Model S performance with 40 and 60 kWh batteries

Model S performance with 40 and 60 kWh batteries

Hello All,

I'm new to the world of Tesla, but I recently reserved a Model S and did the test drive today. I'm trying to decide if I'll move forward with my purchase, and if so, what battery pack I want. Hopefully, some of you who have been around a bit longer can give me some advice.

From a range point of view, both the 40 and 60 kWH models meet my needs. My commute to work is very short, and I have access to another vehicle for the rare occasion where I travel more than 40-50 miles in a day.

However, I'm concerned with the 40 and 60 kWh models from a performance POV. I am coming out of a BMW lease on a 335is which is a fairly good performing car. Clearly, the Model S Performance can keep up or beat my current car in most performance metrics. However, looking at just the numbers, the 40 and 60 kWh models are technically "slower" than my current car. The inability to test drive the lower-end models is frustrating for me, because I have no idea if I'll be happy with the performance of those models, should I order one.

All that said, can anyone give me any insight as to how they feel the performance of their 60 kWh (or 40, but not many owners of 40s out there yet) compares to the Performance model they took on the test drive? Is it as quick off the line? Does it still give you that exhilaration? I was really pleased with the Performance model, but I just don't know what to expect with the smaller battery packs. I'm not looking to race the thing; I just want to feel the power/torque when you push the gas.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experiences....

amirm | 22 maart 2013

I got a 60kwh car 4 weeks ago after driving an audi rs6. While the rs6 accelerates faster I consider the 60 very satisfying. I'd go for the 60 if you can.

Sudre_ | 22 maart 2013

I test drove the performance about a week before I received my 60kWh S. You can not replace the rush you get from the performance version but I am very happy with my 60. You still get a good launch off the line.

HansJ | 22 maart 2013

I went from a BWM 540 to the S60 and it's much faster. The numbers on the Tesla site are slow. I get 0-60 mph on the Model S in 5.6 secs and I could never get the BMW spec performance out of the 540. If you live in the SF Bay Area I would be happy to come on over and smoke your 335 just to make you feel better ;-)

GeekEV | 22 maart 2013

Here's some data from my 60 kWh car. Spoiler alert: it's faster than they say!

picdesto | 22 maart 2013


I am a proud owner of a 60 kWh and it is fantastic. I am getting a performance of 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and that is fast enough for me. Yes, the performance edition is faster, but when will I ever need that speed?
What is most impressive is the amount of attention this car gets. I get thumbs up wherever I go. People are always taking snaps with their phones and it is a great car to drive. After knowing this you wont care about the performance, you will just be satisfied with driving the best car in the world.

RedShift | 22 maart 2013


Have test driven the car? You will quickly learn that the BMW you are currently driving, as fantastic a driving machine as it is, will be eclipsed by the Model S. the drive will most likely convince you of the Tesla's ability to feel smaller, lighter and more nimble than much much lighter and smaller cars.

This is coming from a current BMW owner and a great aficionado of light, nimble and composed handlers.

I am picking my 60 kwh tomorrow! I went for the 60 instead of 85 to save a few hundred pounds in weight which should make noticeable difference in the twisties. I cold not go for the 40 kwh due to lack of supercharging. If 40s had that feature I'd have gladly gone for the 40 ( and if their range was a bit better)

DTsea | 22 maart 2013

My 60 is great. Plenty of power, fast, super smooth and quiet, and very practical (I have three kids) with so much storage.

GeekEV | 22 maart 2013

> Yes, the performance edition is faster, but when will I ever need that speed?

@A.S. Toor - Probably never. But you know you want it anyway. :-)

hademarco | 24 maart 2013

You may want to consider that the normal 60 charges a max of 187miles on a charge (it can go higher at max charge, but its not recommended all the time) and that its capacity does diminish with time. Some say to about 110 miles per charge after 8 years.

If that's true, then the 40 would be maybe be 70 in 8 years. For better longevity, maybe you should get the 60

Brian H | 24 maart 2013

You should lose no more than 30% in 8 yrs. That would be 130 miles, not 110. And I hear TM engineers actually expect half that loss, or 15%, so 160 miles range.