Model S Tour

Model S Tour

I checked on Model S' tour,, and clicked on both the locations of NC, both returned a page with no informative results, is it me or just a goof on Tesla's website?


clea | 5 juli 2011

probably an invalid link ... the best way to get to these is through the events page (, from there the links to the NC prototype tour event work.

tangent | 5 juli 2011

Thanks! I am surprised to find that Model S prototypes are shown in NC before other places (such as Washington DC, NYC)

MTriantafelow | 8 juli 2011

Maybe its not that surprising.

Raleigh is right next to Research Triangle Park which is the East Coast version of Silicon Valley. We have a ton of good paying high tech jobs. As such, the population here has a higher awareness and education level around electric cars than a lot of bigger cities.

Note that Ford also chose the area as one of their first launch markets for their electric Focus because of the high percentage of hybrids sales that happen in this area, and GM made a stop here with the Volt before it launched.