Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

jeroens | 15 april 2013

could be and would be great news :)
When/if you order your your extra packages ?

Runar | 15 april 2013

Today was the final date for us EU customers(who have finalized) to add the extra EU options, as I understand. I got my dahsboard updated today, still missing the new EU options, but got my main setup updated so its what I ended up with.

I downgraded to Standard ;-/ , and added everything except parcel shelf and dbl charger. I couldnt afford the full performance+ and 21", so I opted for a loaded Standard rather than a Performance which can never be retrofitted to the full performance+.

Then I'll have something to dream and plan for.. I'll get a perf+ somehow eventually.:-)

Runar | 15 april 2013

..and the car is now under production at the factory. :-)

"Status: Din Model S er i produksjon på Tesla fabrikken"

lygren | 15 april 2013

Same here; "Status: Din Model S er i produksjon på Tesla fabrikken"... ;)

GeirT | 15 april 2013

I hurt with envy!
But am deep down of course happy for you guys...

psirnes | 15 april 2013

There is a post now on the norwegian elbilforum:,7637.0.html

Someone in a transport company has been contacted by Tesla to transport Model S from the container harbour (Drammen) to the Tesla service center in Oslo. The cars arrive in containers with 4 MS in each

So we will recieve our cars direct to Norway by cargo container ship. I wonder if this is a shipment from Calif or first across US to the east coast by truck or train.

Adrian Thomson | 15 april 2013

Still waiting for my finalize button to appear...............

Must say that my heart skipped several beats when i saw the mail from tesla, just to be let down that they wanted med to update the contact information :-(

Congratulations to the rest of you guys!!

AttackOfTheMac | 15 april 2013

You guys that have finalised, have any of you paid yet ? Anyone know when in the process one has to pay ?

Roger_NO | 15 april 2013

The reservation fee will be locked upon finalizing, but due day for the remaining payment is upon delivery

anders.owrejo | 16 april 2013

#378 was today announced "order is complete"
Your model S Performance order is on its way to the Tesla factory. Excited - yes!!

Winnie796 | 23 april 2013


thomas.bekkevol... | 23 april 2013

85-NonSig Norway, Bergen. "Your Model S paperwork complete" this morning. I am not sure which # I have, VIN No"TBD" and RN135002. Delivery aug/sept 2013. Still a long wait!

dirk.saenen | 23 april 2013

What is the earliest delivery window in Norway till now ?

thomas.bekkevol... | 25 april 2013

85-NonSig Norway, Bergen #8 estimated delivery aug/sept 2013.

Runar | 25 april 2013

I think there has been sigs reporting june/july? I got july/august.

hugo | 25 april 2013

I reserved my signature late 2010 - have # 40 and delivery june/july. Can't wait to get my sig performance plus...

P85_Norway | 25 april 2013

"Your order has been submitted to the Tesla factory.
Estimated delivery sept/oct 2013"
A long wait!
#1137 Norway.

lygren | 25 april 2013

Where do you see your ETA? My car has been "under production" a couple of weeks now, and no ETA as far as I can see. The Tesla-representative, however, was pretty optimistic on being able to deliver early this summer (#220)... As I am vacating in July I guess August is just as good anyhow! ;)

oivind.sann | 25 april 2013

I got my finalize button a couple of days ago. Completed the spec and still waiting for the paperwork. Estimated delivery sept/oct 2013. P85 #1983

Roger Kolbu | 25 april 2013

Lygren; give me a sign when you get yours! :-)

Car-El | 25 april 2013

All the same here. No button! :-(

Brian H | 25 april 2013

Where are you moving to? ('vacating' means emptying, moving). I think you mean "vacationing". Looks awkward, but that's the real word.

lygren | 25 april 2013

Heyhey, mr. Kolbu is a Tesla-dude too!! :) Fine wine, fine AV and FINE CAR ey!! ;)

Brian H: I originally ordered the car to our vacation-home in Florida, but altered to our home in Norway (Asker) when some errors were reported (as probably is the case with most new products). I guess that 8 year warranty on the battery is nice to have after all, and when in fact I almost saved nothing by shipping it over myself it was kinda a nobrainer... :)

You´re certainly correct with the "vacating"-correction though, vacationing it is !!

BUT - where do you guys see your ETA?? :)

Car-El | 25 april 2013



:) or is it :-)

thomas.bekkevol... | 26 april 2013

Hi Lygren,

You will find estimated time of delivery in the paperworks from Tesla.

