Nice car

Nice car

I am impressed and wanna buy it.

teslagiddy | 19 oktober 2015

Get in line buddy.

eric.zucker | 19 oktober 2015

Welcome and hop on to the waiting list... I reserved about a year ago. Another 6 to 9 months wait for me.

Batman | 19 oktober 2015

If you reserve today, I am pretty sure you can get it by June.

ian | 19 oktober 2015

Or not.

Considering new reservations are being told the second half of 2016 and June is in the first half. ;-)

rossRallen | 21 oktober 2015

Read the MS and MX forums and learn everything you can about the car and the options, put in a refundable reservation now, and be ready to configure when the call comes.

BTW - you won't get any love for the $5K reservation fee Tesla will hold for the next 10-12 months, so don't even think about that. You might get a Christmas Card. Or, not.

williamkman | 22 oktober 2015

Waiting for a car like this that wait time isnt to bad. I am sure everyone who is waiting cant wait. I wouldnt be able to but I cant afford one right now. Soon you will see me in one.