Port charge door open

Port charge door open

My MS shows that my port charge door is always open, though it is actually closed. I called Tesla, they looked into my log and corrected it for a little while, but it came right back...

It is annoying as it prevents my navigation route to properly appear on the dash board.

Does anyone have the same issue and if so, how have you resolve it?


nickjhowe | 2 maart 2013

No problem here. Sorry.

Vawlkus | 3 maart 2013

Sounds like a faulty relay switch. Might need a replacement from Tesla for that to clear.

l9lafra | 10 maart 2013

Will do, thanks!!

dondennis | 11 maart 2013

Yes, I've been experiencing the same problem (indication that charge port door is open) for the past 3 weeks. Tesla ranger came out and replaced the port door of the tail light assembly,but that did not fix the problem. The Tampa service center is still waiting of delivery of a new charge port, which should remedy the situation.

This is an annoyance, since 1/3 of my dashboard display is unusable because of the bogus warning. However, at least it has not affected my ability to connect/disconnect charge cables! I'm still smiling.

dondennis | 20 maart 2013

Update - Aaron (from Tampa service center) was here today to replace my charge port. Unfortunately, that still has not fixed the erroneous display. In fact now I'm experiencing even more odd behavior, the light around the charge port constantly glows green - even with nothing connected! We confirmed that my car still charges (thank heavens) by connecting to a Chargepoint J1772 station. The port light continues a steady green (no flashing) even though the display showed the car charging at 208V/30A.

Looks like the ball is back with the engineers to figure out what's wrong.

dnanian | 3 april 2013

I actually do have the same problem. What seems to be happening on my car is that the port doesn't "unlock" all the time, so it's in a weird in-between state where it unlocked to allow me to unplug the cable, but then when I close the port it doesn't "re-lock" (or doesn't think it unlocked)...and when it's in this state, the door indicates "open".

If, in this state, you go into the charge page and both open and "unlock" the port, then close the door, it'll know it's closed.

I don't know whether the underlying problem is some sort of weird software problem (although I'd expect it on more cars if so), or some issue with the port (mine hasn't been replaced), but at least that's the fix, for me.

Hope that's of use.

Brian H | 3 april 2013

Sounds like a physical contact that isn't quite "making".

choots.humphries | 5 april 2013

I have had a similar problem. Trevor at the (new) Raleigh NC Tesla Service Center pointed out that the contact is likely not making solid contact due to a slight misalignment.

Unfortunately, the error wasn't occurring while there (isn't that always the case?). But he showed me a basic troubleshooting technique of applying pressure in different points on the cover (when closed) to determine where pressure would need to be applied to achieve a better alignment.

I have since done so and found that pressure directly over the sensor (near the front point) eliminates the warning. Will head in when convenient to get the alignment adjusted which should take care of this issue.

dondennis | 5 april 2013

As other postings have stated, the faulty indicator display can be the result of a number of causes. In my case it turned out to be the charger itself. After Tesla replaced the charger (located under the rear seat) last week, I have not experienced any further false indicators.

N James | 8 mei 2013

I have this problem and resent the loss of display on the dash. I wonder if the latest software release put top priority on this meaningless display. The first mention of this problem is in March, which may coincide with the latest software.
If software caused the problem software can fix it.