I have been waiting for my model X for over 2 years and like most of you with reservations, I have visited the sales stores and picked out colors for "my" car.
The colors available are not unique or vibrant- Tesla needs to step up and offer rich vibrant colors that would be expected on a car with a 100k price tag.

primetime98 | 29 juli 2015

I agree, I'm hopeful for a Hunter Green, as well as some greater variety, to make the decision more difficult.

eric.zucker | 29 juli 2015

I'd love to get my MX in electric blue...

how much does a custom paint job cost?

ken | 29 juli 2015

@eric, I agree with you, blue is my choice if they have a good one available.

USCRXDR | 29 juli 2015

How about a "liquid silver"
My first choice is a platinum white, but if the original sig red or a true liquid silver was offered i would look at them.

Red Sage ca us | 29 juli 2015

primetime98: I expect there will be a Signature Green offered for Model X -- but it will probably be metallic, rather than of a 'Hunter' variety.

eric.zucker: You could probably get the car wrapped to a similar color for between $3,000 and $5,000. A custom paint job might cost around $25,000 to $30,000 from certain places -- but I expect that is a considerable markup from their actual cost.

mclary | 1 augustus 2015

Speculation Idiots!!

Red Sage ca us | 2 augustus 2015

Hmmm... Another potential name for my car:


Thanks, mclary!!!

jjs | 2 augustus 2015

and RedSpec for you license plate.

petero | 2 augustus 2015

My guess, the available exterior/interior colors will be the same for the current Model S plus Signature Red for the Sigs and the off white interior.

You do realize about 85% of the cars sold are "non colors" like: white, black, grey, and silver. TM has consolidated the choices to simplify ordering and production.

Red Sage ca us | 2 augustus 2015

I tend to believe the reason for the rather graytone selection of vehicles on the market has more to do with the total lack of imagination held by the true customers of traditional automobile manufacturers: 'independent franchised dealerships'. They order 85% of their inventory as monochromatic cars, and thereby sell 85% monochromatic cars. What a coinkadink.

It turns out that when people visit a dealership, buyers look at cars sitting in the showroom or on the lot and imagine them sitting in their driveways. Silver (Gray, Grey, Black, White...) cars look especially good sitting in a showroom, or in a driveway. People buy RED (YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE...) cars because they imagine what they will look like while MOVING. Tesla Motors should get a move on...

vandacca | 2 augustus 2015

Hmmm. If I plan to get a performance model, people won't get much of a chance to see it moving before I'm gone. The only chance they'll get to look at it is when its parked, so I guess I should get a silver colour. :)

vperl | 3 augustus 2015

Heard, Mary-K PINK will be offered.

ian | 3 augustus 2015

Or is that pepto pink? ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 4 augustus 2015

I purposely left out any reference to pastels.

ken | 4 augustus 2015

cmcnestt | AUGUST 4, 2015

Congratulations, which blue is that?

vperl | 4 augustus 2015

Still thinking, Mary K. Color. Would stand out, and be noticed.

A candy green with some pearl would be nice.

ken | 4 augustus 2015


Thanks, I like that blue.

ian | 4 augustus 2015

Why Red? Because it would look like an Easter Egg? haha! ;-)

eric.zucker | 4 augustus 2015

Like the metallic green !

Red Sage ca us | 5 augustus 2015

Nah. As an artist, I tend to prefer Primary and Secondary colors, followed by Values. Pastels just seem sort of 'dishonest' to me for some reason. Lavender, pink, chartreuse... Meh.

eric.zucker | 6 augustus 2015

What of the colors that were supposedly evaluated over a year ago according to teslarati ? Some actually look pretty good...