Personalized Home Page For Tesla Browser

Personalized Home Page For Tesla Browser

I decided that I wanted to have a webpage that I could save as my home page in my Model S which would give me all the information I want as I am traveling to and from work. I thought that perhaps other owners would find it useful, so I designed it to work for anyone else too. The page has some customization and includes buttons for websites, a Yahoo news feed (you can select from different feeds), stock information, weather and email. The email worked for me, but will probably not work for many since email servers vary quite a bit.

I am not a professional web designer, so go easy on the comments. Keep in mind that I designed it for my own personal wants and layout taste. It isn't meant to please everyone. However, feel free to let me know if you run into any bugs, issues or thoughts for improvements.

A few notes:
1. You will need to fill out a brief registration form before any content is available.
2. The Tesla browser is a little picky on touching text boxes, so give it a few tries and then you may have to expand the screen (two finger swipe out) and try it again.
3. Hit the "Settings" button to get into the page with all the modifications.
4. It may be easier to use a PC to get all the data added that you want and then use the Tesla browser in your car to tweak the layout.


Volker.Berlin | 20 november 2012

That's right in line with the web-based Tesla dashboard clock:

I love the fact that a mere in-car web browser practically enables third party apps (obviously with some limitations in functionality, but still). I feel it: There's more to come soon!

jamesgx | 20 november 2012

I was shocked by how much you could do with the browser. I exepected it to be very restrictive and lacking in programming code support, but it wasn't.

Volker.Berlin | 20 november 2012

If it's reasonably sandboxed it doesn't have to be restrictive to be safe for the environment it is running in, even in case it loads and executes websites that contain malicious code. I'm very happy that it isn't a dumbed-down version of a web browser, but a real thing (except for some minor shortcomings that I expect to be fixed relatively soon).

DouglasR | 20 november 2012

Just curious: how do you enter text into the browser? I assume a keyboard pops up on the display. If it has a display-based keyboard, are there any special keys, e.g., for cut and paste, moving the cursor, etc.?

Michael Emrich | 20 november 2012

Very nice, indeed.
It would be nice to change the color of the vehicle to the color of our cars, i.e. Signature Red.

Also, a Logout button would be helpful.

Thank you.

RobS | 20 november 2012

I love the idea, but I'm thinking of something more "playful" - HAL like. Does audio from a web page come through? If so the car could greet you with a personal and somewhat creepy hello when you turn it on :)

jamesgx | 20 november 2012

DouglasR - A keyboard should present itself at the bottom of the screen when you touch a text box. I don't recall any special keys, but I would have to look the next time I am in the car. Everything is touch based, so there is no cursor.

Michael - I had started the code to give vehicle picture options and wasn't really thrilled with the look of the pics on Facebook against the layout that I created. If someone wanted to put their own picture there I could always add it for you. I don't plan on logging off from it, but you can log off from the settings page if you want to. Look for the Remove Cookie button on the "Other" section. The cookie in the background is what keeps you logged in.

RobS - I haven't checked audio. I don't have the skills to create KITT from Knight Rider. That would be cool though.

DouglasR | 20 november 2012

jamesgx, there should be a cursor in the text box, no? Like on my iPhone.

jamesgx | 20 november 2012

Sorry, when I think of cursor, I am thinking of what is technically the pointer on a PC. Yes, there is a cursor in the text box just like your iPhone.

The biggest issue I have been running into is that the screen isn't as precise as my iPhone or Ipad. If the text boxes are too small then you can't trigger the keyboard without using your fingers to enlarge the screen and consequently the text box. Same goes for links. I can touch an extremely small link on my phone and it triggers the link. On the Tesla browser it takes several times to trigger and sometimes I have to enlarge the screen. Not sure if they can improve upon that or not.