Poor Australia/NZ

Poor Australia/NZ

Always last in line to get cars, read that Holden Volt just became widely available, wonder how long it will take to get your Model S's?

Affluent market, but so underpopulated (22 million AUS/4.5 million NZ) Wonder what the EV incentives are? With Labour rule in AUS at least a break from the carbon tax???

alcassfast | 12 maart 2013

Yes, but they've had the Opel Ampera (same car) for a couple of years.
It sounds like they are getting the "S" already.

penguin_brian | 12 maart 2013

At least we get to pay extra taxes as compensation for waiting longer.

Oh, wait a moment, how does that work again?

First, add 10% GST.

Luxury Car Tax
I think most Model S purchases will exceed the $75,000 luxury tax threshold, which means "LCT is a tax of 33% imposed on the GST-inclusive value of luxury cars over the relevant LCT threshold. You must generally pay LCT when you sell or import a luxury car. You must pay LCT as well as any GST payable."

Stamp Duty
Then add stamp duty.

Which is 0% (Canberra) to 6.5% (Western Australia) depending on state where car is registered:

Then add Registration, insurance, etc.

Apparently Victoria gives EV owners a $100 discount on the registration fees. So generous.

(unfortunately link to ATO's site is broken)

Carbon Tax
Petrol cars are exempt from carbon tax. Public transport and EV are not. While not match in terms of total costs, still seems crazy.


I might have got the details here wrong. I might have got the details here right. Or left. Or Up-side-down. Or inside-out. Please don't use the information here to make purchasing decisions. Please do use the information here to make the decision to purchase an Australian Model S and then give it to me all expenses paid. I won't bite.

FLsportscarenth... | 12 maart 2013


Opel/Vauxhall Ampera is for the European/British market. Holden is for the Australian/NZ market, so they are just getting the car.

Poor oz is 'Labouring' under all those taxes... Thanks PM Gillard! Sounds like they need a TEA (Taxes Enough Already) party...

I love oz and its people, but government there is very backward!

penguin_brian | 14 maart 2013

Some people think that EV incentives are a bad idea.

FLsportscarenth... | 15 maart 2013

Wrong idea, many Tesla and Volt buyers are very motivated by incentives and HOV lane use permits in California... Exempting EVs from the taxes you listed above would be a HUGE incentive...

Charging EVs carbon tax is plain bonkers!

Labour government talks the talk but does not walk the walk... Wonder what Coalition is saying about this?

alcassfast | 15 maart 2013

@Flsports I stand corrected.

penguin_brian | 15 maart 2013


Also, I am not entirely convinced with his analogy of comparing with the $4000 bonus for first home owners.

House prices are very much influenced by the market and what people are prepared to pay. So a bonus means people can pay more, and the prices go up. As all houses fall under the same system, there is no alternative options for buyers.

On the other hand, if you think the car manufacturer is profiteering from government grants for EVs you can still purchase an ICE instead. That is there is pressure on EV manufacturers to remain competitive with ICE.

On the other hand, it does appear that there is a lot of demand for the Model S despite the large cost. So much demand that Tesla can't keep up. So maybe they set it too cheap?

FLsportscarenth... | 16 maart 2013

Wonder how many reservation for Aus/NZ for MS?

With any incentive that could double...

penguin_brian | 16 maart 2013

All we have is the following statement:

"Actually, interest in Model S in Australia has climbed since last December."

Considering we haven't even seen the Model S in Australia yet, I imagine demand might increase when we can test drive it.

If the extra taxes have a negative effect is something that might be hard to measure.

penguin_brian | 20 maart 2013

It sounds like USA government doesn't always get things right either.

In one part of this they talk about a $100,000 incentive to purchase an ICE car.

FLsportscarenth... | 20 maart 2013

@penguin brian

Thanks for the link, hope you will be getting your Model S's in early 2014 as promised. Stores in Brisbane/Gold Coast and Melbourne and service centre in Sydney would help get sales going... Hope they will do some sort of incentives to get things moving...

Yeah the US does dumb stuff too...