Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Benz | 28 juli 2013

@ Notre

I hope that those rumours will turn out to be true. As August 7th is not that far away anymore, right?

Do you think that there will be some media attention when the first Tesla Model S EV's will be delivered to customers in Norway?

Benz | 28 juli 2013

It would be great if Tesla Motors would organize a delivery event in Oslo for you guys. That sure would get some media attention.

tobi_ger | 28 juli 2013

Due to the different timezones (CA vs Norway ~+9 hours?), a media event in Norway could make it way ahead of the Q2 meeting in the media/blogosphere/twitter and add to the excitement.

Benz | 28 juli 2013

@ tobi_ger

I do not know on which date this delivery event in Oslo should be organised. The first shipment for Norway has not yet arrived in Drammen, Norway. I am not sure wether they can organise it on August 7th as well. Would be nice, that's for sure. Any rumours that might come true?

Notre | 29 juli 2013

The few cars onboard the first shipment are supposed to be delivered to customers in an event Aug. 7th.

Benz | 29 juli 2013

@ Notre

Has it been confirmed that such an event will be organised by Tesla Motors on August 7th?

And how many do you mean by a few?

hugo | 29 juli 2013

Finally got a Call from the Tesla delivery team in Norway today ! The ship is just outside Drammen but delivery of my car is not until Aug 19. VIN 14910 - Sig Perf Plus fully loaded...

Note that there are already 10 EU cars at the Tesla store, Hauge (Norwegian environmentalist)is touring Norway in one and Elbil got to drive en EU car when they showed for a test drive last Thursday.

don't know anything about a aug 7 event - but timing is right....

Benz | 29 juli 2013

@ hugo

Do they know the name of the ship that carries these Tesla Model S EV's?

hugo | 29 juli 2013

@ Benz

sorry - no I don't know the name. The info was given me by the Tesla delivery rep that called and i don't think he had that detail

Benz | 29 juli 2013

@ hugo

Somebody in The Netherlands also got a phone call saying that the delivery date will be August 22nd. That ship just might go first go to Drammen, Norway, and then to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

tobi_ger | 29 juli 2013

...or there are different ships on the way :)

hugo | 29 juli 2013

@ Benz

That could be the case but i doubt it. Remember that there are hundreds og Signatures ordered by Norwegians !! Probably two different ships - there is probably enough cargo going to both countires to fill up several ships.

Also, as was told earlier that, because of the many cars, the boat to Norway would come directly from the states (but it could of course stop in Rotterdam on the way back)

Benz | 29 juli 2013

@ hugo

Actually we know nothing about how the shipment process is arranged. We can speculate as much as we like, but as long as it's not confirmed by Tesla Motors, it doesn't mean anything. Well, it's a way to pass the time, while waiting for the arrival of the European Tesla Model S EV's.


Benz | 30 juli 2013

A Dutch guy who does business with companies in California has written in another thread that the route via the US East Coast is more expensive, therefore it's cheaper to transport on a boat that will go via the Panama Canal to Europe. It takes 4 weeks.

ola.spakmo | 30 juli 2013

Made my reservation in July, 2013.
Got sequence No #1124.
Finalised the car May 8th.
Invoice # 6700000444.
Was then scheduled for Sep/Oct delivery.
In mail last week I was told mid September.

pbp | 30 juli 2013


is that due to somebody that cancelled the order, or plain ordering july 2013?

thomas.bekkevol... | 30 juli 2013

New intel: 15-20 random Sigs to be delivered in Oslo 7. aug. Next larger batch to be delivered within 2-4 weeks. Vin 14926...

Benz | 30 juli 2013

As from August 2013 there will be arriving shipments of Tesla EV's on a average monthly basis.

hugo | 30 juli 2013

Nice info - will you Get your car on Aug 7?

Ps: for those who still discuss transport : the Tesla rep Did state they would go by train to the east coast and then by boat

Benz | 30 juli 2013

If they want to deliver those Tesla Model S EV's on August 7th, 2013, then the boat needs to arrive in Drammen, Norway, this week, I guess?

tobi_ger | 30 juli 2013

Didn't someone else quote a rep that one boat is (or was) already at Drammen a few days ago?? *confused*

thomas.bekkevol... | 31 juli 2013

I wish, my non-sig has not been given a deliverydate yet.

Benz | 31 juli 2013

@ tobi_ger

Not that I know of, at least I do not remember having read it.

Car-El | 31 juli 2013

I wonder... 3G. Who delivers signals on 3G?
Do I need to arrange simcard to the car?

tobi_ger | 31 juli 2013

That should be done for by TM before delivery.

tobi_ger | 31 juli 2013

*for you

Car-El | 31 juli 2013

Thanks, this will be... Hmmm? We will see.

