Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Car-El | 7 mei 2013

Same here! :-/
I beleve that we can say that speed is not a Tesla ting. :-)

Yme | 7 mei 2013

Reply to therealmach3 :

Motivation for buying Tesla:

Zero emission
Great looking car
Great performance
Price Aston Martin Rapide S : about 500 k$ + high fuel etc
Price Tesla (with everyting): about 100 k$ + very little!

Should be a no brainer...

GeirT | 7 mei 2013

In sales and marketing the axiom is that delivery shall be equal to or just above customer expectations, but never ever below. TM say a day or so and now we are closing in on day no. 8. That is a big fail, with huge under delivery. I agree with Julius, speed is not a TM thing. Come on George! I know your read the threads. Shape up. It takes a week? Fine. Don't tell me it takes a day. Takes two weeks? Also fine. But say so. Don't get my expectations high and then .... nothing.
Oh well.... who cares anyway. I am sold on the P85+ anyway. So eager to throw my hard earned cash after TM to get that f...g wonderful car. I am hooked. Just reel me in.

GeirT | 7 mei 2013

And while I bitch and moan in comes an email from TM saying that they have opened their store in Trondheim (mid-Norway), in essence: Happy to officially open the new store on Friday 10th May:

"Ventetiden er endelig over og vi utvider nå vårt nettverk i Norge. Vi er glade for å meddele at den offesielle åpningen av vår Tesla Store i Trondheim er fredag 10. mai. Kom innom for å lære mer om vårt nytenkende firma og våre banebrytende elektriske biler. Våre vennlige produktspesialister vil være til stede for å demonstrere touchscreenen og svarer deg gjerne på spørsmål."

EivindP85 | 7 mei 2013

Finalize button. #2905, ordered medio march 2013(!) MSP Dolphin grey, tech, pano, winter pkg, 21" silver, black alcantara, sound+, carbon fiber, park ass., light pkg.

psirnes | 7 mei 2013

As one of the early Sigs I am anxious to know when delivery can be expected, my paperwork says June/July. But between June 1st and JUly 31st is 60 days and the whole summer with various vacation plans. Nice to know which car we could use and when to put our VW Tiguan on the net. Talked today with a guy at the Oslo office. He said delivery will be warned at least 30 days in advance. I got the impression that the first batches of Sigs would arrive in the fist half of July, but no promises.
Let's start a new tread of EU delivery when we get some real dates

PaalT | 7 mei 2013

Just received my finalize button. EU 2937
Non-perf 85 with all options, except rear facing seats. Color not decided, but most likely white pearl,

Car-El | 8 mei 2013

The car comes when the car comes. But I want it sooner.

Today I am dreaming about supercharge points. I live in Tromsø and it will be nice to drive down to Trondheim. That can be with two charging points. And I will prefer supercharge or 50kw. From Trondheim and south it will be short distant and plenty of charging points.

so... The car will be deliver some day. :-)

Car-El | 8 mei 2013

Hurray, Hurray, my paper come today!
at 12:26 the mail come inn, so now I have to wait for my wife then we will do this together.
:-) :-)

by the way: #2440

GeirT | 8 mei 2013

Done! Paper signed for #2145
Grey, grey, P85+ everything except the extra seats and cozy lights.
Another round of waiting, in great anticipation.

(...maybe it helped to bitch and moan?)

herkimer | 8 mei 2013

Congrats GeirT! I know you have been waiting soooooooo long, and still have months to go till your S arrives, but now progress is real!

Brian H | 8 mei 2013

Prepare a time graph of your anticipation and impatience, with annotations for significant events. It will keep you occupied.

GeirT | 8 mei 2013

Finally on the move. Autumn is here before we know it - wonderful (?) summer in the making. And the spreadsheet is up and running, graphs being prepared, expecting a linear growth towards climax ;-)

alvern | 8 mei 2013

My P85 signed... :) Waiting, waiting...

brin | 9 mei 2013

"We are preparing your paperwork"


Car-El | 9 mei 2013

Your paperwork is being countersigned!
:-)) We are so happy now. There is a timewindow now to get our car and that is fine. We know what we have and will come. And that is good.

Winnie796 | 9 mei 2013

#2144 "Your order has been submitted to the factory."

