Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Car-El | 23 mei 2013

Sweden may be well developed, but does not have a good infrastructure for EV. And camp grounds offer 230V-1P 10A or maybe 16A. (2,5kW or 3,5kW)
It is plenty of similar camps in Norway by the E6. And some good hotels also.
But whit my diesel ICE I drive Tromsø - Trondheim in 16 hours. I have hope that I can do same trip in 20 hours whit an EV.
If I want to only drive my car near by home, I bye a Leaf.

Brian H | 23 mei 2013

with buywhit bye

I think Norway will see a SuperCharger or two this year. At least.

Car-El | 24 mei 2013

@Brian H

Yes, after I talked with a representative from Tesla did I know that there will be 4 SuperChargers to Norway. And I can well understand that these are placed where there is traffic with Tesla cars. The boring with this is that there are over 1600 km (1000miles) to the nearest Supercharger from where I live. The car might be good. But not that good.

Brian H | 24 mei 2013

Yeah, hope that the CHAdeMO adapter/native charge cord is available. Will those be any closer? Half as powerful is still pretty good.

Car-El | 24 mei 2013

@Brian H
Just now. Bodø has a CHAdeMO (550km/350miles), but is 60km/38miles one way from E6. Total detour at 120km/76miles.
Next is at Steinkjær, at E6. Only 1028km/643miles.

North of Norway is far away from civilization. :-) We do not have deadly insects, poisonous snakes or people who blow themselves. So some things are great. :-D

Brian H | 24 mei 2013

I think you need to wait for the 2,000 mi (3.200 km) battery! >:p

Car-El | 24 mei 2013

@Brian H
HE HE HE, I can manage with a battery that can get 1200km (750miles), even in winter time. and that new battery that can charge at 200kw/h. That battery is still at research.

GeirT | 26 mei 2013

"Tesla won the pier battle"

Google translate from Norwegian:

(Dagbladet): There is much that is special about the Tesla Model S. That it is a hundred percent electric and yet as nimble as renowned sports cars are now a thing. Another is that the large control screen SDU controls all the car's systems through, of course, also have net connection.

- One of our customers this weekend logged into their online bank and made ​​up their order on the way, says Kjell Arne Wold, manager of Tesla's shop in Oslo, told Dagbladet.

More spontaneous sale
This whole weekend has Tesla along with several other car manufacturers had stands at Aker Brygge in Oslo. It is no exaggeration to say that three Tesla Model S attracted the most attention. The hours Dagbladet were present, there was a growing crowd of people around the three Tesla's. For the vast majority of them were the first time they could see this hotly discussed the car with own eyes.

- We have not had a pause even if we have been a lot of work, says Wold. He has recorded more sales on the fly during the weekend. That's right. We have signed nine contracts here at the pier. And then I talk about customers who have paid the deposit of NOK 31,000 on the spot. Many of these customers were so excited about the car when they saw them in real life that they decided here and then that it would have a Model S. In addition, we have sold cars to people who have been here and looked, gone home and thought a bit, and then decided to buy.

- Why this huge interest in a car that has been rewritten and discussed for so long? There is something special when people now see it materialize, touch and feel some of it and sit in. They see that there is no castles in the air, but a real car that stands here side by side with other car models, Wold says to Dagbladet. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how good your product is, according to Wold.

- And that Tesla is a good product at a - after Norwegian conditions - affordable price, also became Dagbladet and Vi Men's conclusions when we recently tested it.

Over a thousand sold
- Soon, these luxury electric cars with its raw performance, will be a far more common sight on Norwegian roads. During the summer, the first of over a thousand Norwegians who have already booked a Tesla Model S will receive their cars. The factory in California are gearing up and production is rising.

Combined with several good test reports, Tesla hopes that sales we be as well in the time to come.

Tesla promises that those who order the Model S during the month of May, will get their car delivered during the year.

kbrianth | 29 mei 2013

#2473 Confirmed my order today and awaiting for the pre-delivery paperwork.

Model S (85kWh)
Black / Black Nappa / Panorama / fully loaded with the exception of the 2 child seats in the rear.

