Pictures of my multicoat red Model S in the midnight sun in northern Norway !

Pictures of my multicoat red Model S in the midnight sun in northern Norway !

Some pictures from this summers trip to Andøya in northern Norway, 69 deg N, 1184 km (735 miles) north of the nearest Supercharger. A wonderful trip in a wonderful car in breathtaking nature !

NKYTA | 1 augustus 2014

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

johncrab | 1 augustus 2014

Beautiful! I really want to go back there! Thanks for posting these great photos!

Spooky | 1 augustus 2014

I've done Iceland, Sweden and them all. I'm longing to go on an Icebreaker while in Finland; what should I do in Norway? (Besides tour the countryside in your Tesla?)

OddB | 1 augustus 2014

Spooky, at Andøya you can go whale watching both in the summer and winter. Watch the midnight sun from these nice beaches in the summer or watch the Aurora in the winter.

Rheumboy | 1 augustus 2014

Where's Bjorn????

OddB | 1 augustus 2014

:D :D
I think he went south this summer :D
I imagine he is editing an epic roadmovie from their European trip :D | 1 augustus 2014

Beautiful pictures of a side of Norway (blue sea and sky, white-sand beach) we in North America don't typically know about. The adverts inserted by Flickr make a strange counterpoint to the images, though.

Mathew98 | 1 augustus 2014

Wooa! Holy car porn.

Love the butt shot and the side pix with the sun reflection.

DAB | 1 augustus 2014

Beautiful pics, thank you!

Jillith | 1 augustus 2014

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Cindy I II III | 1 augustus 2014

Wow, Tesla should totally license some to decorate their stores there. Thanks for sharing!

plusplusjames | 1 augustus 2014

Centerfold pics! Thanks for the thrills!

jjs | 1 augustus 2014

Great pictures. Thanks!

Red Sage ca us | 2 augustus 2014

Worthy of wall posters. Thanks for sharing!

drax7 | 2 augustus 2014

Wow you are living in a movie!!!

Velo1 | 2 augustus 2014

Another proud owner. Great photos

DC@Tesla | 2 augustus 2014

Great quality pics!!! I always wondered why would anyone live in Norway. Now I want to visit.

basf_audio | 2 augustus 2014

Nice! Always enjoying seeing another MC Red, especially in right proper photos! Thanks for sharing!

AndyHSoCa | 2 augustus 2014

Stunningly beautiful pictures, obviously taken by a skilled photographer. You have really captured both the car and the natural beauty. Gotta love that MC red color!! Thank you for posting.

Mark2131@CA-US | 2 augustus 2014

Great photos! You should work for the tourism department. I'm booking my flight now!

Thanks for the look at an area that most of us (As in USA) never see.

George with SacEV | 2 augustus 2014

Fab photos. Kudos!

Webcrawler | 2 augustus 2014


Some of the best pics I have seen...

Thanks for sharing...

Low CG | 2 augustus 2014

Awesome! Beautiful place. Beautiful car.

OddB | 3 augustus 2014

Thanks everybody ! I am born on this island and returns every summer. This summer for the first time without using a drop of petrol.
I can highly recommend a trip there, summer or winter.

sbeggs | 3 augustus 2014

@OddB, your photos are of professional quality. Also, your artistic abilities shine through. Shots of scenery, islands captured in side view mirrors, luminous scenery, color of your beautiful car against Norwegian summer backdrops...

firerock | 4 augustus 2014

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

KidDoc | 4 augustus 2014

Enjoyed those thanks for posting. | 4 augustus 2014

Great pictures. I also have a Multi Coat Red MS85 with the same wheels, in my humble opinion this combination makes for a very photogenic car. I have never had a car that elicited so many complements from total strangers. Thanks for the pictures.

Brian H | 5 augustus 2014

One of the best slide shows I've seen in some time.

MMHouston | 5 augustus 2014

These are amazing! I can't wait until my multicoat red is delivered at the end of September! Although my car's backdrop won't be quite so beautiful...