Parcel Shelf!

Parcel Shelf!

Just got the parcel shelf mailed to the house. Very simple to install. It folds over nicely and works well if you have the rear-facing seat. glad to have the last missing piece to the full car. For $250, probably could have gotten a custom one made, but oh well, supporting the cause.

BYT | 26 maart 2013

How does it work with the rear facing seats? Can you post a pic please? :)

Brian H | 26 maart 2013

Someone found it could fit (tight fit) behind the seats. No need to leave in the garage.

trydesky | 26 maart 2013

Glad to hear TM is shipping them. Still waiting for mine.

mcx-sea | 26 maart 2013

Asked to see one today at the Bellevue showroom. They referred me to the Seattle Service Center.

bbmertz | 27 maart 2013

I was very happy to receive mine (P4909) in the mail today. Fairly simple design and easy to install. I'll let it air out overnight, since it has an odd chemical smell.

ken830 | 28 maart 2013

I thought it was the footwell cover that fit behind the seats.

olanmills | 28 maart 2013

Yay, I finally got mine... but I don't have my car. So sad. My car is getting wrapped in paint protection film, which takes a number of days. It might seem stupid, but for some reason, I really wanna try out the parcel shelf.

BYT | 28 maart 2013

My car is in Menlo Park as I type to get the 3rd row seats installed, pics later! I have to leave it overnight for other stuff to so I'm driving a sadly underwhelming Chevy Camero in the mean time. It's so loud for nothing! :(

DouglasR | 28 maart 2013

Has anyone yet received a parcel shelf that they ordered AFTER the car was delivered?

nickjhowe | 29 maart 2013

Got mine today. P2698. Got the car on Jan 3rd. Was ordered with the car.

Robert22 | 29 maart 2013

Guess they're not delivering in order. Got my car in mid-December.

Bob W | 15 april 2013

Received mine today (for P8107). It was ordered with the car, which I picked up in Fremont on Dec. 27th.

It took me a while to realize that the carpeted side of the parcel shelf is supposed to face down, not up, quite the opposite of the shelf in my old Saab 9-5 station wagon.

Installed this way, the rounded hooks at the ends of the shelf fit underneath the rails (the slots in the rails make it easy for the hooks to slide underneath). Once installed this way, the shelf can't pop up and the rear side flips open easily when you open the rear door.

Yes it does smell funny, but hopefully that will disappear soon.

hpatelmd | 16 april 2013

Got my car with parcel shelf installed. The DS said it was the first parcel shelf he had seen included at the time of delivery. Looks & works as described. Also, the trunk footwell cover is now stronger & sturdier per the DS (after initial complaints of it being flimsy).

MandL | 16 april 2013

I got my Sig (VIN 209) on Oct 3rd and still don't have the parcel shelf.

DJay | 16 april 2013

MandL, I'd give them a call. I did and received the shelf within a week. My car was delivered 1/31/13.

TINO F | 16 april 2013

Received my parcel shelf, and the Carbon Fiber Spoiler, along with Frunk and rear rubber cargo mats. Nice products, and it completes the vehicle. Thanks Nick!

kilimats | 16 april 2013

sorry to burst your bubbles guys but that parcel is pretty useless compared to paying a pro to tint the window for under $200, it reduce truck functionality too

Bob W | 16 april 2013

Except for the smell, I'm loving the parcel shelf. I discovered that if you pull it towards the rear door a bit, leaving a small gap between the forward part of the parcel shelf and back of the rear seat (instead of pushing it flush), it's really easy to stow the well cover flat against the back of the rear set, much easier than it was with no shelf. The shelf just forms a nice slot for the well cover to slip into.

The well cover also fits flat on top the parcel shelf, which is an even easier alternative. (The well area is an ideal place to stow grocery bags when the well cover is removed, hence the need to find a place to stow it.)

As for tinting the rear windows instead of using the parcel shelf, that would probably mess up the performance of all of the antennas, and maybe the rear window defogger as well.

EclecticCitizen | 16 april 2013

mine arrived out of the blue today by Fedex. about 5 wks after the car.

shilo_js | 16 april 2013

Mine arrived today via UPS. Picked up my car 3/23 from Fremont. Still waiting on the badge...

mpottinger | 16 april 2013

Got mine today less than two weeks after delivery of the car.

