Just so you guys know, I have figured out a way to make a tesla go from the beach in San Diego to the Myrtle beach S.C. without stopping. I am in the process of figuring out how to sign up for the patent. I love the concept of Tesla. Hope to one day own one and travel. Gas free.

winter25 | 22 oktober 2013

Is the process difficult?

petochok | 22 oktober 2013

Not as difficult as it is expensive.
Just be sure your idea is not of a perpetual motion type. It'd be a real shame to waste your money attempting to patent something of such nature. I'm not saying your idea is silly, just be sure it follows basic rules of physics. Again, I'm not doubting you, I'm merely following a growing trend of new posts made by random peopleon this forum who claim to have figured out how to make a Tesla drive across the country on a single charge. Good luck.

Blueshift | 22 oktober 2013

Does the patent involve a reaaaaaaally long extenstion cord?

Timo | 23 oktober 2013

Sounds like perpetual motion machine. 2500 miles without stopping? Yeah, right. Time to check your premises.

Jolinar | 23 oktober 2013

yea, that's no problem... Just put Model S on top of Falcon 9 a launch it where ever you wish... I don't need patent for that :D

2500 miles is really no issue. Model S is light enough to get it on the Moon.

Brian H | 23 oktober 2013

Unless it's all downhill, you need about a 700kWh battery.