Problems with water

Problems with water

Just curious if anybody had a problem going through the high water levels. We all know that regular cars have problems going through high level water . Considering that the battery is on the bottom of the car, are there any chances for a short circuit?

Robert22 | 21 april 2013

See pontoons available in Tesla Store.

ylyubarsky | 22 april 2013


Noah.S | 22 april 2013

It's a valid concern. Short answer: nothing to worry about.
Long answer:
You can try using to search the forums.

ylyubarsky | 22 april 2013


olanmills | 22 april 2013

Uh... I would NOT say that there is nothing to worry about. Yes the battery pack is sealed, but that does not mean the car is properly designed for driving through high water levels.

@ylyubarsky, if your question is basically, "Is the Model S designed to be driven and used like most other common passenger vehicles?"

Well then the answer is yes. You could drive the Model S through a rainstorm and through a puddle just like you would any other car. It doesn't have any especially uncommon vulnerability to water in that regard. However, if you are asking if the Model S has water fording capabilities that go beyond what other normal cars can do, then I would say no. At least, Tesla has not made any claims as such. Just like any other car, you should avoid driving it through deep water.

I would definitely not drive the car in water that touches the bottom surface of the body. There are some kind of vents on the bottom surface of the car, and also in the wheel wells and near inside the front fascia and probably in other places too. I don't know what their exact purposes are, and I'm sure they are designed to function properly even when being drenched with water (like driving in a rain storm), but that doesn't mean they can function properly if you submerge them in water.

The manual doesn't specifically warn against driving in deep water (not that I could find anyway), but the warranty does mention that it damage caused by driving in deep water is not covered:

"This New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any vehicle damage or malfunction directly or indirectly caused by... deep
water ... [or] Driving the vehicle... for any other purposes for which the vehicle is not designed
[also not covered is]
Any damage to the vehicle’s Battery, including damage directly or
indirectly caused by... Immersing any portion of the Battery in water or fluids"

Also, driving in several inches of water, even if it doesn't seem that deep, is dangerous as the potential exists for the car to be swept away.

Vawlkus | 23 april 2013

Provided the water level doesn't get past the level of the axels you SHOULD be all right. Not a promise, but that's all I have for ya.

Brian H | 23 april 2013

axles, even

Vawlkus | 24 april 2013

How in hell did autocorrect pull THAT off? Whatever.

djm12 | 24 april 2013

You just need to make sure that the water does not back up into the exhaust pipe. That'll kill your engine.

Brian H | 24 april 2013

No problem then.