My BMW 520 will be up for sell tonight!

lygren | 6 juni 2013

My car is back from "in production" to "order confirmed"... They have previously stated a delivery-window for my #220 to July / August, but I guess that might start to become somewhat of a challenge if they´re not starting the production quite ASAP.

On another note, I did see Elon state they have estimated a 40k demand, but still only 20k production this year - that would be a very good thing for the second-hand-value of this car if this would continue. I guess they´ll increase capacity soon though... :)

Brian H | 6 juni 2013

That would be an interesting stat to keep, if the data were available: ratio of current sales to production. Sounds like it's going to be about 2 this year.

petmoell | 6 juni 2013

I got the following information from Tesla in Oslo yesteray.

- It will take 7-8 weeks from the car is produced until it arrives in Drammen port
- The cars are first unloaded in Rotterdam, cleared and reloaded stragiht onto another vessel bound for Drammen
- First deliveries in late July/early August
- They are now panning for 70(!) deliveries per week from the Oslo store from then on. i.e about 1400 cars during 2013 (my estimate)
- They have about 2000 orders by now - all to be delivered in 2013. I assume the 600 other cars will be delivered out of the Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim stores
- You will get notification minimum 30 days before to confirm your pickup date/timeslot at the store. You will probably get a specific one houe slot on a specific day -
- To be able to manage this number of customers there will be produced instruction videos on youtube you must watch before picking up the car.
- The Norwegian online teslastore will be updated in due time with extras and NOK prices so you can order items such as Roof racks, Winter Tyres, Center Consloles etc. They automatically manage to cross your order with the delivery so it will be delivered together with your car
- Winter tyres; 19 inch Nokian Hakap... with rims will sell for about NOK 15 000 (Good price!)
- I have P 1054 and they estimated my delivery to first half of september

I will be very impressed by Telsa if they manage all deliveries as planned. Guess what - I am confident they will deliver beyond this as well.

Its really going to happen soon! Go Tesla

psirnes | 6 juni 2013

My question is whether all 1000 MS come on the same ship or the fly in with Lufthansa Cargo the first 20-30 Sigs, this could easily be done and would be wise to prepare the organization

GeirT | 7 juni 2013

It is painful not knowing for certain when it will be, either August, September, October...
Waiting, waiting, waiting....


nickjhowe | 7 juni 2013

Hopefully we won't see a repeat of the Volvo XC disaster when the MV Tricolor sank in the English Channel carrying 2,871 cars - including the entire model year allocation of Volvo XCs to the US shortly after the car's US debut.

GeirT | 8 juni 2013

Oh dear, Nick - what a terrible picture you inserted into my brian. Now this wait is getting even more painful, worrisome too...!

Brian H | 8 juni 2013

Where's your brian, and what does the hurt feel like? :P

Adrian Thomson | 9 juni 2013


hugo | 13 juni 2013

I have P51 (now #40), hope to get in late July but no Word from Tesla yet...

martijn | 13 juni 2013

No VIN ?

lygren | 13 juni 2013

Yeah, it´s mysteriously quiet these days..... I´m #220, also supposed to get mine deliverd in July / August.... I´m shipping a lot of containers from China and the US as I work with imports, and fortunately shipping from the US is very fast compared to China at least!! :)

Car-El | 13 juni 2013
Car-El | 14 juni 2013

This is something to think about.

If Tesla shall only have 200km between SuperChargers You will not go anywhere. The car is good to drive over 200mi (over 300km). So it we can manage whit one SC between Oslo - Trondheim and Oslo - Bergen, that is two. Next somewhere near Kristiansand so we can drive Oslo- Stavanger. The fourth may be somewhere between Bergen - Tromdheim.
Like this we will have more area cowered.

But I am dreaming. I just want 3-4 SC so I can get from Tromsø to Trondheim. :-)

hugo | 14 juni 2013

martijn - I have no VIN number that i can see anywhere. where do you find it?

Car-El | 14 juni 2013


VIN = Reservationnummer

Most likely it begins RN32****

You find this at "my garage" at site "my Tesla".

