Model S waterproof I hope?

Model S waterproof I hope?

I assume the model S has been tested to be completely waterproof. Can someone confirm this? My Ford Fusion (piece of junk) needed the computer in the engine replaced after water from a puddle on the highway splashed up underneath. Why do they even put computers in internal combustion engines? Anyways, I really hope Tesla vehicles will never present anyone with this kind of unfortunate situation, because nobody wins when that happens in my opinion. I like to think Tesla is different by actually listening to what people have to say about current problems and ways to improve the car. That would be mutually beneficial.

diegoPasadena | 27 februari 2013

So far so good. I drove it through a downpour with lots of standing water here in LA last week. No issues.

Alex K | 28 februari 2013

Watch the Tesla Assembly Video. At about the 1:37 mark you will see how the cars are tested for water penetration. | 28 februari 2013

waterproof (although I will not try diving in it :o)

glaserud | 28 februari 2013

I can't wait to swap my Bayliner for the Model Sub!

TeslaRocks | 28 februari 2013

Thanks for everyone's response and for the link to video, Alex. What made me think of this question is that I recently watched Revenge of the Electric Car on YouTube (for the first time) and it showed a Volt driving through a flooded area as part of testing, the kind of water you might experience in the event of an actual flood, so I wonder how an electric car like the model S would do in such an extreme situation. In an extreme but probably desirable case where waterproofing has been done so well that you could drive through a flood without any damage to any of the car's components, it could be almost be labeled as amphibious. An electric car has more potential than an ICE car in that regard... but let's come back on shore.

aaronw2 | 1 maart 2013

When I took the factory tour they showed the chamber that all cars go through for water testing.

Captain_Zap | 1 maart 2013

Do a search of this site. Water issues have been addressed extensively in previous threads here and at Tesla Motors Club. You can search this site via

JZ13 | 1 maart 2013

I just did the factory tor last week. Every car goes through the hurricane chamber for 20 minutes. Water jets blasted at it from all angles with high wind simulation.

Docjay | 3 maart 2013

What about merely high water? Does anyone know how deep Tesla says we can drive through? | 3 maart 2013

I suspect after about a foot of water, you're going to total just about any car (MS or ICE). Once it gets in the cabin, you'll have endless mold and problems with electrical connectors corroding. The Model S appears similar to most other cars in that regard. The battery pack and motor appear to be sealed and might be recoverable. Best is to avoid being a boat in any car!

Crow | 3 maart 2013

The car isn't a boat or a sub. It's not waterproof. It would be better to say that it is water resistant. As for me, I would not intentionally go into a puddle that I thought could be deeper than 5". Of course, it's not as if I am going to get out of the car with a measuring tape right before I drive through it.

DannyM | 3 maart 2013

There was a problem with earlier software versions where after the car went through a significant puddle, the car shifted to neutral by itself. This happened to me twice and it was a bit scary.

Mark E | 4 maart 2013

@Frank2 - yep, although driving through more than a few inches of water is incredibly dangerous. You can't see the bottom and the current, while often invisible, can carry the car away.

We have numerous people drown or have to be rescued when driving through flooded roads - including those in 4wd or SUV type vehicles.

As an aside, if a vehicle is submerged such that the cabin floods it is generally an insurance write off here in Australia. Too many intermittent and expensive issues to fix. Better to leave u boat commanding to people with submarines. :)

Timo | 4 maart 2013

I have driven old and rusty Fiat 127 in quite a lot more than foot high water that was running quite fast. Worked just fine, though it was rather nervous situation (I was expecting car to suck in water any time and/or me changing from car driver to boat captain). I guess modern cars are less durable...

Submarines are electric (unless using nuclear steam engines). Battery, PEM and motor are liquid-cooled so I guess drivetrain is quite well protected. I think electrical connections in the rest of the car are things to look out.

Brian H | 4 maart 2013

FIAT - Float It Again, Timo?