Robert22 | 16 april 2013

Four months and waiting...

lov2krz | 17 april 2013

Car delivered on 2/9/13 and still no shelf. Called TM a couple of days ago to check and was told I'm in the Que. Not sure what that means but it sounds like some of you who got you car after me has already received your backorder.

Not sure what their method is for back order's is.

TSLAPWR | 17 april 2013

Picked up the car Jan. 25 received the parcel shelf April 15th.
HPWC received on April 16th.
Vin #3778

Brian H | 17 april 2013

"In the queue" means "wait your turn".

GeekEV | 17 april 2013

I got mine over the weekend. I'm actually a little disappointed with it, thank goodness it wasn't a super expensive option. When seated in the proper position, it's about a half-inch too short and there's a gap where someone could* see into the trunk. Additionally, I can see the mounting hardware pushing against the fabric covering, which is a little ugly. Compared to the rest of the car, this feels a little rough...

* Theoretically. In reality that's just about impossible in the day time.

mpottinger | 17 april 2013

Two weeks after delivery of the car, my shelf arrived last night.

Curmudgeon | 17 april 2013

I don't think that I need a Parcel Shelf. You really can't
see that much in the back. If I have something valuable,
I will put it in the frunk. Also, there have been many negative
comments about the Parcel Shelf. Also, I am tired of waiting
for it, so I canceled it and should receive a check via Fed Ex
in a week or two. On the other hand, I really love the car and
am making a 300 mile trip tomorrow.

Bob W | 17 april 2013

@Geek EV:

The gap goes away if you pull it towards the rear of the car about 1", so that the front is flush with the forward end of the rails, but not touching the back of the rear seat. The gap between the front of the parcel shelf and the rear seat back may actually be a design feature, as explained previously: it allows you to stow the well cover in that gap, flat against the back of the sear, then close the hatch. If you do that, there are no gaps at either end, and nothing is visible.

I don't know what you mean by "mounting hardware pushing against the fabric covering". If you installed it "carpet side up", flip it over, so that the rounded hooks are underneath the rails.

Bob W | 17 april 2013

Change to: "..., flat against the back of the rear seat, then close ..."

ljarrett | 18 april 2013

Finally received my parcel shelf 2 days ago... Signature #11 - delivered 9/29/12.... Not sure why it took them that long to send it to me...

gimp_dad | 18 april 2013

@ mpottinger It also helps with noise intrusion into the cabin.

srichland | 18 april 2013

Sig 593 - 11/2/12. Still waiting...and waiting.

Tesla-me | 18 april 2013

Sig 678 11/11/12 still waiting. Call them yesterday, they did not know what going on.....

MandL | 19 april 2013

I emailed ownership a couple of days ago but nothing back so far... I'm reluctant to make more of a PITA of myself because it's not that important to me. But it does show that communication with owners is still in need of work.

jcadman22 | 19 april 2013

I got my parcel shelf yesterday and I was surprised that it does not fold back on itself. I've seen one or two others at meetups and I *thought* they had them stowed neatly folded over. Mine lifts up from the back, but will not stay folded up. I wonder if the design has changed since the early models were shipped.

There was also a note in the box that the parcel shelf "may" contain strong magnets that could interfere with pace makers and similar devices...

stealthpitt | 19 april 2013

The parcel shelf is designed to fit length-wise in the frunk. Which it does nicely with your cargo net out of the way.

Keith72 | 20 april 2013

Mine arrived on Thursday with no notice, almost one month after the delivery of the car. VIN 4382, 85Kw, tech package
Car has been great, one minor issue with the tire pressure system, but no other issues and all the downloads have gone smoothly (got 4.4 earlier in the week)

Keith72 | 20 april 2013

Whoops - should be VIN 4283

Robert22 | 20 april 2013

Definite design and color change. I guess you can have any color now as long as its black, and the folding two hinge system is gone. Mine doesn't fold back properly either. Here's the way it used to be.

DanielBoehnen | 11 mei 2013

I have decided I don't want my shelf. Anyone interested in buying a brand new one, still in the box? If so, let me know. Email is

elguapo | 11 mei 2013

Got mine with car delivery last week. Doesn't smell at all, bifold design, folds well and doesn't block rear view. I will say it doesn't seem strong enough to hold much on top. Otherwise, I am quite please.

hpatelmd | 11 mei 2013

I use my shelf to lay my jacket/suit on top, fits very well, stays in place & doesn't get creased up. Since there's no handle bar type hanger option in the main cabin, the shelf has worked great. I do agree though it's lightweight and not designed for heavy loads.