New options for Europe

New options for Europe

In advance of the first European Model S deliveries, we are excited to announce the release of some new vehicle option packages designed to optimize multiple aspects of the ownership experience and vehicle performance. Below are details of each newly available option, any of which can be easily added a-la-carte to your existing booking, if not already included:

Cold Weather Package: Stay warmer as the weather gets colder with new heated second-row seats, heater windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill, and an upgraded battery coolant heater to improve vehicle performance and range in cold climates.

Park Assist: New front and rear-mounted bumper sensors measure the distance between Model S and other objects, making navigating tight spaces much easier and more comfortable. Audible and visual feedback will be communicated clearly on the instrument panel.

Lighting Package (included standard on Signature Series): In order to improve both utility and ambience in your car, this package is designed to improve your visibility in and around the vehicle, and includes additional lighting in the footwells, door jams, door panels, and storage areas.

Security Package: In addition to the standard security features, overhead intrusion sensors and battery-backed alarm sirens are now available.
Performance Plus: This re-tuned suspension adds a very comfortable, yet firm ride that helps to transform Model S into a true driver’s car. Delay between driver input and steering response is reduced through optimized dampers and bushings, helping you to unleash the maximum potential of Model S Performance.

At this point in time, the new options are not yet available for selection in the online configurator, so our Product Specialists are standing by to answer all your questions about product details and pricing and/or update your configuration and paperwork if you’d like to upgrade your vehicle with the new selections. In order to add any new options to your configuration without delaying your vehicle’s production timing, all updates must be submitted no later than Monday, April 15, so please reach out to our Product Specialist team as soon as possible to specify your preferences.

Sad | 26 mei 2013

Indeed, 1700 CHF/USD for rear-seat heating, wiper-blade defroster and washer-nozzle heaters... not a great value proposition! Which updated data are you referring to?

valem88 | 26 mei 2013

From what I understand, reading the European Tesla website, is that whether you take the cold package or not, you do get the battery heating ( you don't need to take the weather package option)?

I wonder if current US / Can Model S has this battery heating..

SDR06 | 26 mei 2013

I just took the P85+ delivery last week. I really hope Park Assist feature can be retrofitted for existing customers in US. Had I known this was coming, I could have waited for few more weeks (probably not :) ).

Anybody know if this feature can be retrofitted for US cars?

jaycee | 26 mei 2013

I suspect it could be retrofitted with a good amound of cost. The bumpers would probably have to be replaced or drilled to put the sensors in and then a wire-run from those sensors to wherever it needs to connect to. That could be a bit of work.

I put my reservation in on March, saw those parking sensor options in Europe and decided to withhold pressing the submit button until I see those same options here in the U.S.

Sure, I'm missing a great ride and there will probably be less "Tesla Time", too, but I still believe in the "good things come for those who wait". And it appears to be true. P85+ vs Signature, fixed door handles, leasing options, defroster vent fix, etc, etc, my TSLA stock, etc. :)

I'd love to see LTE become available, too, as hinted by Elon's twitter suggestion, but that's vaporware until it's been officially announced by Tesla.

At least, parking sensors have already been announced and available.... though, only in Europe. Could be next week, next month or even next year, but my gas-guzzling car still works, so I'm willing to wait.

So hurry up Tesla! And make those options available in the U.S.

jaycee | 26 mei 2013

Something just occurred to me. Europe doesn't have the option to install paint armor. Maybe they don't yet have new paint armor to handle bumpers that have parking sensors?

Sparc | 11 augustus 2014

Does anyone know if the security package will be available in the US.