Promo in NJ/NY during gas shortage after storm

Promo in NJ/NY during gas shortage after storm

I think it would be a good idea for Tesla to run a promotion in the NJ/NY area while everyone is scrambling for gas. It would be a great way to boost sales and showcase the Model S.

Nick Kordich | 2 november 2012

I think that's the single worst idea I've read on the Internet.

Nick Kordich | 2 november 2012

I'm sorry, that was a little curt, but I think it would be in very poor taste and would result in a negative reaction. I would recommend reading an "Hurricane Marketing: How to Piss Off People During a Natural Disaster (…and Ruin Your Online Rep)."

Or if you want the sarcastic response: Yeah, Elon could tweet "Enter coupon code 39DEAD for 10% a parcel shelf!"

What should Tesla Motors/Elon Musk do, if they seek to get involved?

Donate to the American Red Cross and put a link on the TM web site, front page, to let visitors make a donation of their own. I like Amazon's approach - they not only have the link on their front page, they say they'll give you a receipt (for tax purposes) if you give $250 or more, which encourages making larger donations.

Nick Kordich | 2 november 2012

Autoblog has an article on automakers and storm relief donations, including Fisker Automotive's offer of the use of their Delaware factory as a staging area:

How the automakers are helping with Hurricane Sandy relief

ramonacosta | 2 november 2012

I think People should Watch Al Gore video An inconvinient trutb. AND think about whatever Just Happend. Maybe then people will consider investing In green technologie more seriously.

jerry3 | 3 november 2012


Think about how long it took to convince people that smoking causes cancer (and based on the number of smokers, many still haven't been convinced). Those with their heads in the sand will keep them there.