P90D - compared to the 90D does it include more than.....

P90D - compared to the 90D does it include more than.....

Earlier delivery, bigger rear motor, red caliper brakes, and active spoiler?

ian | 10 december 2015

Sounds about right!

carlk | 10 december 2015

Red P on the badge.

ian | 10 december 2015

Can't forget the badge!

aljjr2 | 11 december 2015

Wow, I didn't know that P was Red. Is the Underline Red also? I may have to go up another $10K. :)

superloud | 11 december 2015

I've read forum posts that in some cases the circuitry (inverters?) that dictate how much current can get from the battery to the motor will be different. That's apparently why the model S 70D is not as fast as the 85D??

Is that the case when you jump from 90D to P90D?

Also, I guess if you opt for ludicrous then there are some different fuses?

Is there a software difference that remains? Traction control algorithm or something I've heard mentioned? I know it's not hardware, but if you can't ever change it then it may as well be

TonyInNH | 11 december 2015

Plus the option to upgrade to Ludicrous mode, but that's another 10 grand.

darlin | 11 december 2015

I believe the P90D has insane mode also, whereas the 90D will not. Don't forget the red brake calipers!

pvetesla | 11 december 2015

Red marker will only cost me about $.99 plus tax. Thats almost a $9,999 savings.

carlk | 17 december 2015

Performance MS models have aluminum go and brake pedels. Likely will be the same for X.