Happy happy happy

Car-El | 10 mei 2013

So now have several of us build our car and signed on paper. So what now. I have been interested in HPWC (High Power Wall Connector). I did believe that I need 400V-3P, but i read at Tesla's web-sides this:

Single phase, 208-250 volt AC supply, 60 hertz
For cars configured with on-board Twin Chargers: 60-100 amp circuit breaker
For cars configured with on-board Single Charger: 50 amp circuit breaker

What power do I need to charge our car from empty to full at 4-5 hours?

GeirT | 10 mei 2013

@ Julius,North Norway

I called the Tesla team for advise as I am in the process of building a garage and got the advise that the 220V with 32A 3-phase should be excellent, considering overnight charge. I have ordered my car with the twin on-board charger. Being no EE I have no idea how to calculate this - but perhaps someone could reflect on what would be sensible and optimal - the two not necessarily being the same - thus provide some solid advise?

Car-El | 12 mei 2013

I have try to find answer.

In Norway You can get 230V-1Phase (1+N) or 400V-3Phase (3+N) N = Neutral. So You need 400V-3phase 32A. That will give 22kw.

1-phase: P=U*I = 230V*16A = 3,7kw
230V*32A = 7,4kw

3-phase: P=U*I*1,732 = 400V*16A*1,732 = 11kw
400V*32A*1,732 = 22kw
(1,732*1,732=3. (Kvadratrota av 3 på godt Norsk.)

This is may be wrong, but this is what I remember from school.

Norbert.Vienna | 12 mei 2013

@Julius,North Norway

thats how it works

P85_Norway | 12 mei 2013

We also have 3x230V in Norway.
So you can have:
3-phase: P=U*I*1,732
230V*16A*1,732 = 6,3kw
230V*32A*1,732 = 12,7kw

Jean PierreD | 12 mei 2013

nice try, but how to compute the impact of HPWC on 240V?
does it mean 2 X 7,4Kw? i.E. full charge in 11h?
does HPWC work on 400V?

jkirkebo | 12 mei 2013

We simply do not know yet how the european HPWC will work. It will certainly be a different unit than the US version. Tesla might also just outsource it and slap their label on someone else's EVSE.

I am quite certain it will support 3x32A 400V (22kW) and also 3x16A 400V (11kW). What is uncertain is if it will support 3x32A 230V (12.7kW, IT distribution grid used in Norway & Albania only).

GeirT | 12 mei 2013

Great input and it starts to get clearer. However - it should not be for us to figure out what is the best set-up. The cars start to arrive in July. The cars needs to get charged. I have sent an email to TM Norway to give me a clear description for a two alternative set-ups: one for 6 hours full charge and one for 9 hours. With that in hand I will talk to my electrician and ask him to install according to my need.
I find it a bet strange that TM Norway has not already thought of this and have it all described on the website.

psirnes | 12 mei 2013

I park in a garage in the basement of an apartment building and luckily the main room for all the el-meters is only 10m from my parking place. The main intake is 400V. So I will have have an electician install a 3x32A (400V) line directly from my main board and have a Mennekes plug

I recieved this email from Tesla last month"


Yes, correct, a Mennekes plug would be perfect. This is also the plug we will be using on the car itself.

I haven’t received final confirmation on a Tesla High Power Wall Connector, so I cannot confirm whether it will be available or not. There are also third party wall connectors that you can use instead if you prefer. These usually contain an additional fuse box, the plug and sometimes other tools to monitor your energy consumption.
What you can do right now before you make a final decision and before we can provide with all the information there is to know about home installations, is to install the 32A, 400V circuit and a Mennekes plug. If you require a Wall Connector later, you can always have it installed instead of the plug.

I hope this helps? Best regards, Helene Hendus

Car-El | 14 mei 2013

Our car is in production now.

GeirT | 15 mei 2013

A quick summary of the reply TM gave me concerning charging:

1. Everything is not clarified yet, however the website will be updated soon with advise on what to do at home.

2. 32A 230V or 400V one-phase and 16A 230V or 400v 3-phase is very good. To benefit from 32A 3-phase you need the High Power Wall Conector. A 16A 3-phase should be good enough. TM will adapt so it shall be easy to charge the car practically everywhere.

