it was a net loss of about 10 rated miles because you regenerate all the way down. I couldn't go all the way up (the last 14 miles) because it is still closed with snow (it should open this weekend).

I drive down to Denver from that area regularly and you typically get a net gain of about 4-5 miles from top to bottom, but coming up you will lose about 20 extra miles from the rated miles. If I am at 180 rated miles coming up, it will be down to around 140-150 when I get to the top, because of the climb, or me passing tourists.

The good news for you is that you will get better regeneration going down than my car that is usually at a full charge when I head down. I am typically at the 92% charge going down so it will only try to regenerate to the standard charge amount (92%).

You should have way more than enough to get there, have fun, and get down with no issues. I use the cruise control coming down, set it 5-10 above the speed limit, does great on regenerating without me screwing it up. :)


Brian H | 24 mei 2013

What if the regen is "topped off"; do the brakes kick in to keep you from rolling downhill at terminal velocity?

Liz G | 24 mei 2013

Thanks for the advice. I will be arriving in Denver on Thursday staying thru Sunday. Any suggestions on sites I should see while I'm in town?

Panoz | 24 mei 2013

Can ICE cars go? I'd love to see a bunch of Teslas, and have never driven to Mt. Evans. I live in Colorado Springs, and can easily attend the rally in my Panoz. I could trail the group and have the attendees point to my exhaust pipe...

Panoz | 24 mei 2013

Just a thought - you should see if you can get media coverage for the rally. It would make a nice fluff piece for the green-aware TV stations we have in Colorado. Have a reporter/photographer ride in the lead car up the mountain and back. Demonstrate regen braking and the distance the car can go uncharged. They'd love to cover it, it gives them a timeless piece (i.e., not urgent TODAY) to run when they need fill material.

richardngordon | 24 mei 2013

We have already RSVP'd and plan on going. We are 3 blocks from the Tesla Denver Service Center and if you need to top off, drop by. HPWC. See you there!


Liz G | 24 mei 2013

How many out-of-towners are coming?

jeffaa | 24 mei 2013

I'm confirmed (coming from Stapleton).

Liz G | 24 mei 2013

@Panoz you can do the climb in my Model S

Velo1 | 24 mei 2013

As organizer I say yes to ICE cars coming, but they have to drive way out front or off the back. :) Alternatively, you can drive up front, stage yourself at a pullout and take a ton a fantastic pictures of everybody coming up, then jump on the back of the Tesla train.

BTW - as of May 24th with all the RSVPs and a few pending I think we'll have 25-30 Model S and a few Roadsters, and possibly an ICE car or two. Although I bet the ICE drivers could hitchhike with an S owner, provided you do not drool on the leather, wood, or carbon fiber. The cloth or piano blank trim is okay to drool on, as far as I am concerned. ;(

BTW2 - I will have a demo CCI for folks to see, touch, perhaps even insert into you car to see how it looks/works. This demo is provided courtesy of the fabricator.

Mmv3 | 24 mei 2013

Velo1 my birthday is June 9 th if I can manage to get out there on the 7 th can I catch a ride with u in ur MS

skymaster | 24 mei 2013

I should have the first Performance Plus delivered to the Denver Service Center, for rent by June 8th.

It has been sitting in my garage for one week with 20 miles on her. I have a few things to finish up on and then she will be ready. Vin#10054 Grey/black/loaded

If you are interested in checking out the super performance of a P85+ and are in the Denver area, visit my developing website at or Thanks, Jim

skymaster | 24 mei 2013

I sure wish we could edit our posts to correct mistakes. I get so excited writing about the Tesla Model S. I just don't stop and think!

Panoz | 25 mei 2013

@Liz, I would love to be a passenger, but didn't want to impose on anyone. If you have a spot available, please send email to WHitchings.iPhone (at) Sorry, I broke up my email to prevent bots from finding my address and sending spam. I am very interested in going along, will buy you lunch /meals!

jjs | 25 mei 2013

JEALOUS I'm hugely jealous. I am currently in CO attending a wedding. Took our 2010 Acadia. (Where are the SCers?) Drove up into the mountains yesterday and could not help but think how much more enjoyable the trip would have been in the S. No engine straining, no gear shifting, no wide variance in speed. So I'm jealous.

I would love to join you but do not have the time to get my S to Denver from Omaha.

I hope you all have a great time. Please take pics and post.

joshnd03 | 25 mei 2013

With all the Teslas in Colorado, perhaps corporate should consider installing a supercharger or two out here next. Ideally in Idaho Springs or Silverthorne, and maybe Castle Rock or the People's Republic of Boulder. From there I would love to see them build out into Gunnison, Durango, Grand Junction etc. A man can dream.

Velo1 | 25 mei 2013

If any participants are skilled photographers and wish to be our event photographer, please raise you hand.

SteveZZZZZ, red sig and photographer, was coming, but has a conflict and cannot attend. We will miss Steve, but the show will go on. | 25 mei 2013

@ Velo1
I will be flying in from a vacation in Alaska on Friday. I intend to take many pictures when I attend Saturday. I use a Canon Rebel T1i EOS. I will then post pictures via web links.

Looking forward to this-- thanks again for organizing.

PS Road should be open as of yesterday (any scouting reports on frost heave at the top?)

F4D | 27 mei 2013

@Brian H - terminal velocity is easily reached. :)
@Liz G - there is lots to do around Denver. Here is a quick list:
Visit Red Rocks in Morrison, visit Estes Park and/or Boulder (Rocky Mountain National Park), visit Golden Gate state park (from Idaho Springs just take Central City Parkway up to it). There are a few waterfall areas along that route. Visit Evergreen Lake and the little mountain town.
Do a brewery tour of microbreweries and/or Coors in Golden, or do a Stranahan's Whiskey tour (closer to downtown). You can't go wrong with downtown Denver and 16th street mall area. Lots to do and enjoy around here, both indoors and outdoors. Hope that helps.
@KevinR - they opened the road up yesterday. I plan on taking a trip up there next week to check it out.

theumph | 2 juni 2013

I won't be receiving mine in Castle Rock until June 15th. I will be there in spirit though

Velo1 | 2 juni 2013

As of June 2 there are 30 cars coming (RSVPs). An RSVP is not required, so if you are still thinking about coming, please just show up by 9:30 at the Clear Creek Middle School parking lot. The parking lot is on the right-hand side of Hwy 103 about 1/4 mile South of I-70 at Exit 240.

Vawlkus | 3 juni 2013

I hope one of you guys has a dashcam to record this :P

jeffaa | 3 juni 2013

@Vawlkus interesting thought there. I do have a GoPro, just need to think of a way to mount the camera. | 5 juni 2013

@Liz G
3 things to do in Denver
1) of course, the number one attraction is the Tesla store inn Park meadows mall
2) eating at The Fort resturant shouldnt be missed
3) the Elizabeth Stampede the biggest little rodeo around june 7.8.and 9 ,. 30 kmiles se of Denver

Velo1 | 5 juni 2013

The Fort is excellent, and also go see Red Rocks Amphitheater Park a few miles away from The Fort (both in Morrison). Then there is the Coors Brewery tour and/or visit downtown Golden.