Radio doesn't work like Elons

Radio doesn't work like Elons

When I ask for a song by artist and title it doesn't play it gives me a list on screen which I have to selec.

DouglasR | 13 maart 2013

That's the way Elon's radio works also. If you are referring to the video of a recent interview he did, the station edited the video to cut out those intermediate steps.

kevjo | 14 maart 2013

It depends on the song you're asking for. If the song has appeared on more than one album or by more than one artist, you'll get multiple options to pick from.

The more specific you can be the better, song title and artist.

Captain_Zap | 14 maart 2013

It would be nice if one could just hit the call button again to start playing the requested song when it pops up on the screen instead of looking at the screen and touching the display to confirm and play the song.

I love that new toy. It is a road trip joy. If only it were a bit more high fidelity and Slacker Premium was an option...

I get a taste and I want more, I guess.

SD Supercharger | 14 maart 2013

The sound quality is very good off my memory stick. Also, XM sounds great===FM not so great.

shop | 14 maart 2013

What extra do you get with slacker premium?

AJC | 16 maart 2013

My 60KWH silver/black S-Car has met my expectations and I'm enjoying the impromptu tour groups that gather, even at the Senior Center.
Charging is simple and fast in my garage, the acceleration is remarkable (former car: Civic Hybrid) and storage is ample.

The not-so-good news is the radio reception. Unlike the 20-somethings at Tesla who decided no one listens to AM anymore, I have talk radio on whenever I drive. One 50,000 watt station in LA has just enough power to overcome the S-radio's deficiencies, but the other stations have no chance. The radio in the Civic ($24K SRP)pulled in LA stations throughout Orange County down to San Diego. S-Car ($72K N-NRP*)radio is staticky and weak on the same stations.
I don't expect sympathy from the smartphone/sattelite/USB set, but I'd like to bring up my problem to TMC, so my question is: Anyone else bothered by an inferior radio in such a superior vehicle?

*Non-Negotiable Retail Price

Lush1 | 16 maart 2013

I just saw the video last week. I remembered it yesterday so I tried asking the car for some songs. It got most of them within seconds. All I had to do was push the button, say "Play (song) by (artist), then tap the top item in the list it presented about 10 seconds later. It got Weird Al, Outlaws, Randy Newman, and several others from diverse genres. The only two requests that didn't return the exact song and artist were Hey Jude by The Beatles and I'm Bad by Michael Jackson. For the Beatles request, the first item said Hey Jude, but when I selected it I got "Hey Jude Radio" which played other Beatles songs (close). When I clicked "I'm Bad" it played a Marvin Gaye song (only miss). It isn't perfect, but I was very impressed. The speech recognition was excellent and it quickly played most of the songs I asked for. I may not be up to date on all the latest technology, but I've never seen any device, much less a car, do anything remotely similar to this. I loved it and would give it a 9.9 out of 10. (Your Smilage May Vary)

DouglasR | 16 maart 2013

@AJC - you might try to see whether any of your talk radio programs or stations are available on Tunein or Slacker.

rterry | 29 maart 2013

Can you upgrade to Slacker Premium so that the entire selected album will play?

GLO | 29 maart 2013

Talked to the service people in San Rafael yesterday about that and they indicated the TM is working on that as they realize it does not function well. I can't get any voice commands to work. My husband has been able to place a call a few times but not regularly. I suspect it will be in an upcoming software update release...

pilotSteve | 29 maart 2013

@AJC - I finally got around to creating my free tunein account so I could get some news stations on AM that don't repeat in a tunnel that I frequent.

Works like a charm! Easy to set up, free, built-in. Might work for you? | 29 maart 2013

While I haven't tried AM radio in my MS, I expect the main reason it is rather weak is the antenna is inside the passenger side mirror. Ideally it should be one of those huge whip antennas from the 70s, which doesn't look good.

Most car makers avoid the old whip antenna and put it in various places, such as the rear glass, stubby shark fin and other places. None are as good as the old whip antenna of past. This also means the placement can make reception somewhat directional to the transmitter.

DR R | 29 maart 2013

i agree with the above....i like talk radio....and the am reception is staticky and has an electronic "winding" sound on prob needs some kind of shielding...lots of electromagnetic energy swirling around the ms

Mel. | 29 maart 2013

AJC and DR R,, could you tell us what radio stations are you trying to listen to?

DR R | 29 maart 2013

in westchester county and cbs have strong signals....excellent reception in my audi.....

Mel. | 30 maart 2013

DR R, wabc, 770am is a station I listen to, also available on Tunein is webs 880am.. Go to media and instead of going to radio go to Internet, then tunein, then go to by location then, north America , new York , then new York city, and you will find these two stations along with many others.

I hope this helps, as I never had this service on my previous vehicles, and had to get xm radio. Now I do not need it.

DR R | 30 maart 2013

thanks very much mel...i will try that today....

bill.heil | 28 april 2013

I have the same issues as DR R above.

I listen to KCBS in the CA Bay Area, I live in the hills, and while Tune-in can pick up the station, it doesn't get reception in many places.

Tesla needs to address the crappy AM radio issue. Ironic that N. Tesla had done all the basic work for Radio in 1892! Lets honor the name.

Overall the sound system is quite unremarkable. Every other element of the car is quite remarkable.