Musings on the British Museum and the Model S

Musings on the British Museum and the Model S

I am currently in London for New Year's, and spent a lovely day wandering the halls of the British Museum. For those that have never been you can think of it as human history's attic, with artifacts from all the world's great civilizations spanning twenty thousand years.

Since I finalized my paper work today, my Model S was also on my mind. A thousand years from now, assuming we are still around, what artifacts from our society will be on display? There are of obvious candidates: moon rocks, a panel from a nuclear reactor, a personal computer, the inventions of Edison and Tesla, an airplane, the Model T, and maybe...just maybe... a Model S.

Many of us have the luxury of buying within reason whatever car we choose. Yes, the Model S is very pretty and lightning fast, but I do not think that is why most of us are here. Many of us share Elon's vision and believe that this car represents a critical turning point for our society. Intrinsic to owning a Model S is the realization that the earth's resources are not infinite, and we have an obligation to future generations to protect our planet and stop poisoning it with fossil fuels. We recognize the inherent geopolitical danger posed by being dependent on a part of the world that has known nothing but strife and bloodshed for our energy needs and our economic well being.

For me, I much prefer being part of the solution, not the problem. Will the Model S be so disruptive that it will earn a display in the British Museum? History will ultimately decide, but for humanity's sake I certainly hope so.