My new baby arrived early!

My new baby arrived early!

Took delivery of my Tesla Model S Performance Plus fully loaded today! It almost didn't happen... But the great guys at Tesla waited for me even though I was over an hour late to so that I can take her home early!

I now have the Tesla grin, still do! On the way home, so many people looking! A guy in his A8 nearly had a exorcist moment! His head turned over 180 degrees!

Blew away a Porsche Carrera 4 and Panamera 4S. Took a M5 off the line... all this in the first 2 hours of getting the car!

My kids love the jump seats, my son asked for a steering wheel in the back! LOL.

Zero issues, the car is in perfect condition! Fit and finish is great!

Air suspension is great! not overly harsh. absorbs all the bumps like a champ!

Still getting use to the one pedal driving.

Happy Happy Joy Joy! | 31 juli 2013



cfOH | 31 juli 2013

Indeed...the P+ is a fantastic car in nearly every way. Congrats!

jrm0 | 31 juli 2013

Where are the new baby pictures???

earlyretirement | 31 juli 2013

Great! Congratulations. I'm hoping next month when I get mine that it's perfect just like yours.

Again, congrats!

skymaster | 31 juli 2013


Remember you can set the regen to low for more of a "coast" feeling.

eddiemoy | 31 juli 2013
eddiemoy | 31 juli 2013

oops, don't know how to post picture. :(

yodasminion | 31 juli 2013

Agreed! Baby pics please? Color?

eddiemoy | 31 juli 2013

it is white with black wheels, black interior with carbon fiber.

anyone know how to post pictures?

wolfpet | 31 juli 2013

@eddiemoy Congrats!!! To share a picture you can post to or similar site and then take the url here

nickjhowe | 31 juli 2013


Brian H | 31 juli 2013

Use this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

where URL is the web-hosted image address. (Rt click, Save Image Location).

Colasec | 31 juli 2013

Congrats! Did you get the pano? The white/black contrast with the wheels must look great!

eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013

here are some initial pictures:

eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013

yes, pano.

eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013

Click here to view these pictures larger

eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013
eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013
eddiemoy | 1 augustus 2013


firerock | 1 augustus 2013

Congratulation and the white with dark wheels look really awesome. P85+? wow!

NomoDinos | 1 augustus 2013

Gorgeous car. Usually don't do white, but it looks amazing with the grey 21's. I'm amazingly jealous, congrats!

RedShift | 1 augustus 2013

Congrats, and that is one gorgeous car. Seriously bad-ass, but sleek and high-tech at the same time.


Colasec | 1 augustus 2013

Looks fantastic with the gray wheels!

Every time I see a new combination I start thinking it's one of my favorites... lol :)