I know I am no martijn, but I really want to help! :)

oyvindhindhaug | 14 juni 2013

The VIN is NOT the reservation number.
The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is given when the car is soon to be in production. You'll find it in mytesla.

hugo | 14 juni 2013

I have no VIN number yet - but the RN number is 020548 :-)

martijn | 14 juni 2013

hugo, RN-nr. means nothing (only for Tesla)
ohh is correct, but it's nice Julius is trying to help.

If your res. is Norwegian, you should have your VIN by now.
VIN's for Norway are up to #1.300 so far.

lygren | 14 juni 2013

My vin is now ready at last... :) 14300 something. Probably means it will hit production In a couple of weeks... ;) I guess mid august is possible if their logistics are working properly...

petmoell | 14 juni 2013

I am P1054 and the VIN appeared a few days ago on My Tesla. Anypne who knows What this mean in relation to the advance in irs actual production?

David70 | 14 juni 2013

I assume it means production has started, or at least it's in the queue. I got my VIN last weekend (U.S.), have communicated with my DS several times and have been told it should be through the factory sometime the week of the 17th. Now I'm told to expect delivery on June 28th. I suspect you're about a week behind me, but of course, you have to wait for the car to ship across the ocean, and may have to wait for the ship it's on the fill up. I have no idea how many have to be on the ship before it leaves port.

Car-El | 15 juni 2013

I learned something new! I have always thought that VIN = Res.Nr.

But now I was bored because I have nothing VIN

Car-El | 21 juni 2013

Something happened. But it was nothing, so Nothing happened! :-)

hugo | 21 juni 2013

Got a nice fall from a Tesla rep this week : your Tesla (european model Sig Perf Plus) is being built:-) transport will by train to the east cost and then by boat to Drammen, Norway. Cars should arrive late July and first delivery soon therafter.... Can't wait, plan to fly over from Stavanger to pick it up and drive Home

Car-El | 22 juni 2013

Nice! I hope you will have many good journeys in your car and no problems.

GeirT | 25 juni 2013


arnebjarne | 27 juni 2013

My VIN showed up today; 14901. Signature perf #423. I´m psyched! Slowly, slowly, the day I can step into my Model S is closing in.

GeirT | 1 juli 2013

It is happening! July delivery was it?

Kallisman | 1 juli 2013

My VIN finally showed up yesterday. 15059. Don't know when I'll get my car. Feels closer now. Hope for middle of August delivery, but didn't hear from Tesla yet. Model Performance standard production. Reservation #189.

krissu | 1 juli 2013

It seems that there is no EU conformity yet. They produce now for Europe only outside EU, for Norway and Switzerland. July is running and seems already very tight for July deliveries, August already questionmark. In US they get cars now really fast, probably not very long order backlog or they might use slots planned for Europe. Also no publicity regarding European production. I think main challenge is to deliver EU Signatures before Norway general production. Hopefully they will get EU conformity soon, US secret service survelliance data according to BBC shows that Tesla has already twice failed in emissions test.

thomas.schlatter | 1 juli 2013

"Hopefully they will get EU conformity soon, US secret service survelliance data according to BBC shows that Tesla has already twice failed in emissions test."

I always said they forgot the catalytic converter!

tobi_ger | 1 juli 2013

LOL, that's a great one!

Brian H | 1 juli 2013

I wonder if any cars are on the sea, heading east.

mcx-sea | 1 juli 2013


hugo | 2 juli 2013

No cars on the sea yet - according to my Tesla rep they will first go by Train to the East coast end then by boat. My Sig Perf Plus Vin no 14910 should be in the first around aug 1 :-)

Jean PierreD | 2 juli 2013

thomas: what does that means: catalytic converter, for a car with no gas engine??? how could tesla fail in a emission test if it does not burn gas?!

Bighorn | 2 juli 2013

@ Jean PierreD
It was a joke ie funny, haha! methinks.

Benz | 2 juli 2013

@ hugo

Your Sig Perf Plus Vin no 14910 will be in the production process within a few days.

thomas.schlatter | 2 juli 2013

@Jean PierreD
Gotcha Jean Pierre :)
Of course it was a joke!

Car-El | 4 juli 2013


It is GONE!

There is NO car in "My Dashboard"...... I am so EXCITED!!!!! (WOOPS, I think I am going to bed.....)