More EV demos, please

More EV demos, please

The most convincing argument for EVs is a test drive. My 15 minute ride in a Roadster (local owner, wouldn't let me drive, perfectly understandable), was mind blowing.

Not so much an issue for Tesla because the MS is essentially sold out in advance, but we have local dealerships with Leafs and IMIEVs on the lot - mostly just sitting there. The salesmen are poorly informed about financial incentives and home charging stations, they would rather sell you something else anyway.

These cars should be in the mall parking lots with knowledgeable reps and available for short test drives, preferably on a route that passes by several gas stations. I am sure there would be many takers.

But the sales staff can't take the cars there because they have to cover the showroom to make any sales. So the cars just sit there waiting for the rare someone who has done the independent research to become an enthusiast/buyer.

We even have a local Credit Union that has installed a fast charger in their parking lot, as a Green facade - but inquiry reveals that it is almost never used and that not a single employee owns an EV. I tried to get them interested in sponsoring some local demos but they turned me down - even tho the cars could probably have been borrowed from a Dealership and it would be good for their auto loan business.

The other aspect that needs addressing is the cost of providing 240V charging equipment at the buyer's home. This can vary widely and the dealers seem to quote the highest amount - which then adds to the sticker shock and discourages potential purchasers.

So high profile demos and free home evaluations are the way to promote EVs - but who will fund even the minimal costs involved?

frmercado | 22 maart 2013

Where do you live?

evpro | 22 maart 2013

Spokane area, on 100% hydroelectric at 0.04/kwhr.

olanmills | 24 maart 2013

Holy crap! I thought I had a pretty good rate here in the Puget Sound area.