Model S Driver Headroom

Model S Driver Headroom

I've tried to find some interior specs, and they might be right under my nose and I'm missing them, but I'm looking for dimensions on driver/passenger headroom in the Model S.

I'm very intrigued by Tesla's offering but I'm 6'5" and with most automobiles headroom is a major concern of mine.


Roblab | 1 september 2010

I am also 6'5". At the Reveal last year, the first thing I wanted to know was how tall the factory rep driver was, and he was 6'5", and had good headroom. That was with the Mercedes frame prototype (grey, and now red), and he told me that there would be more room in the final car. I don't think they have interior specs published yet, but I am quite sure I will fit.

Mackie | 1 september 2010

Awesome, thanks Roblab.

I'm hoping they bring this show on the road to Atlanta sometime. For the amount of traffic I sit in daily I wouldn't hesitate to trade in my wife's PREMIUM FUEL Acura for something that will sit still for an hour in 5pm traffic without costing me a dime!

B.Noing | 3 september 2010

Tesla: All you have to do to accommodate all of us tall people is add 1" or 2" to the reach adjustment of the steering wheel. Seems like a very inexpensive way to expand a customer base but few manufactures do it. Finally saw the actual car and it is even better than the photos-both inside and out. Couldn't get inside and the roof looks very low so let's hope they provide the extra reach.

Timo | 3 september 2010

To me height is not a problem (I'm pretty exactly 6' tall), but I have found out that any smallish vehicle doesn't have good shoulder space. I have broad shoulders. Didn't even realize how broad before test-sitting many modern sporty cars in recent car show. I have always pictured myself as a small person, but apparently I'm not. (my nickname was "Little Timo" in what US people would call high school. Maybe it had more common with "Little John" from Robin Hood, than me being small).

Nvbob | 5 september 2010

After riding in the S at Carmel, I can say that there is plenty of head and shoulder-room with the present concept vehicle. I am six foot and had a few inches extra headroom.
We all must remember that Tesla will be making changes to the interior but, as it is right now, there is plenty of room.
And yes, the glass roof is beautiful.


Brian H | 7 september 2010

Up to about the 6' level, all males are ~~28"/70 cm. tall when seated. Females, up to about 5'6", are ~24"/60 cm. The differences between adults are almost entirely arm and leg length.

Roblab | 7 september 2010

I drive a Scion xA. It has 39.6" headroom, and though I am 6'5" tall, I fit easily. I always worry about headroom when I buy a car. The headroom specs are a necessary number.
The top 10 rated cars for headroom all have 38.5" to 40" headroom.
All cars will give you headroom along with other interior specs. Now that Tesla has "finalized" the actual Model S design, they must know all these data.
Surely Tesla would be able to hand out this measurement at this time. It is part of the computer design that this measurement is known, even before one actual alpha validation prototype is made.
Please, someone from Tesla, tell us the headroom, or tell us it is a secret valuable for world peace and you can't let it out.

Timo | 7 september 2010

@Roblab, AFAIK Tesla has not finalized the interior designs. Because battery pack will be under the floor it might have quite an impact to headroom, and also chosen seat designs can affect that as well. In fact you might get different headroom with different battery packs.

It might well be that all they could offer is rough estimate, and I don't think they are willing to do that.

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2011

The top 10 rated cars for headroom all have 38.5" to 40" headroom. (Roblab)

Check. With 39.8" the Tesla Model S easily makes it to the top 10, if not top 3.

mscottring | 21 december 2011

I'm 6'2" and was quite comfortable in both the front and rear of the Model S.

adurstewitz | 21 december 2011

The S has more head room that my BMW X5. Can't wait.

nhurst | 22 december 2011

Does anyone know if the headroom is the same with the sunroof and without the sunroof?

David M. | 22 december 2011

As I recall from Oct 1, there was plenty of headroom once you got in, but I had to bend a bit getting in. I guess that happens after owning an SUV for more than ten years.