My Model S is Dead, No Wait That's Not Mine

My Model S is Dead, No Wait That's Not Mine

I parked my Model S at the Swedish Medical Center complex (Colorado), Bldg. 499, covered garage yesterday morning (June 21). After my doctor's appointment I walked out of the building into a bright sun, doning my sunglasses. I walked into the garage trying to remember if was I parked on Level B1 or B2? I started at B1 walked to the spot I recall parking, still wearing my sunglasses. It was a bit dark, but I saw Joules where I had left her. I walked up to her and the handles would not present. I tried the manually clicking the FOB, nothing. I was getting frustrated as I left my mobile phone in the car so it would not ring/vibrate while at the doctor (they have signs all over their office demanding you turn off your phones). I remove my sunglasses, and check that indeed this is my car color, and then I try to look through the driver-side window, but something looks different. I go behind the Model S to see if the plate is KCK GAS, but the CO plate reads TSLA EV. I laugh out loud and stand there smiling hoping to see if the owner might be approaching, but gave up after a few minutes. I returned to the stairwell, walked up one level and I see KCK GAS parked IN THE EXACT SAME SLOT as TSLA EV directly below! This event made my day.

Hi there TSLA EV, you wouldn't by chance also be the doctor I saw? Not that would be weird!

portia | 22 juni 2013

This is a much better story than others! :)

Dripps | 22 juni 2013

I love this story on so many levels!

bradslee | 22 juni 2013

Good story to share, Velo1, thank you!

Brian H | 22 juni 2013

There were only 2 levels. ;P

Reilly McHugh | 22 juni 2013

Lol | 22 juni 2013

Well I am sure glad you couldn't' drive off with my car. Let me know next time your in the building. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Velo1 | 23 juni 2013

Deal KevinR.