Model S Now Comes with Air Compressor and Tire Patch Kit

Model S Now Comes with Air Compressor and Tire Patch Kit

I searched and saw many people were talking about what to buy for an air compressor. The new article from CR also notes the car does not come with a pump or repair kit. I picked up my car on 5/8 and it came with an air compressor and patch kit that is stored in the trunk across from where the UMC and adapters are. I was pleasantly surprised by its inclusion.

Are other people seeing this? My DS said it is standard (now).

riceuguy | 10 mei 2013

What state are you in? I believe a few states require it...

elguapo | 10 mei 2013

Oh, interesting. I am in Maryland. I asked the DS and he said everyone gets them now. I had no idea some states require it/

GettingOldFast | 10 mei 2013

So will it be retroactive? Can we just go to a service center and pick up a set? I just drove 50 miles yesterday to get my floor mats and licence plate frames.

geekydon | 10 mei 2013

They don't come with cars picked up at the factory. I picked my red P85 up there yesterday.

Geoff2013 | 10 mei 2013

It didn't come with mine (WA state)...just picked mine up last week. I did get one as an "early birthday" gift though!!

trydesky | 10 mei 2013

What type of patch kit is it? A bottle of that stuff you spray into the tire?

Geoff2013 | 10 mei 2013

I have been reading the manuals at lunch and just saw this in the safety guide:

As an option, you can purchase a tire repair kit from Tesla (this kit is included only if you purchased your Model S in Maryland or Rhode Island).

This kit is designed to temporarily repair a small tire puncture just long enough for you to drive slowly to the nearest tire repair location. Follow the instructions provided
on the kit and heed all warnings.

Just an FYI

elguapo | 10 mei 2013

Wow. I thought I read manuals closely (and many times), but guess I missed it. Eagle eye @Geoff2013!

carlf9121 | 10 mei 2013

Thanks Geoff2013. Besides the TM kit, I also purchased a similar kit mfr'd by Slime from Walmart as added insurance in case the TM kit should fail. Never used this type before. Always went for the spare.

hwye81k | 10 mei 2013

Just talked with Ownership and was informed that compressor and kit are for cars sold in states that require them.

generubin | 10 mei 2013

If it is a tire plug kit, they are very effective and easy to use. A plug is a permanent fix for nail and screw punctures as long as they are not in the sidewall but they are in the tread area.

hiroshiy | 10 mei 2013

I believe the repair is just temporary with this kind of emergency kit, as Z rated tires are not patchable. Many tire shops refuse to repair Z tires. There was a tire repair shop which helped my ICE's flat tire 285/30R20, they cleaned the wound and applied a thick patch and some heat from inside.

cb9 | 10 mei 2013

I live in MD and got my car 3/18 from RSC - no tire repair kit for me. Would be great if that's retroactive - if anyone has a chance to try before I ask, please post what you find out.

Velo1 | 10 mei 2013

You can buy a comparable kit at Walmart, Target, AutoZone, etc., for about 1/2 the price as TM sells, and there's no added $25 shipping that TM tacks on. Just be careful to buy a TPMS compatable kit.

Robert22 | 12 mei 2013

Pocked mine up at Amazon at a price similar to Walmart, but why order from Amazon when you can drive to the store :)