Model S Prototype on a tour of US showrooms

Model S Prototype on a tour of US showrooms

If you guys havn't seen it yet the 2009 Model S Prototype will be on tour this Spring:
Get yourself to one of the showrooms.
Too bad Seattle is the last stop. I can't wait to see it, and hopefully drive it if its still a drivable Prototype.
I think the tour will generate more reservations.

RobPaul | 28 februari 2011

How can they NOT stop at the factory location - either Palo Alto, Menlo Park or Fremont (ex-NUMMI) for the folks right here within the neighborhood? Hope they add a CA Bay Area stop! (#3031)


BYT | 1 maart 2011

RobPaul: I am also in the Bay Area and second that bump to have the Model S stop for us to see here as well!

ckessel | 1 maart 2011

I thought the Model S was on continuous display in the main California spots, which would explain to me why it's not part of the tour. Or maybe it's just not part of it yet.

msiano17 | 1 maart 2011

FYI it was absolutely gorgeous ... it was getting a bit beat up, but it is 2009 prototype that thousands of people have fiddled with

although the car isnt fully functioning ... the touch screen was amazing ... actually to be honest there is not enough space to describe how great it was to see the car in person. i highly suggest going to see it if you receive the chance

fun fact: it is a $2,000,000 car

Charged_Up | 3 maart 2011

I'm not sure I understand the point of touring a pre-production model that is based on a different chassis, has different body panels, and has a different interior. I think what all are interested in is seeing a new pre-production model "alpha" that is based on the "near-production" alpha model that has some of the interior ideas and/or options that Tesla is considering. Otherwise, it seems like Tesla is just courting disappointment from existing reservation holders if the final is very different from the mocked up versions....

Roblab | 3 maart 2011

I want to see the beta, and then I want to see MINE !!

discoducky | 3 maart 2011

I think it's more about talking with other interested people rather than the tangibles.

RobPaul | 3 maart 2011

You know, I think it is really all about seeing what it WAS in the 2009 form, what it is today in alpha form, and being part of the early viewers of what it WILL be when we get our cars! Those of us who have chosen to give actual dollars to obtain a "reservation" for an item 12-20 months away should get the special joy of seeing early production bits as a treat. It is a cheap way to please the customers that Tesla has already bagged! And I'm easy - no need to spend precious R&D dollars on food and drink - just let us drop in and run fingers over a chassis or 2. We are, in fact, the ultimate "interested people."