New options

New options

I was cruising Design studio for European countries (Norway and France) and was pleasantly surprised to see options for parking sensors and an alarm system... Good to see and should expect these options to arrive in the US very soon.

Just an FYI

appljd | 20 mei 2013

The alarm system is already in the US model. Agreed on the parking sensors although the HD camera is much much better then I expected. I am not a big fan of those round sensors that IMHO are ugly on the bumper. Wish there was a better way... like possibly use the CCD camera to determine the distance...

negarholger | 20 mei 2013

What the hell is the difference between a CCD camera and the camera you have in the back ?
A front camera would be nice...

appljd | 20 mei 2013

@Kleist... CCD is the chip. No difference. Front camera is an interesting idea. How many cars have this today ?

Mark K | 20 mei 2013

Nowadays we use mostly CMOS image sensors instead of Charge-Coupled-Devices (CCD's)

You can definitely make some awesome proximity sensors using CMOS imagers and lasers. These can handle parking, distance cruise, predictive suspension control and collision avoidance in an integrated system.

And you can hide them so you don't see all those ugly bumper holes for ultrasonic sensors. Weighs less too.

Tesla will lead the pack on this sort of stuff.

negarholger | 20 mei 2013

@appljd - I know what CCD is, but that is technology from a little while back. Today cameras are CMOS... its cheaper, better and faster. My question was more like what advantage does CCD have over CMOS to detect distances? Both record visual images... why does it have to be CCD?

stealth_mode | 21 mei 2013

AFAIK Elon "hates" those little parking sensor-knobs on the bumper. I don't know for sure but I desperately hope Tesla will come up with something more advanced and esthetically superior. As for me- I go with Musk these knobs are just ugly and old tech... let's see ...

negarholger | 21 mei 2013

But customers are whining for the little knobs... no patience for a better solution.

cgiGuy | 21 mei 2013

@appljd: The alarm system listed in the EU includes a "motion-activated intrusion alarm backed by an independent battery."

US version is typical OEM "you can smash the window, but don't pull the door handle or the alarm will go off" type of alarm. Kind of worthless unless someone is using a crowbar on the trunk.