The "Is My Car Built Yet" Test

The "Is My Car Built Yet" Test

It's been about a year since I had a car in the pipeline but I think I remember something helpful about the Tesla Phone App. If I try and connect now it says "No vehicles linked to this account. Your vehicle may not be ready."
However, when the car is built it will say, "Cannot Connect. Remote Access May Be Off" Or something to that effect.
Can anyone confirm or blow this theory out of the water?

Jonathan D | 9 mei 2014

I'm not due till June 6, it gives me the "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account. Your vehicle may not be ready" message.

Jonathan D | 9 mei 2014

By the way thanks for giving me something else to check compulsively :p

Velo1 | 9 mei 2014

@Jonathon D - assuming they deliver to your house, waiting while staring out the window for the truck to show up feels like it will never arrive. Minutes feel like hours.

Kutu | 9 mei 2014

I tried it also and got "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account". I'm scheduled to pick it up May 21st.

theGshow | 9 mei 2014

Jonathan D had it right! Just gave me one other thing to check every few minutes! Scheduled for May 22nd pick up, and when I spoke with my DS, he said possibly a day later... Early surprise not looking so good. | 9 mei 2014

I had "no vehicles connected" for a week after I got the car!

Finally got connected after calling in getting something sorted out.

Kutu | 10 mei 2014

My Dashboard says "Production Complete Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery". I still get "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account".

amitb00 | 10 mei 2014

Until you receive the car, remote access is not allowed by Tesla for security reasons. Once you receive it, there is a setting in the car to allow remote access and in few hours you will be ale to activate it from Tesla

J.T. | 10 mei 2014

Yes, amitb00, but I think once the car is complete the app message changes from no vehicles detected to remote access is off. That's what I'm investigating.

fatherandson | 10 mei 2014

I took delivery at the end of march. I had "no vehicles linked to this account" up until delivery. You have to accept the delivery on your my tesla page online at delivery and then whey said it may be 48 hrs until I could access the car on the app. 2 hours later, however, I could access it.

J.T. | 10 mei 2014

@fatherandson Thanks. I can stop checking now.

amitb00 | 10 mei 2014

Yep Fatherandson. That is what I was trying to say . Until you take delivery, Tesla will not associate car with the app so app won't know .

Mathew98 | 10 mei 2014

@JT - As a newby the second time around, don't lose any sleep now...

I'm pretty sure the remote access is turn on during the DS orientation of the car as part of the delivery process.

Why don't you fly out to Fremont, take an owner's tour, and drive the new car back to the East Coast. That's what I would call a vacation (without da wife to pester you every time you press on the goose pedal).

TESLA168 | 10 mei 2014

i'm scheduled to take delivery june 6 too, no message change here either.. anxious..

Bernard Hong | 10 mei 2014

I'm picking up mine in 3 days but the Tesla app says "No Vehicles linked to this My Tesla Account"

sbeggs | 10 mei 2014

@Bernard Hong, your Delivery Specialist will make sure your car is linked after you take delivery. Ours was linked immediately after we accepted the car in San Diego Service Center.

J.T. | 10 mei 2014

@Mathew98 Just came back from dinner. I drove the A6 there, my wife would not let me drive it back. It seems I'm a maniac. | 10 mei 2014

Is the DS that's been emailing me the same person who Wil be delivering my MS to me?

J.T. | 10 mei 2014

Not always, but usually. Have you received a phone call yet? Because that's the guy or gal, more than likely. | 11 mei 2014

No phone calls yet, emails only, so far. Delivery date has changed from 5/19 to 5/16 and today she emailed me and confirm 5/14 at 10am, but since I'm leaving for Florida that afternoon, I asked if Tue 5/13 afternoon would be possible. She said she will let me know on Tue. I did not check my dash board constantly because I didn't want to be disappointed in case the delivery date got moved back..etc. It finally feels REAL now!