New blog post - Inside Tesla 5.29.12

New blog post - Inside Tesla 5.29.12

George Blankenship kept his promise, weekly updates every Tuesday!

dborn | 29 mei 2012


Ohms.Law | 29 mei 2012

I dare anyone to watch today's blog video and tell me their heart doesn't quicken just a little. Exciting stuff!

Slindell | 29 mei 2012

But I do find it strange that these high-tech machines are punching out doors, but it takes people to put them on a cart?

Brian H | 30 mei 2012

Late nite screen cap:

Brian H | 30 mei 2012

Oops, didn't show whole thing. Try again:

Vawlkus | 30 mei 2012

@dborn: in about six months, if not more.

MandL | 30 mei 2012

Design Studio hanging up in Chrome today. New one going up already?

Volker.Berlin | 30 mei 2012

Not yet. It works for me (Firefox) as it always did, e.g., it does not show any price information.

EK | 30 mei 2012


Could be quality control

Mercedes | 30 mei 2012

Yes, exactly, EK. At some point, unfortunately perhaps, a human has to be involved in the process. If you look closely the guys aren't just stacking the door panels, they are actually checking them for blemishes.

Would be horrendous on so many levels if 5,000 door panels got punched out and stacked by robots and at door panel #6 a piece of scrap got caught in one of the dies, or one of the tools cracked, or, or, or, and blemished the next 4,694 panels.

Wave your hand if you want a blemish in your left door panel on your new 60K+ car. Wave your hand if you want the cost of that much waste tacked onto the purchase price of your new car. Yeah, me neither. :-)

Mercedes | 30 mei 2012

Clearly I suck at math...calculator...4994 panels.

Sudre_ | 30 mei 2012

hhmmmm.... if I could get a sig at a drastically reduced rate soon I just might consider taking the car that was made with all body panels being oops-es.

jerry3 | 30 mei 2012

After you drive it to work a couple of times, it will look like that anyway :-(