New P85 Loaner. Stiffer Hood, different feeling handles, center console no longer carpet

New P85 Loaner. Stiffer Hood, different feeling handles, center console no longer carpet

The loan agreement also states that the vehicle is limited to 80MPH but in my case this was not true. The VIN is something in the mid 13k. More than 10k vehicles after mine was produced, and is brand new. I was peeling off plastic sticky things as I left the service center.

I was well overdue for my 12.5 service and have been waiting way too long to get in. But it finally happened!

The first thing I noticed was that the door handles felt different. Like they actually pull out a bit when you open the door. Then upon entering I noticed that the center console wasn't carpet. It is gloss Obleche with rubber runners down the center. To match the wood in the rest of the interior.

The best improvement that I could tell was that the hood has significantly more mass to it. Its definitely thicker and stiffer. Mine sometimes almost feels like it will crumple unless I am careful to close with both hands. The new ones just don't have this issue. Or at least the loaner that I received.

As I was driving it, it also felt very stiff and zippy. Like it had more power and was just so fresh and new. The power aspect was likely only in my head. But it was very good feeling. And didn't have any of the roof creaks!

Anyone else notice these things? I haven't really been following the threads, but definitely thought that this was interesting.

Also, it came with floor mats front and rear. But they are not as nice as the premium mats in the store. By the time I had driven home, the passenger side had already flipped over.

shamrockceo | 11 juli 2013

While maybe not in your case, this is good to hear for me, at least. I'm awaiting delivery with a VIN in the 16k range, so hopefully a lot of the problems people have been reporting will already be fixed on my vehicle before it arrives. Crossing my fingers!

Hopefully something can be done about your car's issues, though.

lolachampcar | 11 juli 2013

My first MS' (3288) hood warped slightly within the first few days. One side of the leading edge lifted an 1/8" or so while the other side fell the same amount. The rubber stops were located further out on lid so I knew there was no simple adjustment to correct this. I let it be fearing creating an even bigger problem asking Tesla to fix it. It sounds like Tesla has identified and corrected the problem so my next car (one week to go) will not have it. Thanks Tesla.

dirkhh | 11 juli 2013

@lolachampcar: curious, are you getting a second TMS or are you replacing your ancient first one (it must be almost a year old by now...) :-)

cfOH | 11 juli 2013

That center floor wood thing is called a "yacht floor" -- it's unclear whether it's an option or a standard feature now. A very early non-Signature MS I saw yesterday had it, too, but the showroom sales rep didn't know much about it.

I'm glad to hear the hood is stronger now.

CalabasasKid | 11 juli 2013

The floor display model at the Topanga Mall store in So Cal is optioned with the yacht floor and the sticker clearly lists it as a $500 option. Unbelievable.

Dramsey | 11 juli 2013

Odd. The "yacht floor" isn't mentioned on the online configurator...

I'll be attending a Tesla event in Eugene, Oregon next week. I'll try to remember to ask about that.

JoeFee | 11 juli 2013

"yacht floor” how about a free upgrade for Sig’s ! ! !

lolachampcar | 11 juli 2013

Selling my Feb13 delivered Silver/Grey P85 retail and getting a July13 delivery Red/Black P85+ was less expensive than ordering the + retrofit and I got the dampers, sway bars and 5500 miles on the first car to boot.

The + was not available when I ordered and the vague feeling in the rear was the first thing I noticed when I drove MS. When the plus became available, I choose to use the opportunity to get Red/Black. I considered the Red when I first ordered but did not want to wait. Now that I know the AC will stand up to a Florida summer with black interior, the black was also added to the list.

The deal was also made possible by my second Dec12 deposit which effectively saved me the $2500 upper on price and $4500 for the 21s :)

All that being said, I had no idea it would be such a PITA to drive the play car for a few months while the new one came in nor did I know the second wait would not be any easier than the first. There is no hope for me. I have not patience.

Alex K | 11 juli 2013

@qcarl | JULY 11, 2013: The first thing I noticed was that the door handles felt different. Like they actually pull out a bit when you open the door.

I have also heard that pushing on the door handles to extend them only works for the front doors.

CoreyM | 11 juli 2013

At the Tesla store, the rep showed me the new door handle design and explained that before, the motor that was extending the handle was too strong and in some cases it was pushing on the trigger to release the door making it pop open.

So the new handles extend most of the way, but require actually pulling the rest of the way to trigger it opening.

BYT | 11 juli 2013

"So the new handles extend most of the way, but require actually pulling the rest of the way to trigger it opening."

Wonder if this solved the auto-opening effect we see sometimes as well?

negarholger | 11 juli 2013

Yes, I think that is the fix for the auto openig. I had it a couple of times... I think they were just too optimistic with the tolerances.

David Dennis | 12 juli 2013

Lola, would you mind telling us what you got for your car?

Used Tesla prices seem discouragingly high from the buyer's point of view, but I haven't seen any with more than delivery miles ... I'd be curious to hear a real world sell price after a year's ownership.


lolachampcar | 12 juli 2013

I am aware of two P85s that sold (low 90s and high 80s)

CaliSun | 12 juli 2013

@lolachampcar That sounds like my wait. I went from a C63 to a Chevy Sonic for a month till my P85+ arrived. I HATED that Sonic with a passion. lol

Robert22 | 12 juli 2013

The frunk latch has also been modified. I noticed this after having the pleasure of driving two Performance loaners. The double push was not required.

pilotSteve | 12 juli 2013

Have my Sig (non-perf) in for 7500 mile service, and got a MSP with about 500 miles on it as the loaner. Loaner is in the 13000 VIN vs. under 1k for my sig. Here are my thoughts and observations on the differences:

(1) the MSP is awesomely faster off the line the the MS. I knew that but its amazing to have a MSP to drive as I wish for the past three days. Good/Bad news: service center has some items not ready to close as of Friday afternoon.... so they said keep the MSP until Monday when it will be finished. Awww.... YES YES YES, OK!

(2) brake and energy pedal (what do we call the dang thing? Its not JUST accelerator) are now spaced with 1/2" or more difference between the two making the "both feet on the pedal" double beep now a non-issue. Like that!

(3) MSP is silver with black interior, my MS is sig red with white. The black interior is noticeably warmer than the white; I noticed it right away and so did my wife. I prefer my white, thats just me.

(4) MSP has standard (non-air) suspension and 19" wheels/tires. I have air and 21" wheels/tires. I noticed two things right away: the 19" really does use less energy that the 21s. Driving my usual route (about 30 miles each way) has been using 310-320 kWh while the same drive same weather twice has used 295 and 301 kWh. Wow, that is a nice amount of savings.

(5) 19" tires with the MSP (suspensions are different) is *NOT* any quieter that my 21's with air. Surprised how noisy and how much the bumps are transmitted to the driver without the air suspension. *loving my air*!

(6) I didn't know it was possible to order (build) a MSP without air suspension. Odd that the factory is making this configuration for loaners when they can't be "custom ordered" thru the web site. Anybody else find this strange?

Overall I am *VERY* happy with the loaner and pleased that Tesla Service is working all my issues. They proposed about three pages of "service bulletins" fixing the pano roof, tail light seals, etc. and then wrote up all my items (minor other rattles, requested .54 firmware to fix the fan noise, rear seat belts hang up on retract) plus vendor supplied items (repair two wheel rash and install alloy gators). Looking forward to seeing everything perfect on Monday but I've gotta say driving a MSP loaner until its ready is excellent service.

Brian H | 13 juli 2013

(2) Goose pedal.