The Official “Why I canceled my X order” thread – for many reasons

The Official “Why I canceled my X order” thread – for many reasons

It is with some regret I really have to cancel my X order. It just is not what I expected.

Falcon Wing Doors – I really like the minivan sliding doors, True the sliding doors are hard to get by in a tight spot, I often hit my head on the frame, and they take longer to open, but they give off that Soccer mom vibe that we like.

2nd Row seats – On my current SUV I can remove the 2nd row seats. True it weighs 200 lbs., and I’ve never removed them in 5 years, but hey, it’s possible someday I might want to get a hernia lifting them out.

5-star crash rating – How am I going to collect on life insurance? With my current 1-star SUV crash rating, I may hit the jackpot. While I’ll never drive it, it’s perfect for my wife and our huge life insurance policy!

Lighted vanity mirrors – Don’t need or want them. This alone is a deal breaker. Please remove them! I don’t want passengers putting on makeup, shaving, removing boogers and what else vanity mirrors are used for.

A 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds is way too slow - My McLaren MP4-12C has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds. It's always important to compare similar vehicles to point out deficiencies.

Let me add a lot of other unrelated points that I've made up, as it’s clear from the deliveries that the X can never be built, parts will never be available and the windshield alone will cost more than you pay for the original car.

I’m a Tesla shareholder, and I’m not bashing the Model X, but pointing out all the faults that if I buy 10 other SUVs and combine features in my imagination that no SUV actually has, you can see that the Model X does not measure up. I don’t mind supporting terrorist regimes with my 15 mpg oil burning SUV. The population is totally out of control, so a little extra pollution (ok, maybe a lot of pollution) is just not my problem. [Yes, this rant is satire, which will be lost on a few]

carlk | 12 oktober 2015

Lol TT....I wish I could have some fun fo do my canceling too but I want to keep mine.

I’m not bashing the Model X, but pointing out all the faults that if I buy 10 other SUVs and combine features in my imagination that no SUV actually has,

And don't forget no car with every feature we ever heard of added to it would drive like the X...not even remotely close. No one who claim to have canceled order ever mention that. It's their choice if they want to drive a sorrow ICE SUV.

jimvan | 12 oktober 2015

You forgot that it is too slow off the line. You would get "smoked" by a model S! | 12 oktober 2015

Yep, you're right! I've added a point about how slow the Model X is and just another nail in the coffin.

oragne lovre | 12 oktober 2015,

If you don't mind allowing other TSLA shareholders and non-bashers to join your "buyers'remorse-even-before-buying" cause

7. The nose is absolutely undesirable since it does not reminisce about the grille, which would shout out to the world that I am driving a fake ICE car.

drtmovr | 12 oktober 2015

Love it!

JeffreyR | 12 oktober 2015

The Falcon Wing Doors make people think that Tesla is building Front-wheel Drive vehicles.

Tâm | 12 oktober 2015

Is it true that I haven't heard complaints about insufficient number of cupholders this round? (Quite numerous threads in Model S!)

What's the total number?

I can visually see 4 from seat configuration pictures: 2 for front seats and 2 for 3rd row seats:

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 oktober 2015

@Tam, Two more magically pop out of the back of the center console for the second row. Six seats with six cup holders.

8. Only six cup holders. My last SUV had 15 cup holders and fold down tray tables. I am cancelling my order unless there are at least two cup holders for each seat.

vandacca | 13 oktober 2015

It hasn't been official yet, but Tesla may sell a 2nd row console for the 6-seat configuration (like the one Elon had in his car on stage), so there would be an additional 2 cup-holders. That would make 8 cupholders for 6 seats.

Roamer@AZ USA | 13 oktober 2015

@Tam and vandacca,

Federal cup holder certification. To get a five star cup holder rating can you count seats occupied by someone over age eight as having two cup holders per seat. The configuration pictured would actually have six cup holders plus an additional 11 cup holders if all the seats were occupied by Federally qualified cup holders. Under Federal and most state rules the drivers seat when occupied only counts as one cup holder. But the states that follow the McDonalds lap hold rule allow lap hold to count so now six seats also include lap hold so a fully occupied model X could get a five point five star rating in this critical category.

6+11+6=23 qualifying cup holders. See notes for further detail on this feature..........

AlMc | 13 oktober 2015

@teslaTap: Very much enjoyed what you describe as your 'rant'. Good to let off some tension from time to time. I did not think of it before but I was really hoping for a defying gravity cup holders, no make that a 1 liter bottle holder, in the Falcon doors.

Thanks for bringing some levity to the discussion and keeping things in perspective. :) | 13 oktober 2015

@AlMc - Thanks! Looks like the front center console would also hold a 1 liter bottle easily. Not sure I would count that as a cup holder though.

Ankit Mishra | 13 oktober 2015

Lolololol. Now please make a post addressed to @carlk that he is bashing the bashers and also express happiness that fanbois 'like him' will ensure that your shares will rise.

sbeggs | 13 oktober 2015


Speaking of smoking, every self respecting SUV has a BBQ with smoker in lower trunk, why is this feature missing on Model X???

Everyone, cancel in protest at this outrage.

AlMc | 13 oktober 2015

@sbeggs: I was at the reveal it does have a two burner (of course, electric grill), smoker, microwave. In addition, the 'low tech' package comes with a margarita machine. Problem: potential reason to cancel: NO ICE (yes pun intended)maker

sbeggs | 13 oktober 2015

@AIMc, @TeslaTap,

You guys crack me up!

AlMc | 13 oktober 2015

@begs: Really Kudos to teslatap:

You all know my position on the X.

But I respect well thought posts that bring us all together wanting to see TM succeed and having some fun/putting first world issues into perspective.

SamO | 13 oktober 2015

Nice thread!

My position is that you will "soon" be able to order the car with 0 back seats and many people will be happy with either a two seater cargo van or a 4 seat (third row only) waggon.

And there will be a vocal minority complaining that they want fold-downs.

And then there will be a blog post written about the safety of those "other" seats that wouldn't let Tesla live up to it's high standards.

Then there will be handwringing and curses and threads about motorcycle helmets and nanny states.

Welcome to the future.

AlMc | 13 oktober 2015

@SamO: If they come up with many changes to the X and don't include a fold down second seat option I may be one of your voval minority. :)

Red Sage ca us | 14 oktober 2015

Anything less than 3.5 cupholders per seat is simply UNAMERICAN.

This in no way implies that minivans or SUVs crom Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or KIA are in any way AMERICAN.

(And I'm pretty sure that the Model X Signature was confirmed to have a paltry, neo-European count of 8 cup holders: two at front seat armrests, two at the front seat center console, two for the three passengers in the second row, and two in the third row. The Model X Founders vehicles with only six seats, but a custom center console in the second row may have had a total of ten cup holders.)

Red Sage ca us | 14 oktober 2015

By Crom!!! Make that 'from'...

AlMc | 14 oktober 2015

Thinking about this more.....maybe ALL the seats should fold flat with plush purple carpet on the seat backs. We will call it the 'Woodstock van' package. :)

and....disco ball...gotta have a disco ball

Red Sage ca us | 14 oktober 2015

Don't forget the lava lamps! And go-go dancers! | 14 oktober 2015

I also suspect the frunk and trunk could hold at least 4 crates that would hold another 48 cups or so. It might not be easy to access the frunk while driving, but it might be fun to try to get into the frunk while driving at 50 mph. (Owners who attempt to access the frunk while driving at 50 mph do so at their own risk. Please take a video as we love to be entertained!)

AlMc | 14 oktober 2015

@TeslaTap....Wow....There is a frunk? :) Need to order more purple carpet. | 14 oktober 2015

The technical solution for the dearth of cupholders is a multi-compartment, refrigerated tank that fits in the frunk with tubes that pass through the firewall into the cabin. Each occupant, equipped with a personal mouthpiece for sanitary reasons would attach it to the beverage tube of choice to suck up as much as they like.

Patent applied for.

sbeggs | 14 oktober 2015



jjs | 14 oktober 2015

Finally a reasonable suggestion! :)

Milly Amp | 14 oktober 2015

Wait, it's electric ?

johnse | 15 oktober 2015

@George I don't think you can pass the tubes through the firewall--they'd be detected as foreign objects and the antivirus would kick in...Oh... you mean the separator between the frunk and the cabin... can't call that a firewall--there's no engine with flammable and explosive materials up there... Only firewall on a Tesla is in the computer :)

Ross1 | 15 oktober 2015

My beef is that the frunk is not big enough for a spa bath /jacuzzi....what I had in mind might have to go in the back, it has to fit three people. This of course with autopilot doing the driving. Would you set it to valet mode when it drives itself? Just in case you can't trust it not to speed. So the spa doesn't splash out.

Ludicrous, I know. | 15 oktober 2015

Without folding seats there is not enough room for a spa inside the X, another critical limitation. You could tow a spa in a trailer. It could hold about 6,000 pounds of water--750 gallons. That's about 100 cubic feet of water. That's enough for a spa about 6 feet in diameter and 3.5 feet deep. The slosh effect has to be considered when going around bends. Autopilot software would have to be modified to take that into account but there could be loss of water that would have to be replenished at Superfillers. Alternatively, one could contemplate a "Gel Spa" filled with a jello-like substance.... Patent applied for.

AlMc | 15 oktober 2015

@johnse: You may be on to something. But it is not the antivirus detector....I think you can't press the 'biohazard' button and have it deliver high fructose or alcohol laced drinks through the straws
at the same time. After all, the new cabin filter detects ALL pollutants

JeffreyR | 15 oktober 2015

I second go-go dancers!

AlMc | 15 oktober 2015

@jeffreyR: No go-go dancers...My wife would then have to start a thread....Why I canceled my husband's X :)

endotile | 17 oktober 2015

This guy prob hold small amount of tesla share, look at all these reasons haha. what a joke, how bold these people are? brave enough to show how stupid they are!

Linus | 17 oktober 2015

Number of cupholders I ever used in any car in 35 years of driving: 0
Just a European thing, I guess.

AlMc | 17 oktober 2015

Given more thought: A deal breaker could be lack of a salt water fish tank with built in protein skimmer and filtration that goes through a UV sterilizer and Cree lights for illumination

Sigs: 60 gallon tank, standard

production: Option of 40 or 60 gallon.

sbeggs | 17 oktober 2015


Good one!

Red Sage ca us | 17 oktober 2015

I like fish. I'll be eating some tonight.

carlk | 18 oktober 2015

And raw too.

Ross1 | 18 oktober 2015


yes um this fella have TSLA shares want spa bath in car not trailer full go go dangers.

Haha put em in trailer stop water splash over all out

AlMc | 18 oktober 2015

Since the fish tank idea is an apparent 'hit'. TM can advertise the option as 'dinner and a movie' (watch the 17' screen while dining on fish). | 24 oktober 2015

Breaking news! Fishtank option planned for 2017!

Roamer@AZ USA | 25 oktober 2015

Saint Peter, Why do you have a fish in your nose ? Most crash victims have windshield glass in their head