TS | 31 juli 2013

According to Elon during the event in Oslo the 6th of march, they allready made a deal with the biggest provider, Telenor..
I think we have to pay for it, but I belive it will include unlimited download and roaming ..

rch1708 | 31 juli 2013

Regarding shipping, there's a photo over at the TMC Belgium & Netherlands forum showing 4 MS's at the Tilburg assembly plant. The photo was provided by Tesla. It would indicate that a ship has already docked at Rotterdam or wherever they're using.

Notre | 31 juli 2013

Several cars in Norway as well. Air freighted apparently.

Benz | 31 juli 2013

Will these 4 Tesla Model S EV's be delivered to (Dutch?) customers just after the first Norwegian deliveries in Oslo?

Notre | 31 juli 2013

Probably for test and demo.

petmoell | 31 juli 2013

Reservation no P1054 (ordered late June 2012)
VIN 14399
Invoice no 707 13/5
Status: In Production (since 5 days)
85KW Non-performance

I dropped by the Oslo Tesla Store yesterday and got the following information:

It takes about 50 days from Production to delivery in Norway.
I can expect delivery in medio September. Have not heard anything from any Tesla delivery personell though (have never received any mails or calls ever)
They have not yet been able to reach an agreement with a tele provider yet for 3G or 4G for Norway
If not solved by delivery Tesal might cover the cost until agreement is reached or you need to provide a network by yourselves vi Hotspot or similar..
The SIM card can only be installed by Tesla personell
Reason for European delay was unexpected long certification process for Europe. The needde certiciation for cabling and other more detailed equipment than planned.
Roof racks will not be sold by Tesla. Will be provided by 3rd parties.

rch1708 | 31 juli 2013

Here is a link to the subject: if I have it right.

The photo comes a little later:

Brian H | 31 juli 2013
Benz | 31 juli 2013

Why were there only 4 Tesla Model S EV's sent to Tilburg? I would at least have expected 20 or so. Strange.

Brian H | 31 juli 2013

The Norwegians stole all the rest.

Benz | 31 juli 2013

But they are not receiving that many either. So would like to know how many Model S's in total were shipped in the first shipment?

Colasec | 31 juli 2013

Where are the nosecones?


I like Google Translate's idea of what @Wiebe had to say:

"The red, the beautiful crimson red, the color of love, of speed, that hint of exclusivity, that symbol of midlife crisis that Dutch On-red color with balls, outspoken, daring. Would that be mine? Afraid not .... There is still top boss boss, am curious who that is. Aside Kicked 911 I think. Will do"

Brian H | 1 augustus 2013

Google Translate is very humourous. But it can also destroy your brain. Be careful.

Benz | 1 augustus 2013

The Model Ses are being shipped by APL. So look for a Vessel of APL to arrive in Drammen.

Benz | 2 augustus 2013

Or have the first Model Ses (for delivery to customers in Norway) already arrived in Oslo? Maybe somebody can go and have a look in Oslo?

Car-El | 2 augustus 2013

:))) I have booked testdrive on the 9. When Tesla comes to my hometown! JIPPI!
Soon we will have a service center and a lot of SC. (I do not think so!)

janbylund | 2 augustus 2013

Julius: were do you live ???
I took a test drive in Trondheim on 10 may very nice :-D.
There is a servicecenter today in Oslo and Trondheim in Norway.
And they going to open servicecenter in Drammen, Stavanger and Bergen in Norway very soon :-D

I have been promised to recive my car late september in Trondheim :-D

NilsG | 3 augustus 2013

Got an email from Tesla today stating that the Tillburg plant is up and running completing the very first cars for delivery in Eurpoe. And since the Norwegian cars don't need European assembly, is it safe to say that they have actually arrived in Drammen.....

Car-El | 3 augustus 2013

I live in Tromsø. Only 1150km from Trondheim. Not so far away! :)

Benz | 3 augustus 2013

@ NilsG

Somebody who can have a look at the Tesla store in Oslo might be able to tell us more. Maybe the Model Ses might already be there? Who knows?

HaraldH | 3 augustus 2013

3-4 cars there today, all with advertising logo on the side. Dosn't appear to be assigned to the first buyers.

Benz | 3 augustus 2013

Then they should arrive on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

lygren | 4 augustus 2013

Good thing for us Norwegian S-buyers that US prices has increased quite dramatically as of lately... I won´t take Tesla long to realize the Norway is an extremely expensive country to both sell, service and warrant cars! :) In 3-5 years I´m pretty sure this factor, alongside the fact that perhaps VAT is introduced (at least partially), will lead to minimal reduction in value - and as a bonus I´ve would have driven almost for free as well!! Let´s hope I´m right..... :)