One feature........

One feature........

I would love to have the ability to close the charge port cover from within the car !! Cannot count the number of times I unplug, get in the car and..................have to get right back out again to close that damn cover. One of these days my car will have me trained.

J.T. | 26 september 2013

If the car is charged to your desired setting and the plug is removed the damn thing should close by itself!

MandL | 26 september 2013

Yes, it will train you eventually. I had the same problem when I first got the car. Haven't done it for many months now.

soma | 26 september 2013

I would prefer Tesla keep the money required to develop and install such a capability, and owners just have the common sense to close it when they finish charging, just like a gas cap.

ThorensP | 26 september 2013

I do the same thing. I'm not sure why it is harder to remember to close the charge port door than it is to close a gas cap. But it is. I suspect it may be CRAFT syndrome (Can't Remember a F***ing Thing).

AmpedRealtor | 26 september 2013

YES! +100

I forget the charge port door open 9 out of 10 times. I get halfway down the block and notice the alert, so I pull over and close the door. ARGH!

Anonymous | 26 september 2013

I have never left it open? You pull it out, close it, then hang the cord. Sounds easy?

AmpedRealtor | 26 september 2013

@ tezzla - It sounds good in theory... LOL

jeffsstuff | 26 september 2013

I don't have mine yet (scheduled for December) but it seems a simple process to pull the plug and close the door.

In contrast, a mechanism to close the door would be just another thing to break. I'd rather R/D efforts be spent for things we actually can't do for ourselves (or that the car can do better than we can).

GeekEV | 26 september 2013

Yay, for once having OCD is an *advantage*... ;-)

Theresa | 26 september 2013

@ThorensP Me too. Not sure why I have never forgotten to close a gas access door but I have forgotten the charge port door several times. I am thinking that my issue is that it is smaller and tends to blend into the looks of the car. I also think it is a bit lower than most gas doors so it is easier to miss it.

I too would like it to self close but I also hate adding more things that can fail and need to be replaced so I am willing to live with this and hopefully learn in the future to close it. At least there is a warning indicator in the car.

mumanoff | 26 september 2013

jeffstuff.....let us know once you get your vehicle :)

Anonymous | 26 september 2013

@AmpedRealtor - I think I just started out on the right foot (because I saw on this board that it was a problem for many people). Once you've started, it's hard to change habits.