Model S factory visit - Any body else going to travel from Europe

Model S factory visit - Any body else going to travel from Europe

As you all got the mail about "THE BETAS ARE COMING!" (see also seperate forum item) I would like to know if somebody else is actually considering traveling from Europe to Palo Alto. I checked, its about 18000 km going back and forward, that's a lot of hours on the plane ;-)
I'm willing to make the travel to check out the status of my investment but only if it's worth while. I mean not to be compressed in a big room with 2000 other people to look at a slide show. Or a ride allong for some happy few and all the rest can look at the car from behind a glass window. I not saying this would be the case, but I don't want to come that far to find out.
Does anybody have experience with Tesla events and could you shed some light on how open they are? What you guess we will be albe to see and do?
Will anybody else make the trip from Europe? I'll be travelling from Belgium.

Thanks for your thoughts

Zorba | 14 augustus 2011

It kind of sucks for me the event would on October 1st, because we are going on holiday to California early to mid September (also from Belgium). Would have loved to attend the event, but it's quite impossible now.

If you are going, a report would be great :)

bagu | 14 augustus 2011

Oh, bad luck, would be nice to combine holidays and tesla visit.
I do think I will also add 4 days of holiday at least, seems a waste to travel that far without visiting some other stuff as well.
Although, Tesla is enough to make the travel :-)

I checked today with my Tesla sales representative (yeah, the Belgian office works on sunday!), he has no directions yet from Tesla if he can/will be going to the event as well.

MTriantafelow | 15 augustus 2011

You should listen to the conference call. Elon talks for a little while about the Oct. 1 event.

He said they are definitely going to make sure every reservation holder gets a ride in an S. Though you probably won't get to drive it. He also said they want to do a tour of the factory so you can see where your car is going to get built and meet some of the people building it, and he said he wanted to so really meaty presentations. He specifically cited a presentation on safety. He said he really wants customers to understand the engineering that goes into making their car so safe, basically because he wants you to repeat that to other potential customers and really know what you are talking about.

Here's a link to the webcast:

and here's a transcript, though its not always 100% accurate: