New iOS App Update Out

New iOS App Update Out

Just downloaded....go out and get yours

christurbeville | 21 maart 2013

Got my wheels right this time:) Seems quicker.

rroonnbb | 21 maart 2013

No real new functionality that I can see though...

jeroens | 21 maart 2013

No charge scheduling or so?

DouglasR | 21 maart 2013

No, there were a few changes. Timed charging (need 4.3); graphics are more accurate (show charge cord when connected, show spoiler if attached, etc.); location now shows speed and direction of car; plus some others.

rroonnbb | 21 maart 2013

Ah yes. Specifically iTunes says:

Version 1.1 of iPhone App Change Log:
* Speedometer in Location tab animates to show power and speed graphically
* Display scheduled charge time set in car
* Charge cable is displayed in the car image on the Home & Controls tabs when car is plugged in
* Climate Control works correctly when temperature is in Celsius
* Rim & spoiler are correctly displayed in car image on the Home & Controls tabs
* Improved car location display when panning/zooming/tracking
* Improved data refresh
* Improved stability and cosmetic improvements

jeroens | 21 maart 2013

From TMC (hope image link works)

jeroens | 21 maart 2013

Oeps sorry rroonnbb you also just posted that...

rroonnbb | 21 maart 2013

I appear to be faster at avoiding doing real work than you are :-)

jeroens | 21 maart 2013

1:22 AM here real work avoided successfully hours before:)

Brian H | 21 maart 2013

But his evasion was more graphic.

JZ13 | 21 maart 2013

I have upgraded and nothing looks different.

Electron | 21 maart 2013

LOL, now my wheels are wrong! Thanks Tesla! :)

jhuang | 21 maart 2013

I updated and now can't login to the app. Anyone know how to reset the password? I thought it's the same logim MyTesla, which I'm able to log into. Odd....

jeroens | 22 maart 2013

it has been reported that special characters can be an issue. Try without them...

July10Models | 22 maart 2013

Try using the full email address for login

July10Models | 22 maart 2013

Even though I have the car set to display ideal range, the app display projected range

EclecticCitizen | 23 maart 2013

my wheels are still wrong.... not a big deal, but if you promise that will be fixed in the app update notes, it probably should be. I'd feel dumb calling Tesla for something that trivial, but if I need to call them for anything else I'll bring it up.

DouglasR | 23 maart 2013

Rather than calling Tesla for problems with the app, why not just leave a comment at the app store? I'm sure the app writers must look at those.

cgiGuy | 24 maart 2013

I don't have the car, yet, but used to get the "No car linked" message in the app. After this update, I now only get "Email/Password incorrect."

Changed password on My Garage to refresh. No change.

Manta | 24 maart 2013

I notice that when I turn on the climate control system remotely, the graphic now shows purple (red+blue) "blowing" into the cabin whereas before it showed red for heat and blue for cooling. Personally, I liked the the 2-color system.

Robert22 | 24 maart 2013

At least one other owner agrees with you on another thread. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

cgiGuy | 4 april 2013

Can now confirm my issue was with the hyphen in my email address. Once I changed that in the dashboard I now get the "no vehicle linked" error again. Just need the car now.