PhD of cars?

PhD of cars?

Eindhoven University of Technology is expanding its Automotive specialty within the Electrical Engineering dept. all the way up through Master(s) and Doctorate programs. And here I thought the Netherlands just used bicycles!

albrechthslu | 6 februari 2020

An interesting thing: Tesla is now hiring even without a degree. So a PhD in Automotive Engineering is not required and not needed. Elon Musk doesn't even care if an applicant didn't finish high school.

RJMIII | 6 februari 2020

Elon says he doesn’t care if you have a high school degree because he’s looking for outliers. He’s not looking for your average high school drop out, he’s not even looking for your average PhD, he’s looking for those people that are multiple sigmas above the mean on the right tail of the bell curve.

BadgerErickson | 6 februari 2020

Yes, it's more PhD of electrical engineering now, which has been nearly conquered.

Wheels, bearings, cooling, KERS.....

Xerogas | 6 februari 2020

I’ve interviewed people with Master’s in Computer Science who couldn’t code their way out of a wet bag, even with access to Google and StackOverflow. A PhD would be insufferable.

For some reason there seems to be an inverse relationship between practical ability and level of degree.

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

Most people with practical ability realize that degrees are not necessary. People who do not realize that think the degree is what matters.

jimglas | 6 februari 2020

whats you view of an MD degree?

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

Its a certification that allows you to prescribe drugs to an individual. Kind of a requirement to tell a person to take a medication, and authorize a pharmacy to distribute it to them.

I cannot do that for someone not having an MD. But like degrees in computer science, you can be an excellent problem solver and coder by doing your own research. You can be exceptionally nutritionally educated without medical school.

Orthopod | 6 februari 2020

A diploma is just a certification that you have reached a baseline

There could be no diploma for Musk university as there is certainly not another human alive on his level as for right now

Tesla2018 | 6 februari 2020

I can see all the kids graduating from high school who apply to be Tesla test drivers for the roadster. Elon should have a beach buggy race competition and whoever has the highest score would get the job!

Xerogas | 6 februari 2020

@jimglas: "whats you view of an MD degree?"
Not sure if you’re asking me, but medical doctors definitely are the exception. Tons of important biological facts, ethical training, and perhaps most importantly, hands-on internship practical experience. I’d say any education that includes apprenticeship type of training (blacksmith, anyone?) is highly valuable.

I guess that’s why the interns in my company can code so much better than the PhDs

Ross1 | 7 februari 2020

A case in point here.
When I did do uni after 65 age, I learned so much in the way of process etc.
My difficulty was that all the courses required more computer skills than I had, and my wizz kids had flown so no help there.
I started with a Masters in well cosmology/astronomy (rocket science), down graded to a Science degree, 1 year, then went to the TAFE college to learn computer skills.
So although I didnt get anywhere there, I learned heaps of skills.
Then I joined the Tesla forum and working my way through Teslanomics.

My kids, CEOs, startup guys, didnt complete degrees either.