"Bestillingsskjema" page 2


P85_Norway | 26 april 2013

"Din Model S Performance er i produksjon på Tesla fabrikken"
#1137 Norway

lygren | 27 april 2013

Thanks ThomasBN, mine has a delivery-window of July-August 2013 - probably ready after I´m back from vacation then - perfect! :)

FLsportscarenth... | 27 april 2013


Har du det beste av begge verdener, vakre Norge og varmt behagelig Florida.

Warm greetings from Miami!

lygren | 27 april 2013

Thanks FLsportscarenth, we LOVE Florida (Jupiter, WPB...), can´t wait till July... ;) I guess that´s off season for you "Floridians", but we´re more than happy even though it might rain a day or two! Only one thing lacking down there is a Model S - but hey - a V6-powered van works fine a month time or so!

GeirT | 29 april 2013

- bump

lygren | 29 april 2013

Just spoke with a Tesla-rep., and she said my car was not under production as stated... It seems as if EU production is delayed until June. According to her, the "order" had not even been submitted to the factory. Seems a bit chaotic at Tesla for the time being...

krissu | 29 april 2013

I think thet just "test" and want to get people to configure their cars. It's not very likely that there is a pile of orders at the factory and some are under production. They work on getting the production list ready for EU model. If the production is ready to start, they will start to do these and get shipped to EU in bigger lots.

lygren | 30 april 2013

Yeah, but with 4-5 weeks on the sea, my anticipated delivery of July / August seems a bit hard to obtain if they start producing in June, taking at least two weeks to make the first (couple of?) thousand EU-cars. Wellwell, all is OK if I get the car by September! :)

krissu | 30 april 2013

They of course might ship few cars to test the logistics and to keep the promise, but Tesla does follow very much business logic and would do that just for show. It also might be more constant flow of cars as they do not have much resources to handle fast bigger lots, also want get the cash fast.

jsviddal | 30 april 2013

EU #19xx,
Paperwork signed today.

Brian H | 30 april 2013

Elon said getting the 3-phase electrics right was the "critical path" right now, and that would be ready to go by June. Heavy engineering in progress.

Adrian Thomson | 1 mei 2013

Der var bilen bestilt. Fikk finalize knapp i dag. P2480. Gleder meg!!!

cdabel114 | 1 mei 2013

P2518 finalized in Bergen. Red perf. Can't wait.

Car-El | 1 mei 2013

We got the button!

GeirT | 2 mei 2013

Woah! #2145 TTB!

Winnie796 | 2 mei 2013

Yep, P2144, got mine this morning too. Like a small child at Christmas.

lygren | 2 mei 2013

...seems that having waited three years as opposed to you guys waiting three months or so did have very little pratical meaning... Good for you guys, NOT that good for me as I would have appreciated a LITTLE value for my hard spent down payment! :) I´m #220, and according to my Tesla rep. the production will not start until June. I guess that´s most feasible for Tesla; producing a larget batch right away! :)

therealmach3 | 2 mei 2013

First Norwegian delivery scheduled for June ... in Dallas, TX :-) (I'm Norwegian living in Dallas). Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love that Norwegians are heading the European adoption of the car and is the only country on the forum with this kind of engagement.

Curious though ... what is the primary motivation behind the purchase decision for the car in Norway? How does it compare in price to ICE cars? Is the cost of gasoline a motivating factor at all, or is it primarily about the car itself?

Winnie796 | 2 mei 2013

You are right. Our wait compared to yours is nothing. I have been following Tesla since the beginning but I didn't invest, as you did. You early investors made all this possible and we are grateful. Thank you.

Car-El | 2 mei 2013

Now we just waiting for paper to sign.

Griffo | 3 mei 2013

Juilius is your reservation number 2440? As I have a reservation number for Norway delivery which is is earlier than yours (2386) and have not had any notificaton of being able to finalise.

Car-El | 3 mei 2013

That suck. But hang on, as long as you finalize your car in May. It will be delivered in Sept-Okt.... This I read when I build our car.

FREE ENERGY | 4 mei 2013

Bergen :)

P85_Norway | 4 mei 2013

To everyone in Norway who has received an invite to configure car, please update (and keep up to date) this spreadsheet:

This helps to keep track of Tesla's progress.

GeirT | 6 mei 2013

"We are preparing your Pre-Delivery Purchasing Agreement and will email you in about one business day" and today is 7 days away from this wonderful message! Eager to commit to part with my savings, but nothing happens! This is torture; telling me they will be back in a day or so and keep me waiting for ages ;-)
Patience is a virtue.... maybe.