So - let's await the final, to be published soon.

paracord | 15 mei 2013

#2676 is in production now - big smile - BIG SMILE :-))

thomas.bekkevol... | 16 mei 2013

Updated info:

Levering: De aller første Tesla Model S (signature) ankommer Norge i løpet av juli. Disse planlegges levert i august. Det er foreløpig INGEN som har fått bekreftet dato eller uke. Det eneste vi vet er at bilene kommer ihht tidsplanen som er kommunisert og de første bilene som kommer er signaturbilene. Det er mange rykter om at biler skal komme i mai, i juni osv. Dette medfører ikke riktighet. Det kommer en båt til Norge i juli, Norge blir således det første markedet i Europa som får sine biler

GeirT | 16 mei 2013

@ ThomasBN

That confirms what was said during EM and GB visit earlier this winter: signatures to arrive in July/August and the rest of the bunch to get theirs in September/October...

lygren | 16 mei 2013

...mine is still expected in July / August, but since I have waited three years (far longer than most Signature-buyers) I guess that´s only fair! ;) I´m #220 by the way.

Car-El | 17 mei 2013

Hipp Hipp Hurra!

kashiraja | 17 mei 2013

Anyone get a test drive in Norway yet? Heard the service center in Trondheim opened a week ago! Hurra!

Kallisman | 17 mei 2013

Many got test drives in Oslo already before Christmas last year.

GeirT | 19 mei 2013


Car-El | 19 mei 2013


John56 | 19 mei 2013

So, I've now had my P85 here in the Philadelphia area since mid-December, have driven it in all different weather, have almost 6000 miles on it and took it to the drag strip a couple weeks ago. All I can say is that I love this car more every day! I'm sure all my Norsk friends will find the long wait worthwhile. I can't wait to start seeing pics from Norway... people driving from Oslo to Tromso! Just be sure to account for some range loss from cold weather (20%?), use low rolling resistance tires, and watch out for your police! It's verrry hard not to go fast in this great car! So smooth and quiet! I find it is as smooth at 110mph as at 60. Nydelig!!!

unclegeek | 19 mei 2013

@"Julius,North Norway" and @"Paracord" and any others in production.. off topic a tad, but did you order park distance sensors? (I'm curious if they are in production now). How about the lighting package?

thanks guys and congratulations!

Car-El | 19 mei 2013

@ unclegeek
Yes, I did order park distanse sensors and lighting package.
It is in my paper also, so I think they deliver my car as I order it.

Brian H | 19 mei 2013

"Bump" is a term we use to describe the process of moving a post to the top of the date-updated sorting sequence. So it is a default quick posting to "bump" the thread to page 1.

Car-El | 20 mei 2013

@Brian H
Ååh! and I was looking for speed bumps!
Thanks Brian H
(I realy did not know what "Bump" stand for)

GeirT | 20 mei 2013

@ Brian H ;-)

@ unclegeek - Yes, got the parking sensors in, the winter package as well, but did go for the extra comfy lights. So, full P85+ coming except the lighting and the 3 row seats. Counting days......

GeirT | 20 mei 2013

@ John56 You bet. This forum will be flooded with exciting tales once TM decide to ship cars. An eager crowd is waiting! And an eager crowd will tell how we shall not be Brodered, that cold is relative and that planning and sensibility is a key to a "positive owner experience" :-)

Car-El | 20 mei 2013

I so sorry! But when I not at work I will drive my Tesla or sleep. Writhing and reading at this forum will not be priority.
I will not be all gone, but I have more joy driving then reading others journeys whit they Teslas.
I am a ass!

Brian H | 20 mei 2013

Can't you spare a few minutes while Supercharging mid-trip to post from inside the car? ;(

Car-El | 20 mei 2013

@Brian H
Did not think of that.
But superchargers we up in North of Norway only can dream of having.

Brian H | 20 mei 2013

Well, supplementary charging at 40 amps or so somewhere mid-trip would allow you even more time!

Car-El | 23 mei 2013

@Brian H
The best we can find today is 230V-1P 16A. But they are free, no cost. Now I am speaking about Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, that is North of Norway. The "main road" in Norway, E6 that goes from south to north, does have over 60% in those "states". Not even charging point, that we have to pay, so we can get 20kW-50kW.

From Tromsø to service point in Tromdheim it is 1200km. In area around Trondheim and south you can find hige power charging points.

So charging at 40A in the area I will use my car. NOPE! But then I wil have more time to writhe here at the forum.

(Now I am a cry-baby.)

GeirT | 23 mei 2013

Hey Julius, you can cruise through Sweden. That is a well developed country ;-) and has a lot of camp grounds possibly with chargers... ?