Model S in the Norwegian winter

Model S in the Norwegian winter

The Model S is tested in the Norwegian winter. Driving from Oslo to Geilo, approx 270km and going up 800m above sea level.
The guy is making a stop at Ikea first to fill up the car (although it seems pretty full already!). He's also making a point out of not thinking about this as an EV, but more like an ICE, so he's not driving economically.
Note the foggy front side window. As the reporter says this is a US version which do not have the "Winter package". I wouldn't know if it got the upgraded ventilation features that were supposedly changed after feedback from among Canadian earlyl adopters.

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Brian H | 26 april 2013

He really went all-out to load the car! Sorry he's stolen. ;)

Lessmog | 26 april 2013

Indeed: some flat packs from IKEA, some ordinary luggage, a sleeping bag, and then in case of boring, a "basic guitar" and a regular guitar, and to top it all a bicycle in case of Spring.

Reading the description I began to hope IKEA already has charging stations to "fill up the car" but that was my mistake.

Spoiler: he made it to the hut, barely, with the range warnings taped over

Brian H | 26 april 2013

27 km or so left.

GeirT | 26 april 2013

I know the road he took, and considering temperature and his "reckless" driving with no concern for battery - this makes it very clear to me that the P85+ I'll eventually get is THE perfect car. The tiny bit of range anxiety I had has evaporated. Once there shall be cars in this market and considering size and price (no taxes and VAT - for now) the MS will become a huge success. No doubt about that. And when the MX is ready, this will indeed become the TM territory as to market share. Mark my words ;-)

jkirkebo | 27 april 2013

IKEA has charging stations, but they are outside the store building, not across the road where the warehouse where you pick up the big items are. And the charging stations is the usual 16A 230V outlets, so UMC needed and 3.7kW only.

70.7kWh used and 29km remaining doesn't sound like a fully charged car either, or he reset it after the IKEA trip.

(81.3/70.7)*270=310km range with careless driving and lots of uphill. If he ascended 800m that used another ~5,4kWh. ((81.3/(70.7-5.4))*270=336km range on flat roads with careless driving. 336km=209 miles.

lygren | 27 april 2013

...Teslas main potential problem in Norway is taxes... The Norwegian socialdemocrats will have a hard time accepting the "middle class" purchasing "hi-end" cars for such a low price over a long period of time. VAT will probably be their first "weapon", potentially implemented by 2018 after their "klimamelding" is to be renewed, and then perhaps even a performance tax at some point. Too bad for all the people that did not purchase their Tesla while the party was on! :)

If you add 25% tax on a Model S currently at 5-600.000NOK, it would place the car at about 620-750.000. At such a price-point, the sales would, unfortunately, be quite slim... This ia trend that is quite clear in the rest of Europe. In countries where there are no or low incentives for electric cars, Tesla-sales are low...

That said, Tesla might introduce a new, lower priced model at some point, but don´t forget, Volkswagen are releasing an electric version of their Golf next year with a 200km range - quite a competitor in the lower price-range, and more will come in the years to follow.

Until taxes are applied, however, the Teslas will be extremely attractive in Norway - and there is a slight hope that the government would actually keep the tax-level "off" for a long period of time. As such, I do agree with your theory - Tesla could be quite a large player here in Norway in the forthcoming decades.

Suffice to say, if I´d had the cash, the deposit for the X would have been put down a looong time ago... ;) I mean - that one is really car reinvented! Can´t wait for my S!

GeirT | 27 april 2013

@ lygren

I agree fully. My observation relates to the 50,000 cars and 2017 window. Once import taxes and VAT are applied it is a total different ball game.

On the other side, I bet by 2018 the battery pack offered would be extended, the SC network would be well organised AND the seamless service outlined by Elon the other day will be solidly implemented, thus the package would still be very attractive.

TM does not only provide a game changer as the car goes, they also introduce a totally new user experience as far as operability is concerned; and that means service. A tired comparison but I see Steve Jobs and Elon Musk two of a kind, helmsmen for shift of paradigm. We are witnessing a revolution as far as automobile industry is concerned. A +100 year business model is undergoing major change.

And I sooo angry with myself for not buying shares in TM as I though of doing about 5 months ago. If I did I would have had my P85+ for "free" ;-)

jsviddal | 27 april 2013

Regarding the Norwegian Winter.
What happened to the optional 17” wheel rims available back in December 2012?
I am purchasing a Tesla Model S to use it a lot, also in the winter. The 17” rims would have been perfect for winter tires for maintaining higher surface pressure to slippery winter roads.
Is there any hope that these will be available in the future as winter tire rims?

jkirkebo | 27 april 2013

I haven't ever seen anything about 17" rims. They definately won't fit over the brakes. You MIGHT be able to fit 18" rims, but I doubt it.

The 245/45-19 wheels have approx. the same amount of rubber that the 205/55-16 Leaf wheels has (110,25mm vs. 112,75mm, a difference of only 2,5mm or 1/10 of an inch). I haven't seen any complaints that the Leaf cannot use 14" wheels (which would be comparable to 17" on the Model S).

jsviddal | 27 april 2013

Probably I might remember wrongly, but I am quite sure I saw the 17” rims on the non performance options when I reserved the MS 9th December 2012. Of course if there is no space inside the rims to have smaller ones due to the brakes it’s noting to dwell about. By the way I found out that Tesla shop has winter tires available on
It’s not the amount of rubber (wall height) I refer to. It’s the tire width (and consequently the contact surface pressure).

FLsportscarenth... | 27 april 2013

Norge leder vei for en lys fremtid!

Warmest regards to our Norwegian friends!

GeirT | 27 april 2013

@ FLsportscarenth...

We would love to lead, but that requires P85s on the road!
Summer is indicated, Autumn as well....
Great expectations!